Fake eating, vomiting and novelty seeking


Fake eating, vomiting and novelty seeking
Time weekly reporter Zhang Menglin from Guangzhou
“When I get to the limit, I go to the bathroom to induce vomiting. Later, when he didn’t use it, he stuck a thin tube into his throat to induce vomiting
“One day I saw a video of a woman sitting on a fishing boat with a plastic tarpaulin covering the inside of the fishing boat. From a distance, it looked like a bathtub. In this” bathtub “, she soaked her feet with boiled flour soup and occasionally took two bites.”
The above disgusting scenes are from the self description of Li Hui (pseudonym), a food anchor of king of stomach, and Wang Qian (pseudonym), who was once a fan of eating and broadcasting.
When they talk about this, the former is sad, the latter is disgust. But if the time goes back to more than a year ago, the scene is very different.
Press the stop play key
Eating half a chicken, a bowl of powder and a bottle of drink for a meal is not small for an ordinary adult. But what about the amount of food a three-year-old child eats?
At the end of August, a child named Peggy got attention from the outside world for eating. She was a three-year-old “little Internet star” on social networking platform last year. Her parents released a video of Peggy’s eating, which caught a large number of fans because of her extremely appetizing eating style.
Nowadays, the food on Peggy’s table is becoming more and more ridiculous. High calorie and non nutritious meals such as French fries, fried chicken, hamburger and instant noodles appear frequently. Her weight has soared to 70 Jin due to her uncontrolled diet.
Public opinion questioned that Puqi has become a tool for parents to catch their eyes. The brand of “big stomach king” and “eating and broadcasting” is engraved on the three-year-old child.
For a time, the controversial big stomach King eating and sowing was pushed to the top of the storm again.
As early as half a month ago, CCTV news in a “food waste, how to stop? „ÄčIn the news program of “the king of stomach”, he criticized the serious waste problem existing in the broadcast of “king of stomach”, which made people flatter and misled consumption. There were 1.37 billion readings on hot topics.
On August 30, CCTV once again cracked down on the phenomenon of “eating and sowing” of the king of big stomach, and many others, such as mini, were on the list one after another.
Wang Qian, born in the 1990s, used to be a senior fan of eating and broadcasting, but she can’t remember when she saw the last big stomach King: “it’s really boring, even a little disgusting.”
Once, in order to get the first-hand news of eating and broadcasting, Wang Qian established a wechat communication group with several small partners who also like to watch eating and broadcasting in their spare time, which were called “rice noodles” by each other.
If there is any disturbance in the eating and sowing circle, these “rice noodles” will be discussed in the wechat group. However, when hearing the news that the big stomach King eating and sowing has been rectified, the small group is quiet. “It’s not because we feel sorry, but we haven’t paid attention to the big stomach king for a long time.” Wang Qian said frankly.
The major short video live broadcasting platforms have followed the pace and renovated the content of eating and broadcasting.
In August 28th, the head of the fighting fish and fast hand replied to the Times reporter for Kwai Wang’s eating and broadcasting problem. The delicacy said that it had responded positively to the relevant central call and strengthened the content audit of the food category. The Kwai Fu also admitted that the platform would be punished according to the seriousness of the situation, such as deleting works, shutting down live broadcasting, and blocking account.
The era of eating and sowing the deformed king of stomach is over, but when did they begin to end? Maybe it’s because consumers don’t want to watch anymore.
The audience has long changed their minds
Every day when she comes home from work, she changes into casual clothes and looks at her mobile phone lazily in the sofa. Wang Qian recalls the scene when she first saw a big stomach King eating and broadcasting three years ago.
After a while, the feeling of fatigue gradually disappeared, and then came the rumble of hunger in the stomach. “At this point, I would quickly swallow the minimalist version of the chicken breast lettuce salad that I had made in advance.” Wang Qian said.
Three years ago, Wang Qian weighed 150 Jin. After she decided to lose weight, she changed her daily essential high calorie food into insipid coarse grain and salad. “It was very painful at that time. I never touched anything I ate before, but if I didn’t eat it, I would have hypoglycemia. Later, I found that the king of stomach ate sowing, which just met my physiological and mental needs.”
While eating weight-loss meals, watching the big stomach King eat and sow has gradually become the normal life of Wang Qian. Wang Qian said frankly, not only the need to lose weight, queer psychology, cure loneliness and even hypnosis before sleep, are the reasons why many people like watching food and broadcasting.
Wang Qian remembers that at that time, her favorite food anchor was mizujun, who repeatedly brushed her videos for several hours every day. “At that time, she would sit on the roadside stall and eat hard. It was really solid and solid to eat. The whole person’s state was OK.” Wang Qian commented.
Four years ago, on Hunan Satellite TV’s “day up”, MI Zijun ate 88 bowls of noodles and won a “best food” medal from the program group. It took mizujun only three months to upload his first video to be on one of the well-known variety shows in China.
According to public data, by March 2017, mizijun had accumulated more than 2.2 million Weibo fans, and the broadcast volume of eating and broadcasting videos exceeded 1.7 billion. Her average number of live viewers of Betta was about 200000.
The diversified needs of viewers contributed to the popularity of eating and sowing network, which also affected the next batch of job seekers.
Before he became a big stomach eating anchor, Li Hui was keen on watching similar videos.
“At first, it was just pure entertainment. Later, I found that eating can make money and make a lot of money, so I just tried it.” Li Hui frankly said that under the influence of several big stomach kings at the beginning, more and more people entered the industry.
Kwai Kwai delicacy data show that delicacy accounts for 1100+ have been registered in Kwai MCN institutions as of September 20th last year, and more than 1 million of the food creators are active in the fast track platform.
A year ago, Li Hui quit his job as a driver and devoted himself to the cause of eating and sowing. He wanted to make a big plan, but what he didn’t expect was that “coming out is the peak” was his own end.
“It’s the most difficult when I just do it. I have to start eating when I get up in the morning, so my stomach has no free time.” Li Hui did not shy away from admitting that he was not a gifted stomach king at all.
Li Hui said that the amount of food he ate at one time was 5-6 times that of ordinary people, or even more than 10 times.

“There’s no way. If I don’t eat more, no one will watch.” Li Hui often uses the words “don’t talk, eat in one breath” and “drink soup with no chopsticks” to attract people’s attention and attract fans.
Two months ago, a sudden outbreak of acute gastroenteritis made Li Hui realize that the red light was on, and that long-term vomiting also made his voice dumb. “My family has been advising me not to do it again, but I want to make more money, and I will not do it.”
Although I want to make more money, the actual situation is getting worse. Li Hui admitted that his initial monthly income was 70000 yuan, but now, fans’ reward and sales commission add up to less than 20000 yuan.
The wind direction changed. And the people behind the scenes are not others, it is the group of people who once loved to be crazy.
It was a year ago that Wang Qian lost interest in eating and broadcasting. “I found that these big stomach king are playing routine, every day is those powder ah noodles, very boring.” She said frankly.
Some “soil flavor” big stomach king let Wang Qian difficult to accept. “After that, many big stomach kings ate very savagely. They put everything into their mouths, and their eating appearance was ugly. They could eat all over their mouths. They even had to crack their mouths. I heard that kind of chewing sound, and people almost died.”
The loss of fans is faster than Li Hui imagined. “In the past, 100000 broadcasts could increase thousands of fans, but now the amount of 500000 plays does not necessarily increase by 1000.” After half a month, Li Hui has lost thousands of powder.
On August 29, an unnamed person close to the short video live broadcasting industry told the times weekly that in today’s increasingly harsh taste of watching video, the king of stomach’s label is a time bomb, which can’t satisfy the curiosity seeking psychology of viewers, and the reward income of practitioners is not stable.
Do you want to change the style?
Big stomach king “performance” is very hard, but in fact in the industry, the commercial value of eating and broadcasting has not been high.
“At present, most of them still rely on fans to reward and attract viewers in a very exaggerated way, which means that if they rely on their own characteristics to speak for brands or bring goods, they can only choose food.” On August 29, the head of a MCN agency told the times weekly.
Li Hui has a small shopping shop on the short video platform. There are 46 pieces of goods on sale in the shop, and more than half of them appear in his eating and broadcasting videos. “I often eat the products I want to sell, such as snail powder, red oil noodles and so on, so that the sales will be higher.”
“I sell one piece and earn a commission, so I’m not qualified to ask for pit fees or advertising fees. Even if I eat food for broadcasting, I pay my own money to buy it from the brand.” Li Hui attributed the reason to insufficient fans.
Li Hui calculates, if only sells goods in a month, the income is only about 10000 yuan. “I’m the one who sells snacks in the snack box. Many of the other anchors are only a few thousand.”
“Dawei Wang’s ability to carry goods is indeed average. Take the recent comparison. Before the Spring Festival in 2020, a single (about 5 bags) can still earn 30 yuan, and now only 10 yuan.” On August 28, the head of the Yuanyuan meeting snail powder told the times weekly.
As early as three years ago, yuanyuanhui snail powder cooperated with the food anchor, but now this is not the only choice for Yuanyuan Club snail powder.
“The king of stomach has been eating for three years. It’s really hard to eat any more.” Yuanyuanhui snail powder director frankly said that now the company not only cooperates with eating and broadcasting, but also connects with funny and emotional anchors.
Perhaps it is the first mock exam that has realized the commercial value ceiling of the big stomach king.
Mi Zijun has already released the signal of transforming into a gourmet tourism blogger. According to public information, its main program “secret food” has been broadcast nearly 300 million times.
After accumulating fan traffic in the early stage, Dawei Wang’s sister joined hands with the Simba family to create an era of live delivery with goods.
However, no matter mizijun or maomei, although they are in the process of innovation and change, they still can not get rid of the figure of the king of stomach. In its daily video delivery, occasionally interspersed with the content of the king of stomach eating broadcast.
The person in charge of the above MCN organization admitted that it is difficult to remove the label from the head. The image of king of stomach created in the early stage is too deep-rooted, and it is more difficult for those snacks broadcast below the waist to transform.
Li Hui also said that sad, has been eating those noodles, fried spicy food, has long been tired of eating, sometimes really want to change the style, but constantly change the style will lose powder, “but do not change also want to drop.” Li Hui felt desperate.
Welcome to the fight for fans
Under the comprehensive rectification of many parties, the eating and broadcasting industry will usher in new changes.
Once upon a time, some big stomach kings, such as mizujun, mini, etc., all removed the prefix of “king of stomach” and replaced them with “waistcoat” and went ashore again.
On August 24, Dawei Wanglang Weixian revealed in the video that it will show new and interesting content, and from then on, it will have another title – reading Wanglang Weixian.
Li Hui is also planning to break through the barrier of big stomach king.
“I want to change to fried dishes. I usually cook at home. I feel like I can try it.” Li Hui observed that the growth rate of fans of maladezi, the anchor who shared the food and beverage course, was very slow in the early stage, but since he changed the shooting theme to his wife’s desire to eat, fans soared.
“Can I try some different positioning on the basis of stir fry?” Li Hui thought.
Delicacy released Kwai Kwai’s white paper in September last year. The delicacy of Kwai Chi has covered many segments of the consumer’s day.
Wang Qian, who hasn’t seen the big stomach King eating and broadcasting for a long time, is interested in story life and funny food videos. She told time weekly reporter Amway several, such as Dianxi Xiaoge, Li Ziqi and xiaoxiangge.
Next, Li Hui decided to find a MCN organization to cooperate.
Zhang Heng (pseudonym) who is about to usher in a group of intruders who mingle with the waist of the food anchor circle shows disdain. “No, just let them come. We are always welcome.” Zhang Heng’s tone is full of arrogance.
According to him, food anchors like Zhang Heng who are above the waist will join the circle group of the food alliance. In the group, there are more than a dozen of top 100 bloggers who rank behind Zhang Heng in terms of fans and influence. This is the capital Zhang Heng disdains.

In August 28th, Zhang Heng make complaints about the difficulty coefficient of eating and broadcasting to the times weekly reporter Tucao Dao, which is the lowest. “But we food bloggers need to write a copy, copy plus camera, a script needs 4000 words, if I put all the documents together now, I can produce a book. It’s hard to eat and sow on this item alone. ”
However, Zhang Heng is not at ease, and the eating and broadcasting, which is about to break into the food anchor circle, will also encounter more profound challenges.
“Our common enemy is live star.” Speaking of this, Zhang Heng sighed a few times.
On the day when Yang Chao entered station B, Zhang Heng’s carefully prepared video was in vain. “There are only four hits a day for an audience. As a result, Yang Chaochao came in and attracted more than one audience to watch her video. My click through amount naturally decreased.”
Take station B as an example. According to incomplete statistics of funji, as of April 15, 2020, 59 entertainers or artists groups have settled in station B, including stars with 100000 or even million fans.
“Now there are stars to divide up, can only make themselves stronger.” Zhang Heng said frankly that if you don’t work hard, the stars will divide up the traffic. Be a big blogger before all the stars enter, or we will be the one forgotten.
“Be famous as soon as possible,” a new fan battle has already begun.