It’s hard to get a refund from a loan, real-life training becomes a video course You have to be careful with it training


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Zhongxin Jingwei client, September 2 (Luo Kun intern Tang Xiaoyu) “high salary, guaranteed employment”, “as long as four months, you can change a good job” In recent years, the high salary of the Internet industry has attracted the attention of a large number of job seekers. Some rapid training institutions emerged as the times require, claiming that it only takes a very short time to help job seekers master programming skills and other skills, so that they can get a high paying job. If job seekers can’t afford the high training fees, they will help with loans. What is hidden in such a one-stop service?
“Loaned” when checking the quota?
Wang Hui, a nurse in Hebei Province, signed up for a Java programming training course in Danei education last year, ready to change a job.
Danay, fully known as Daney times technology group, is a US listed company and a leading IT training enterprise in China. According to public data, the founder of Dane education group founded Dane in March 2002 and developed it into a comprehensive education group with it, pan it, non it vocational education and children’s programming education as the core. It was listed on NASDAQ in April 2014. Headquartered in Beijing, it has set up more than 330 training centers in 70 cities in China, with more than 10000 employees. According to its official website, Danai has carried out school enterprise cooperation with more than 1000 colleges and universities across the country, and has helped 1 million students successfully obtain employment from 2002 to 2020.
It seems that it should be a reliable institution. With this idea, Wang Hui and his colleagues entered the gate of Dane education.
When he learned that the tuition fee needed 22800 yuan, Wang Hui began to decide to give up the application. According to his recollection, the staff of the agency asked Wang Hui to download an Internet Finance app to see if he was eligible for a loan. “He went out with my mobile phone and ID card, and then I found out that there was a loan in my mobile phone that owed more than 20000, divided into 20 instalments, and the interest rate was very high.” Wang Hui recalled that for the sudden increase in the loan, institutional staff said that after training for another two months, the loan would soon be paid off. Under the constant persuasion of the staff, Wang Hui finally signed the contract.
Similar to Wang Hui’s experience, Lu Chang, who came from Shandong Province, after the operation of “inquiring the loan amount”, carried the principal of 21800 yuan and the interest of 6215.64 yuan, which was paid off in 24 installments. “They asked me if I had a loan line, and they gave me a QR code, so I could scan it. I just wanted to see my own quota. As a result, I paid directly. There was no receipt or invoice, so they asked me to start repaying the loan next month.” Lu Chang said.
Another student, He Rui, was told by the admissions teacher that his loan was a government loan, which could only be for students or younger job seekers. He also said that the monthly loan interest rate was extremely low, which dispelled his worries.
20000 yuan for a bunch of video classes
According to the official website of Danei education, the average employment salary of 1908 class students of java course is 12650 yuan / month. The average salary of product managers, software testing and other training courses is about 10000 yuan.
If the courses bought by the loan do contain gold, compared with the future career prospects, the initial investment of 20000 yuan is not unacceptable.
However, a number of students reported that after the loan, they knew that the form of the class was not face-to-face, but the online course mode. The one-to-one teaching as mentioned before was changed to a recorded class.
Disappointed, the students decided to ask Daney for a refund. He Rui told reporters that she returned to the school within half an hour after leaving to ask for a refund. After negotiation, the two sides decided to refund the loan on August 17, but the loan has not been cancelled as of the time of publication.
In addition, compared with the enthusiastic sales promotion before the payment, no one would follow up the students’ learning progress after the payment. According to LV Chang’s recollection, no one informed the form and content of the stage examination, “as if it had nothing to do with them after paying the money.”
Before the payment, Danai’s official website promised to protect employment and pay tuition fees in full if not employed. “I took a screenshot of the official website. Go to their official website today, already did not say so Wang Hui said, “now that the class is over, I haven’t found a new job, what I’ve learned is not helpful, and my previous work has also been delayed, and I have to pay back the loan…”
Wang Hui provides a screenshot of the official website
Zhongxin Jingwei client, as a student, inquired with Danei education customer service on this issue. The customer service said that the training was recommended for employment. “They are all recommended until you get employed. If you feel that the job is not suitable, you will get feedback from the school teachers and re recommend it to you until you are satisfied.” Daney education customer service said. But for the question of whether to pay tuition fees, customer service has not answered positively.
In the third-party complaint platform, such as complaints gathering, the client of Sino Singapore Jingwei has also seen that since 2015, a large number of consumers have complained about the problem of difficult refund of Danai education.
Wang Hui and LV Chang finally did not find the job they wanted. Wang Hui and LV Chang received a notice from Dane that they agreed to refund after they complained about Dane education on several third-party platforms. In a communication group formed spontaneously by “Daney claimants”, there are not a few people who have similar experience. Some of them get refund through normal process; some pay high liquidated damages and terminate the loan; some still claim failure. He Rui once in the group of Tucao tatai internal institutions refund efficiency, and then by the agency staff privately told him not to make complaints about it.
Recently, Zhongxin Jingwei client sent a letter to Danei education official website to verify the above situation, but as of the time of publication, no reply has been received. In addition, the reporter called the customer service of Danai education official website, and the other party said that he could not accept the interview until he gave feedback to the relevant person in charge. However, as of the time of publication, the reporter did not receive the relevant reply.
“It is difficult to provide evidence in the follow-up, so we need to be vigilant in registration”

As for the phenomenon mentioned by the above interviewees that the institutions guide them to apply for loans without their knowledge, lawyer Li Min, senior partner of Shanghai Hansheng law firm, pointed out in an interview with the client of Sino Singapore Jingwei that it is difficult to prove that the loan application is not his own behavior or is operated by others, so it will be determined eventually For his own conduct. If the student can prove that it is not his own behavior, then the organization’s behavior is illegal. “If this kind of thing really happens, and the number is relatively large, I personally suggest that we can solve the problem by complaining to the competent department or reporting to the public security organ.”
“The general contract terms are standard terms, relatively speaking, students are in the weak side.” Therefore, in terms of refund, the court should make a comprehensive measurement based on the facts of the case, including the fault liability of both parties and whether there is liability for breach of contract, etc., and finally determine the amount of refund, Li said.
In the face of some chaos in the training industry, Bai Feiyun, the investment partner of Beijing Jingshi law firm, puts forward three suggestions: first of all, the trainees should pay attention to the qualification of the training institution, and comprehensively consider its registration time and company size. We can also inquire about the litigation related situation of the training institution through the open website of judicial documents, so as to understand its teaching ability and operation ability in many aspects.
Secondly, when purchasing training services, trainees must be alert to induced consumption, improve their legal awareness and contract awareness, carefully inquire about the payment method, and do not let others help operation easily. When choosing “training loan”, in addition to considering the qualification of the financial platform, they should also rationally consider the amount of principal and interest to be repaid, the length of repayment time and their own repayment ability, and carefully read the contract To avoid the loss caused by carelessness.
Finally, if the trainees choose to pay the training fee with loans, when they find that the training institutions have “run away” or have “run away” and can not handle the refund of courses and fees, and the trainees have to repay the loans in accordance with the contract, the trainees should report to the public security organ in time, and collect the education and training contracts signed with the training institutions, relevant training records, course progress, remaining class hours and other evidence, Bring a lawsuit to the court in a timely manner.
Complaints and fewer students
On the evening of June 11, Dane Education released its 2019 annual report. According to the financial report, the annual revenue of Danai education in 2019 was RMB 2.051 billion, which was lower than RMB 2.085 billion in the same period of 2018; the net loss was 1.039 billion yuan, 75.4% larger than that of 592 million yuan in the same period of 2018.
Daney education explained in its annual report that the decline in income was mainly due to a decrease in the number of adult students. This also means that Daney education once carried the sub business is facing a dilemma.
According to the financial report, the total number of registered adult students dropped from about 118600 in 2017 to about 108800 in 2019. At the same time, its tuition fees are increasing year by year. According to the annual report of 2019, Dane has increased the standard tuition fees of some courses offered in some major cities by 2000 to 3000 yuan in 2019. For full-time adult courses, the standard tuition fee for each course of danay education in 2019 is between 19800 yuan and 26800 yuan.
The sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has led many training institutions to enter the “darkest hour”. Daney Education said in its annual report that due to the restrictions on enrollment caused by the epidemic, it was unable to hold regular seminars and preparatory training camps for students in the learning center as usual, nor could it carry out other offline sales and marketing activities, so it encountered difficulties in recruiting students. In addition, due to the fact that some universities have not started school, the ability of Dane education to recruit students directly from cooperative universities has also been negatively affected. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)
(at the request of the interviewees, He Rui, Wang Hui and LV Chang are pseudonyms)