IPhone 12s exposure: positioning replaces XR, only supports 4G


At present, the mobile phones on Apple’s official website include the full range of iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone se (2020), etc. With the iPhone 12 series coming soon, the store’s on sale list is expected to adjust soon.
According to the latest news from foreign sources, only the iPhone 11 Pro Series will be taken off the shelves after the iPhone 12 series is launched. Apple will keep the three old models of iPhone se, iPhone XR and iPhone 11 until the first quarter of next year.
Starting from the second quarter of next year, the iPhone XR will be taken off the shelves and replaced by the iPhone 12s.
This is a little unusual, because the “s” is usually the suffix used by apple to update its models annually, and of course, Apple seems to have stopped doing so since the iPhone XS. At present, the news of Apple’s new device in autumn 2020 is all around the name of iPhone 12.
In terms of positioning, the iPhone 12s is obviously not a flagship, but a bit of an iPhone se plus. According to the report, it only supports 4G networks. It will be announced as soon as February next year. It seems that it will face specific markets and specific users and further increase its traffic.