At the beginning of the first class, Ma Yun sent out “Ma Yun three questions” to parents!


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Mr. Ma started the class, but the class was very special. The object was not the children, but the parents.
The lecture time is not short. There are 12000 words in words. But be patient, Mr. Ma is still very patient, this class can definitely benefit parents. Mr. Ma should have made careful preparation for the lessons.
He is very straightforward, talked about the current problems in education, every family is very anxious, children are not happy, some parents are immediately divorced after the college entrance examination. He talked about the concept of cloud Valley, hoping that children can play and play in addition to learning, “because children who can play and who can play are promising children.”.
What impressed me most was that he put forward the “three questions of Ma Yun”:
First, do you compare your children with other children today;
Second, is it because of the score that you are worried about today;
Third, are there children who don’t listen and respect you.
Well, each parent can make a comparison and then have a deep reflection.
Frankly speaking, with Ma Yun’s insight and wisdom, he saw the problems existing in education and put forward his own solutions. Of course, whether he can succeed depends on the final practice. If successful, it should be said that Mr. Ma’s greatest contribution to children, parents and even to the country.
Of course, Mr. Ma, can you speak a little shorter next time. It seems that Mr. Ma has plenty of time now, and his thinking is too deep.
Ma Yun’s first lecture
Good afternoon, everyone. I applied for this meeting myself, and I initiated it. I hope to have a chance to communicate with the parents of cloud valley.
Thank you for your first lesson. Generally speaking, the first lesson is for children. I think our first lesson should be for parents. I have prepared for this lesson carefully. I haven’t prepared a draft for my speech, but I’m seriously preparing for it today.
Because some time ago, the discussion of Yungu parents, including many people coming to my home for discussion, I was angry. Just like before, I wanted to find a chance to talk with you. But later, I became more and more calm and prepared carefully. I believe that today’s exchange between us can be understood.
Why give parents a lesson first?
Because in China, before a child is 18 years old, it is the parents who decide their children’s fate and their children’s learning. If parents don’t pass the test, children can’t pass the test. Many of the children’s problems are caused by parents. If we do a parent’s test, we are used to testing children. But if we do a parent’s test, I don’t know how many people in China, including those present here, can pass. If we do a school test, how many schools in China today can pass the examination if we do it today Whether it is qualified to test the environment for children’s development in Chinese society.
Today, those who come to our parents’ meeting are basically those who are in charge of education at home. Managing education at home is the happiest job in the world, because it can accompany children to grow up. If you feel that this job is very tired, especially annoying, and has no fun, I think you must have done something wrong.
Today, the children are busier than us, get up earlier than us, the time is tighter than us, the pressure is greater than us, and they all work harder than us. So I think that if you want to let children study hard, you must first improve themselves. Yungu has a saying I like very much, called “parents study hard, children make progress every day.”.
Over the past three years, the outside world has been full of curiosity, doubt, superstition, belief and disbelief. Anyway, there are all kinds of emotional views. I believe that there will be many such emotions, such views, such doubts and challenges in the future.
Today, nearly 700 families have chosen cloud Valley, but I don’t think it is true that they really believe in cloud Valley and our educational concept. Many parents choose because there is no other choice, there is no way, try, in case of success. In fact, there is no place in the world. If you give him money, he will give you a bill gates or an academician like Wang Jian tomorrow.
In cloud Valley, we will discuss the road of children’s growth together. In my opinion, China’s education has made great progress in the past three decades. Deng Xiaoping proposed that knowledge is power, because knowledge is power, which has brought about earth shaking changes in China. The biggest bonus of reform, I think, is education reform.
Education is a matter for every Chinese family. I think it is a good thing. But now education has become an anxiety problem. Every family is very anxious. I think this is a bigger problem. We have to worry, but we can’t worry. Today, these anxieties and social anxieties are transmitted to the parents, and the parents pass on the anxiety to the school, and the school passes on the anxiety to the children.
So today I must come to give parents the first lesson, because parents do not pass, children must not pass. I still want to emphasize that most of the problems of children are caused by parents. So I would like to share, discuss and exchange our views on education with you today, and discuss the future growth path of children.
First of all, why do we want to run cloud Valley? This is not our whim, let alone to make money. Cloud Valley has been losing money from the first day. In the future, we have never thought of making money. Even if one day we can make ends meet, we will invest every cent in Yungu school.
The money is paid by ourselves, the school is built by ourselves, and the teachers are hired by us all over the country. Our school is not a solution to the education problem of Alibaba employees’ children. We didn’t think that we built a school for Alibaba. I didn’t think about it on the first day.
We set up this school to explore a different way of teaching. Today’s education is facing great challenges. It’s not only Chinese families who have such anxiety, but also Chinese society’s anxiety about education, which is the same all over the world. I have traveled to many countries. After going to Europe and the United States, what I feel most deeply is that we must reform our education. We must make a model. We must think about what the school should be like in 20 years’ time. Because of this starting point, we set up this school.

We want to set up a different school and a different school. We want to set up a model of educational reform. So everyone, I’d like to stress at the end that if you think your child has made a wrong choice, you still have a chance to leave. I told Alibaba employees on the first day that this is a different company that I want to run. If you believe in staying and insisting, but not believing, you can leave at any time. This is our ideal. Running such a school is our idealistic spirit.
Today’s education was established after the first industrial age. It is a school mechanism and system designed by people 200 years ago for the future. Two hundred years have passed. Today we have to think about the next two or three hundred years.
What is the school in the digital economy era? Two hundred years ago, our vehicles were carriages. Today we use cars and airplanes. Two hundred years ago we used paper money to buy things. Today we use mobile phones.
Two hundred years ago, we gathered the children together, the teacher said, you listen. Today, our education is still like this. Two hundred years ago, we were faced with a scarcity of choices, but future children were faced with too many choices. In the past, the range of activities was five kilometers, but now it may be 50000 kilometers. In the past, we thought that “if we learn mathematics and chemistry well, we are not afraid to travel around the world”. Now we have artificial intelligence and AI.
Education in the industrial age serves the assembly line and is standardized. Books are the same as exams, which are better than who can calculate fast, who can remember well, and who can recite them well. In the future, a lot of standardization work will be replaced by machines. Today, we are worried that we can’t find a job. Have you ever thought that if the next generation of children you care about most, if we don’t change our training methods and our education methods, they will be eliminated in 30 years.
The number of children born each year in our country may be less than 13 million, about 13 million or 14 million. The education they receive will affect how the world views our country. I don’t think that more than 5% of the 13 million and 14 million new-born children can really read, that is to say, 6.7 million of them are special readers. Parents here, you are the same. We have all read books. We know that some students can’t catch up with them. This is less than 5%.
However, we have 13 million ordinary children, and we need to create conditions for them to excel in their respective fields, because these 13 million children may be less than 10 million in the future, and they are the most valuable resources of our country. Human brain is the most precious resource in the world. The development of human brain is completely determined by teaching methods and teaching modes.
Therefore, no matter for the country, for each family and for the future era, we must think about what kind of road we choose as a child, what kind of teaching mode and what kind of learning path we choose. Recently, I saw an appeal on the Internet that it is best to study for two years in junior high school and senior high school, because in fact, they have learned almost the knowledge they should learn in the past two years. The third year and the third year of senior high school are basically to brush questions, which is to get closer to the full mark.
In fact, the whole society has become a theater effect. What is theater effect? In a theater, if one feels that he can stand up and see clearly, all the people will stand up to see. We have to think about the theater effect of today’s education, which will lead to every family, every city and our country in 20 years.
So for the whole country, many times it becomes a zero sum game. In fact, the children of grade three and senior three have the strongest learning ability and creativity, which can be used to learn some other things. However, in order to get more scores, the time and energy invested are a huge waste. In fact, this appeal is not small. Because of this theatrical effect, many families in our country are running wild under the past educational thinking and education system.
Now we have found another problem. We are all emphasizing the need to strengthen basic teaching. However, our country and the poorer country in the world are spending more money on college education, Graduate Education and doctoral education. In fact, the most important thing is to spend money on basic education, that is, kindergarten, primary school, junior high school and high school.
I have been to many European countries. Recently, I have studied the educational mechanism and system of Nordic countries, which is very interesting. Just now that classmate talked about football. Iceland, a country with such a small population, is similar to our village. It has entered the top 10 in the world. People of all kinds of occupations have come together to form a temporary team to play in the world cup. We all have to think about it.
Today, the world, especially in developing countries, places special emphasis on university rankings, but few people rank among the top 100 best primary schools and the top 100 best middle schools. I think if we really want to emphasize basic teaching in this world, we should put money and resources forward.
There are many good schools all over the world today, but these good schools are basically good schools based on the past thinking. Today, no school is run for the future and is prepared for the future. What Yungu wants to do is to be a school that is prepared for the future and run for the future.
Many people are worried. In the past, they worried that their children would not be admitted to university. I can tell you that in the future, universities will worry about not recruiting students. The birth rate of today’s children is on the decline, and the number of colleges and universities is on the rise. The future university must not recruit many students.
What kind of school does Yungu want to run?
First, we don’t want to copy any school in Yungu. If the children are different, the school must be different. It is very important for different children to find their own places and schools. For this reason, as soon as I have time in recent years, I have been discussing with the education sector in many parts of the world, visiting schools and listening in many countries, and communicating with the United Nations. Nowadays, there are many schools in Israel, the United States and Finland, and many schools in northern Europe. Each city and country has its own schools with different personalities, so that the schools are different and have their own characteristics. Some pay attention to sports, also pay attention to art, some pay attention to domestic reading, some pay attention to globalization, so that children have a choice, let parents have a choice.

Now more and more schools in our country are the same. We have made the best wood, Phoebe, Qinan and Chenxiang into plywood. At present, for cloud Valley, we have no schools to copy, so parents, please don’t compare our school with other schools.
When Ali was just founded, we also had employees from Microsoft and IBM, saying that Microsoft and IBM were like this. Why didn’t Ali do this? I said you hurry to Microsoft, we are us, our judgment of the future is like this. So please pay attention to your parents. Don’t want to turn Yungu into hangwai and Hangzhou No.2 Middle School just because your son can’t be admitted to hangwai and Hangzhou No.2 Middle School. If you want to turn Yungu into hangwai and Hangzhou No.2 Middle School, take your son to hangwai. We are different schools.
So if you agree with our concept and trend, please stick to it and improve it with us. Our school is to try for the future of children and the reform of education. You are indeed experimental objects, so you should make a good decision when choosing whether you want to be the experimental object or not.
I also told all 18 people in Ali’s early years that you are the test object. We have become. We are the first generation of successful people. We failed, but I don’t think we will fail.
Secondly, we don’t want to run an aristocratic school in Yungu, but we should let the children of Yungu have noble temperament. I hate to turn this school into an aristocratic school. Some people say what is aristocracy? It’s called “blue blood”. This blood is blue. Have you found and seen someone’s blood is blue? There is no blue blood, only noble temperament, only different upbringing, noble quality, your vision, your mind, your pattern, it has nothing to do with money, it has something to do with literacy.
So cloud Valley is not an aristocratic school. We are not an aristocratic school in terms of fees. This school is not used to make money, but to take the road of educational reform. This is not a school for the rich or the top students. I don’t want to send the smartest people from Hangzhou and the whole country to Yungu to study.
The smartest kids don’t need you to teach them. Therefore, we have not selected students. We are not Ali children’s school. We want to choose parents and children who agree with the concept of cloud valley. So we are interviewing parents. If parents don’t agree with us, take the children with us. It doesn’t matter. You have a choice.
In addition, cloud Valley is not going to run an international school, we are going to be an international school. The purpose of establishing this international and global education system in Yungu is to integrate with the world, not to prepare children for studying abroad, but to cultivate their global concept.
I haven’t read a book abroad for a day, but I have the most friends in the world. I can run all over the world. One of the important reasons is that I respect others, understand others and appreciate their culture. I hope that Chinese children will go abroad to study in the future, not because of their good grades, but because of their good conduct, many friends, a sense of responsibility and leadership, they will be respected.
In addition, parents also want to remind everyone not to praise their children who can read books at home. We hope to praise whose children have more friends, whose children have responsibilities and whose children have a sense of responsibility. Only those who have a sense of responsibility and responsibility can face the challenges in the future, and those who have friends have luck. You’ve seen the movie “picking up women by smelling the fragrance”. If the child confessed his friend or betrayed his friend, he might enter Harvard. If he didn’t, he might be expelled. But when he chose not to explain, what happened. We hope that cloud valley will cultivate such people.
I don’t promise to cultivate children to succeed. Children are not brought up, but we should teach them how to be happy. Cloud Valley’s mission is not to pursue success, but to make every child the best of himself. We have to lay a foundation for their future success. If there is no foundation for success, we still can’t go down. We can see that many people go up and down again. It’s because they haven’t laid a good foundation.
We should cultivate our children to have expectations for the future, always be curious about things and things, treat the future correctly, face setbacks, learn from setbacks and the future, which we can teach our children. I hope our children have unique thinking, they are not afraid of setbacks, not afraid of setbacks, dare to learn from setbacks, learn to be a man.
So cloud Valley is to lay the foundation for the future success of the child, but we do not guarantee his success. Not everyone will succeed, but everyone should and can be happy. Happiness is not what we have, but our attitude towards life. What we should really give our children is the ability to be happy, to give others happiness, to make ourselves happy, and to enjoy happiness.
Happiness is not that there are no problems in life, but the ability to know how to solve them. Which child is protected? Who has been protected by his parents all his life? It’s his ability to solve these problems.
Cloud Valley does not cultivate examination machines, we hope to cultivate living people. Do children need homework and exams? We must do homework, we must take examinations, and we must take them seriously. But I hope to see our children, in addition to rigorous learning, they can play, they can play. Children who can play and play are promising children.
I hate to have some children now. They are very young. They are like adults. They talk like they are in the newspapers. They are old-fashioned. Children should be like children, children should have their own innocence, the examination is not all, the score is not the only. Everyone will say that it is one point short of the high school entrance examination, that is, one school is short of it. It is said that the score of the recommendation school is accurate to a few o’clock.

Any kind of examination, as long as the pursuit of scores, will lead education astray. Everyone knows the truth, but I think the examination is to better adjust the means of teaching, rather than let the test as a teaching means to adjust the purpose of our education. The examination is really about the school, the teacher, and your method, whether the students accept it or not, and whether the way should be adjusted. Now the test has become children’s grading. Parents are also urged to leave, and schools are also urged to go. Just as we create a product, and the service is put into the market and no one uses it, we must come back to check ourselves and how to make the product and service better, instead of forcing consumers to follow our practice.
Now the exam has become a student’s problem. Examination is the problem of teachers and schools, constantly adjust their product structure. Yungu is not a school that does not take examinations. I hope that the children of Yungu are not afraid of examinations and will not reject them. However, they will never regard examinations as the purpose and not study for the sake of examinations.
I often communicate with several principals. Yungu will not give up the cultivation of art and comprehensive ability for the sake of scores. We should not, and will not, stop music, art, physical education classes the day before the high school entrance examination. In this year’s high school entrance examination, I actually care more about this score than others. These children have prepared for two months. With such achievements, I communicate with the principal and teachers, and I communicate with parents. I think it’s very good.
Of course, we will adjust our approach. Before we did not take the entrance examination as a goal, this score down, better than I imagined. The purpose of examination is to adjust our school’s strategy and teaching methods. Examination is a skill. The real knowledge is not obtained by examination, but because you love, pursue and study.
When I was an English teacher, Jiang Fang, one of the 18 founders of our class, didn’t prepare for CET-4. Suddenly, we were informed that CET-4 was passed by 60% in three months. Our passing rate in that year was 100%, and several of them were acting students.
Examination is a kind of training, examination is a kind of confidence. Sometimes, I believe that when we really want to start the examination, we give him some training. Some people are very good at sat and TOEFL. They are trained. There are many schools for this kind of training.
Cloud Valley is not to give students the correct answer, cloud Valley is to let children learn to find the answer.
Our teachers and parents, in fact, parents force their children to read every day. If you really want to do it, you can’t do it. Many things, teachers may not be able to teach children the correct answer, education is not to give the right answer or the only answer, but to teach our children, learn to find the answer, many things do not have the correct answer, many things do not have the only answer.
So I am proud of the efforts of the teachers and principals of Yungu school. We must find out different ways and methods. Teaching is not as fast as possible, but it is not good if it is fast. Now the kindergarten stage, the primary school textbooks have been completed, this child is going to have an accident. In fact, each stage has its own tasks. The focus of kindergarten is to cultivate and plant seeds. Primary schools should cultivate values and principles of life. Junior high schools should have compulsory memory. Junior high school children should have the most active thoughts and discipline. High school must cultivate his interest in the future, University is the formal knowledge structure, began to pursue the truth of life.
Some children learn ahead of time, so smart, but remember, that’s someone else’s child, not your child. There are very few talents, and most of the good things come out slowly. Some people want to cultivate primary school students into college students. In fact, these people really go to university and graduate students, but come back to make up kindergarten classes.
Cloud Valley has different ideas, so our teaching methods are different from others. If you have to use other people’s methods to measure, we may be in trouble. First, there must be first and last place in the competition. But in cloud Valley, sometimes the reward for the last one is quite big, because we have to tell the children that we need to be number one, but you can’t always be number one.
The child didn’t do well in the exam, so he needed you. Because children have setbacks, they need you as a teacher and as a parent.
If a football team loses and they are serious, I will wait for them to come back at the airport or at the gate, because only then can we communicate with each other and listen, and we will solve the next problem. The most important thing for a child to go home after being injured today is not to pick it up and give it a beating and scolding. We are not worried that our children will not be able to test well, but that our children are afraid of the examination. We are not afraid of children’s lack of knowledge, but afraid that children do not have the desire to learn. How many children today has the final say that they want to learn? Do you have children? Our rules of study are the same. I have seen many schools arguing whether to use Ipad or when pad is used. What you have said is that many schools are not allowed to do so.
I think cloud Valley is very good. Let students negotiate, discuss, and make rules by themselves, and then abide by the rules. It’s not good to use pad, not to use pad, not to play games, and not to play games. It is necessary to formulate discussions and make rules of the game by themselves.
For example, when it comes to literacy, Yungu first talks about the evolution of Chinese characters, so that children are interested in Chinese characters and love reading, and then teach them Pinyin.
In fact, I rarely see children grow up not to recognize words. We force them to recognize a lot of words. In fact, the speed of children’s recognition is slower and less, but they have developed an interest in words and reading. How important this is.
I found a lot of children, some of them especially good at reading. When I got home, I read all kinds of books. Later, I found that they came from a school. I think it’s the different training methods. I have discussed with the headmaster several times that we should teach the learning methods that people love to read. Only by stimulating them to pursue, love and love themselves can we really teach them.

Another one, I also heard a lot of criticism, said that cloud Valley’s English has no teaching materials, and I don’t even know how to review when I go home. I found that the English of the people who put forward these opinions was very poor. He felt that with a book in hand, he felt down-to-earth. China’s English learning is grammar, memorizing words, forming our country’s English investment is a lot, almost can not speak, can not communicate. Many of our parents still want their children to go back to the era when they can take exams, memorize grammar and remember words, but they can’t use them.
My own English is not good, but I can communicate more than any real English major. We need to use different ways to let you understand the charm of language, let you know how to communicate, not exam.
Cloud Valley does not pursue children to be able to enter famous schools, but supports each child to choose a school suitable for them. It’s better to test the famous school than the famous department. It’s better to choose a famous teacher than to choose a famous school. This is a teacher who knows clearly and understands the truth. In the future, what we choose is not which school, but which major, which subject and which teacher. This is the real way.
It’s necessary to go to school. The children in Yungu can’t even go to school. That’s our complete failure in the experiment. But famous schools should be selected. Not all famous schools are suitable for you, nor are they necessarily suitable for you. So everyone should learn to choose, not to be chosen, or other people’s choice.
God gives everyone a way. We want to work with our children and school to find our own way. Now I am thinking that my interest in education comes from my own growth and the growth of many friends around me. If I was admitted to Peking University at that time, it may not be me today. If I didn’t enter the University, I went to work for two years, and then I went to the University. I knew what I wanted to learn. My social experience and social experience were better than those of my colleagues, which made me play my strengths.
Each of us must help our children, teachers, schools, parents to find their own way for their children, take their own road, not others’ road.
What kind of children are we going to raise?
We hope to cultivate children who will learn and love to learn. No matter how hard you try, the knowledge of the school is never enough. The knowledge of the school is to let you learn and love to learn, so that he can have a future in society.
Some people love learning, but they can’t learn. We should cultivate children who can learn, choose and learn. The world has changed a lot. Many of our standards are different from before. In the past, we thought that wearing jeans was a bad child. When we were a child, we were hooligans. Now we have all kinds of pants. Now we think even tattoos are bad young people. Who are the bad young people?
In the past, we tried to choose from no choice, but now we are in countless choices. We should learn to choose. In the past, human activities were only five kilometers. Dealing with people was in villages, counties and provinces at most. Now you have to deal with the whole world. You have to deal with not only people, but also machines. It is very challenging.
Children’s ability to learn, to learn how to choose and judge. In the past, all we had to consider was farming. The weather and farming now are the problems of the whole world. In the past, we were not afraid to learn mathematics, chemistry and travel around the world. Now it’s a. what book did you do to govern the world? Now tell me which book can govern the world.
No book can make you afraid to travel around the world. Only those who love to learn and can learn, who are full of curiosity and optimism about learning and the world, and who have judgment and optimism about the future, are not afraid to travel around the world.
I hope the children in Yungu must have two healthy. First, ideological health, what is mental health? Positive, optimistic, not complaining, correctly facing setbacks and failures, so I encourage the key compulsory courses in Yungu are sports, music, painting.
We need to be healthy. It is to have sports, to have sports, to have a sense of teamwork.
We need to have three views. Since our children in Yungu are moving towards internationalization, they must have a global outlook and global thinking, and have sufficient understanding, respect and understanding of other nationalities, cultures and religions. Our children should learn to appreciate different, adapt to different, and integrate into different, instead of thinking that I am the best. This era is over.
We need to have a holistic view. We should have team spirit and cooperation. From the overall point of view, when we go to sports teams and participate in various competitions, we should have a global view, and know how to cooperate and how to face failure.
If we want to have a future outlook, we must think about ourselves in the future and be creative and constructive. Our traditional saying is “one skill goes all over the world”. You have a skill that can travel all over the world. Now tell me which skill can travel all over the world? No,
At that time, repairing shoes and riding bicycles were all skills, and the automobile master was absolutely highly skilled. Everyone drives today.
We hope that children can develop their IQ, EQ, EQ and RQ. Adversity quotient is how he can face the challenge in adversity. This is our school’s foundation.
Finally, I return to my most important topic, how to be a parent.
It is said on the Internet that today’s families in China have no relationship between father and son, no relationship between mother and son, no relationship between husband and wife, only who is in charge of children’s education. In order to solve the problem of education, many families are now very nervous. In the past, there was a deep love between father and son and between mother and son, but now it has become a struggle between father and son and between mother and son.
I was very surprised that day, the day the college entrance examination ended, parents lined up to make a divorce, all for children’s education. In fact, parents really need to understand that children are a work of art created by us, and their happiness is what we really want to see.
Originally, I thought that the education of our children at this time and in our generation is a contradiction between parents in law and mother-in-law. Now it is the contradiction between two couples. The relationship between father and son, the relationship between mother and son, and the good family relationship, have become family conflicts.
So Yungu doesn’t want to choose students, but we choose parents. Many people worry that there are many unqualified teachers. In fact, I think there are more unqualified parents. Yungu, we regard education as the main responsibility, but it does not mean that we should take primary responsibility for children.

Yungu regards education as the main responsibility, but it does not mean that it is the parents who are mainly responsible for the children. The school gives priority to teaching, while parents give priority to education. Society is the real examination. The social examination we face together is the joint efforts of our school and parents.
Parents should be a good parent-child companion, no matter how busy you are, play with your children for an hour every day.
Raising children is an investment, it is not speculation in stocks.
Cultivating children is a long-term investment relationship, not a speculative relationship. There are a lot of people who buy stocks every day, but few people will make money. Because many people who buy stocks don’t study them. They turn the value investment that should have been bought into speculation, into speculation. Speculation in stocks is utilitarian thinking, chasing concepts, and hearsay, so our parents are chasing various concepts every day, which is no different from stock speculation.
The stock market will rise tomorrow and fall the day after tomorrow. It doesn’t matter at all. When a child is in his own high school, you constantly speculate in the stock market. It is not a long-term training for him to do things and conduct himself. I can’t imagine what his future will be like. Education is to invest in children’s hope and future.
I hope you will remember that he may not even be your hope and your future. This is the hope and future of children. Investment may not be successful, but it will certainly pay off. There is a huge difference between investment and speculation. Investment is fun, and the participation of investment itself is the greatest pleasure. Children are not the industrial products of our assembly line. Every child is made by nature and is a unique art.
I hope that cloud Valley is created by our society, schools and parents together, and turn them into a kind of art, not a parent’s product, not a plywood rushing out of the education assembly line. I hope every child and every parent will feel proud that I have a different child than others.
I hope that the school will not become a standard chicken farm or pig farm. It should be a wildlife park with all kinds of animals and people, so that the child can contact different hobbies, interests and people in this school and environment.
Therefore, our assessment criteria for each child are different. We can’t use the ability of climbing trees to assess the ability of a tiger. The tiger must have failed. But now many parents are forcing the tiger to climb trees. Everything should be good.
What’s more, you raise your own children, not other people’s children. Parents have a sentence, please never say this: “you see how good other people’s children are” and “if you look at other people’s children, you will not be engaged in proper work when you come back.”.
We always look for heroes in history, we always look for heroes in our next door neighbors, but no one looks for heroes in the future. But why don’t you tell your son, “son, in 20 years’ time, the world will be like this, and we will create a hero in 20 years’ time.”. Only in this way can we have a sense of direction.
Children should have role models, but not just historical figures and the sons of the Wang Laowu family next door. The best example is the one in your mind 20 years later. We do this, children and you can see hope, now many children’s ideal is to enter a good university, find a good job. In fact, getting into a good university may not necessarily lead to a good job. Entering a university is just the beginning of life. The real test of life is only when you graduate from university.
Now many college counselors are very busy.
Recently, I communicated with some famous school principals, but it can’t be said that these students are confused after they are admitted to famous schools, because they are from primary school, junior high school and senior high school. After entering the school, they are confused by what they have learned in the school, and they feel empty about the future. They are thinking about what they want to do and what they want to do to get into a famous school What is righteousness.
At present, students in famous schools are under great pressure, while students in universities are under great pressure. I hope all parents here don’t worry that they can’t get a good junior high school in primary school. What you have to worry about is that the children will hate going to school after finishing primary school. We should not worry about failing to get into a good high school after graduating from junior high school. We should worry about finishing junior high school and even hate learning. We should not worry about graduating from high school and failing to enter the University. We should worry that after graduating from high school, our children will enter the University and become confused about life and don’t know what to do.
Therefore, we hope that the responsibility of parents is to work with the school to let children find their lifelong love. If parents and schools find their children’s interests and find their greatest love in their life, you will give them the greatest sense of happiness. If they are interested, have love and curiosity, they will go everywhere to learn, and you don’t need to compare them.
After you really love something, the fun of knowledge and the fun of it will far exceed your imagination. This is his motivation. Now interest class, why let children read interest class, I understand, I want to let this child read interest class, first, he is too easy to read, I have to make something for him to do, second, his reading is too bad, I want to find a thing he is interested in, or he can read, make a thing to cultivate his interests, maybe his comprehensive quality It will be higher.
I don’t object to extracurricular classes. It’s very easy for children to read. It’s very good to have a good school. If you can do something for him, you can make him particularly interested. It’s good to have self-confidence in the class and among the students. But now the problem is big, is to add credits, for the parents to have face, rather than really find him an interest.
And it’s funny. At the gate of the children’s palace, there are a group of mothers who are eating melon seeds and playing with their mobile phones. The children turn around and sing in it. When they come back, they drink water and continue to dance. They don’t study by themselves. They don’t feel tired. When we were children, the school finished class. The students carried books and newspapers all the way, played all the way, walked two or three blocks, walked two or three kilometers, it was normal, we talked, looked east and West.
Now you can pick it up from school and send it to your home. You can send it to cram school. You say you can eat melon seeds and play with your mobile phone. The power of example is huge. The biggest example comes from Mom and dad. If you study together, learn music, play chess and learn sports together, maybe it’s better than anything else. You shouldn’t knock melon seeds on the edge.

What’s more, we are learning a lot now. Why do we learn English and why we study sports? We all know what the real benefits are. There are two kinds of people. I have a friend in Canada. His child is not willing to come back. I say why. He says my child is skating in Canada University. I say Beijing is not very good. Our country skating is not bad, so we can get him back. He said two things, I said to tell me where the two things are. He said that Canadian skating music, let children enjoy the music, slide in the music, our music, the background of Shaoxing opera or Kunqu Opera, no difference, we don’t know enjoy music, this sense of rhythm. We let our children learn music, not to be a singer, but to learn how to appreciate music. You force him to become a burden. Let our children learn sports is to let them understand the body, know how to cooperate, how to adapt to failure, let children understand the fun of sports.
So we let our children have the quality of physical education, music literacy, the fun of painting, the imagination of creativity, which is the key to increase the fun of cram school. The main course is not good, but the auxiliary course is a lot. Do you think it can be good. I hope you can help our children realize their dreams together, instead of letting them realize their own dreams. Parents’ mentality affects their children’s mentality, and their anxiety also affects their teaching.
So parents, please ask yourself three questions every day. First, do you compare your children with other children today? Second, are you worried about your scores? Third, do you have children who don’t listen and respect you.
So please relax, an anxious mother and a grumpy father are all problems. At home, the mother is strong, the child is strong, the general mother can read, the mother is reasonable, the mother knows how to appreciate the child, encourage the child, find a good way. If you have not been good at reading before, it may be good to take some time to learn how to motivate your children. Sometimes, your dance not only affects him, but also affects his next generation. Your daughter is not good and you are bad at training. There will be a new generation in the future. Success can not be passed on for three generations, but the wrong method must be passed on for more than three generations.
We should be the supporters of children, not the controllers of children. What should your children do when all the children have a theater effect. All children make up lessons. Do you want your children to make up for them? How do you position them? When all children want to make money, how do you communicate with them? You should teach them how to think independently. In order to make children better, parents should be their supporters, not controllers.
Finally, I would like to emphasize that respecting the old and loving the young is Chinese culture. If adults talk and children don’t listen, it will be a mess. Today, everyone here, why are you invited here? I said that parents decide the education of children before they are 18 years old. Even if you are 60 years old, you still have a grandfather on top of you. You still have to listen to him.
But I think today we should also advocate respecting the young and loving the old. We should respect and respect the children and the young people. A society of respecting the young and loving the old is a progressive society. The elderly should love and respect the children and the young people. You will hear different voices. This is also your progress, the progress of your family and the progress of society.
I have discussed with Jin Yong before. I especially like martial arts novels. The only thing I don’t like is that the older I get, the higher my martial arts skills are. I just don’t believe it. The older you are, the higher your martial arts are. There is no such possibility, but this is our culture. But the old man, please love him, children please respect him.
In ancient times, raising children today is not for the purpose of preventing old people. Today, there is only one purpose to cultivate children, let them be healthy, let them be happy, and let them bring happiness to others. Therefore, today’s children bring us much more happiness and happiness than we bring them. In fact, many parents today, we have never been parents. If we do not learn how to be parents, we will bring our children a lot of misleading, a lot of pressure and a lot of anxiety.
So what parents should do today is to give their children the same happiness and happiness. I do not promise that the children of Yungu school will be successful and promising in the future. But I promise that Yungu’s children will be optimistic, will face challenges, will face setbacks, will experience, will create, will think.
We promise your children, all their pain, they will experience, all the unique thinking that all children may lack, and we will let them go through it.
The main purpose of my visit today is to share with you the idea, starting point and idea of running a school in Yungu. Everyone has the right to choose.
If you think this is not what I want, it doesn’t matter. There are hundreds of schools in Hangzhou to choose from. This school may not succeed, but this school is working hard and trying.
I am proud of the teachers and principals here. This kind of reform should withstand great pressure. Yungu needs parents to create schools together, teachers need to create schools together, and children need to join in. Only in this way can we build a good school in twenty years.
Some people say that our child is already a senior one. I can’t guarantee what to do after three years, but I promise that three years will bring him different attitude and thinking in his whole life. Together, we treat children as hope and future, not as your glory or your hope. You have only the responsibility to help them better.
Thank you.