Huawei European executives: optimistic about 5g cooperation in Europe and will continue to increase investment


Interview with European executives of Huawei: positive and optimistic about 5g cooperation in Europe and will continue to increase investment in Europe
China News Agency, Berlin, September 5 (reporter Peng Dawei) – the president of Huawei’s European consumer business (CBG) in an exclusive interview with China News Agency reporters during the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IFA) in Berlin in 2020, he said that he was optimistic about the future cooperation with Germany and other European countries in the 5g field. Huawei is about to open its first German flagship store in Berlin, and will open several flagship stores in Europe in the future. The purpose of this IFA exhibition is to show the outside world that Huawei will continue to take root in Europe and has long-term investment and innovation commitment to Europe.
The IFA exhibition officially opened on March 3 and lasted until the 5th. The IFA exhibition is novel coronavirus pneumonia, which is the first international event to be held in Germany after the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia outbreak.
In recent years, Huawei’s consumer products have grown rapidly in the German and European markets. In the past few years, more than 100 million European consumers have used Huawei’s products and services. Europe has become Huawei’s largest overseas market.
In Germany, the EU’s largest economy and largest population country, Huawei products are quite popular among consumers. At present, in Germany, there are 11 million users of mobile phone and tablet products alone. “German consumers have regarded Huawei as a high-tech and high-quality brand that they love and recognize.”.
Based on this confidence, Huawei has participated in IFA Exhibition for ten years in a row, even in the extraordinary period under the epidemic situation this year.
“Through long-term development, Huawei has 14000 employees in Europe and created 223000 jobs indirectly.” Talking about the next step to expand investment in Germany and Europe, original Rengui said that Huawei will open its first 500 square meter flagship store in Berlin this year. In the next year, Huawei will open about 10 flagship stores of the same size in the whole Europe, each of which will bring 10 million euro investment on average; 40-50 smaller stores will be added. “About 1000 jobs will be created in Europe. Based on the current economic situation in Europe, the local society and all stakeholders generally hope that Huawei can continue to invest in the local area and create jobs. ”
The U.S. government recently deliberately suppressed Huawei’s latest trends in smart phones and 5g services. Since the beginning of this year, the German government has repeatedly reiterated its position that it will choose a balanced and neutral approach to technology and manufacturers in the construction of 5g network, and will not exclude specific participants from the beginning.
In this regard, the reporter asked original Rengui’s attitude towards Germany and EU countries’ future cooperation with China around 5g.
“We are positive and optimistic.” He said Huawei has been expanding the European market since the late 1990s and has gained customers’ trust through products, services and innovation. “The quality of our products and services is the most stable, and there has been no so-called” back door “or security problems in our products In spite of the epidemic situation and many challenges at the international level, GE Rengui said that Huawei still hopes to show its European market partners its determination to continue to take root in Europe, and “has a long-term investment commitment and a long-term innovation commitment to Europe.” (end)