Chen Shengqiang: Jingdong digital technology first proposed “one core, two wings” system, intelligent city operating system is the foundation


Chen Shengqiang, CEO of Jingdong digital technology group, Chen Shengqiang, CEO of Digital Technology Group
Sina science and Technology News On the afternoon of September 5, at the summit forum of digital trade development trend and frontier of China International Trade Fair in services, CEO Chen Shengqiang of Jingdong digital technology group mentioned that the construction of digital government and the construction of digital economy are inseparable. The government’s goal of promoting the digitalization and intellectualization of cities is not only to pursue safe, stable and better social governance, but also to promote production Industrial growth and improvement of people’s livelihood. This requires that industrial data, people’s livelihood data and government data be fully connected from the top-level design, rather than simply putting government affairs into the cloud.
“Based on this logic, JD digital proposes a” one core and two wings “system based on the urban operating system, which helps the government to build an intelligent city and realize” good governance, industrial development and people benefit “more efficiently
The “smart base” and “smart base” are also the foundation of urban construction. “One core” refers to “modernization of municipal governance” and “two wings” refer to AI + industry development and lifestyle service industry of service enterprises. The above three aspects support each other, interact with each other, and coordinate and unify.
Digital technology and application are profoundly changing our industrial pattern and lifestyle.
Chen Shengqiang believes that intelligent city operating system is the infrastructure of intelligent city construction and one of the core contents of new infrastructure construction.
Intelligent City operating system can gather government affairs, IOT and Internet data downward; it can provide unified support for core applications of municipal governance, industrial development and life services, and at the same time, it can also return the data generated by various applications to assist urban operation.
The modern middle platform of social governance built on the operating system can provide intelligent search, analysis and judgment, monitoring and early warning, administrative efficiency and other components, and the middle platform is open.
Chen Shengqiang said that the tide of smart city construction has been surging. It can be expected that the future digital government and digital economy will also fly with the potential energy of this tide. (Xuemei)