“Hua Mulan” online drives Disney + downloads to soar 68% and payment increases 193%


According to reports, Disney’s latest film “Mulan” adopts an unorthodox online streaming media release, which has driven the demand for the streaming media application Disney +. Over the weekend, Disney + downloads rose 68% to 890000.
In addition to the surge in downloads, consumer spending on the app is up 193% from a week ago to $12 million.
Mulan, a live action version of 1998 Disney cartoon Mulan, was launched online on Friday. To see the film, U.S. consumers will have to pay an extra $30 on top of Disney +’s $7 monthly service fee – a practice the company has never tried before. In addition, in countries where there is no streaming media platform, the film still uses the traditional cinema.
Through this unusual paid video download mode, we can test whether streaming media users are willing to pay extra for the content. The new coronavirus crisis has led to the closure of cinemas around the world, forcing Hollywood film companies to explore new film distribution strategies. Comcast Corp.’s Universal Studios launched the movie trolls World Tour online in April for $20.
In July, Disney introduced the movie version of the Broadway show Hamilton to its streaming service platform, but did not charge an extra fee. Disney + is said to have seen a 79% or 1 million increase in downloads over the weekend of Hamilton’s release.
These figures only reflect the number of Disney + downloads from Apple’s and Google’s online stores, not the number of consumers subscribing to Disney + and Mulan through other ways, such as on roku and Amazon.