Zuckerberg is the real Zhu Chaoyang


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On July 29, the US Congress held an anti-monopoly hearing.
Legislators sit in high positions, with a screen under the stage, and the CEOs of apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook are asked in turn.
Zuckerberg, 36, was the most frequently questioned CEO, 62 times.
The question is sharp, such as, “are you buying INS to eliminate potential competitors?”
Zuckerberg, who is known as a robot, does not blink.
“If the technology industry is a successful biography of America, Facebook is only part of it.”
The question lasted for five hours, but members did not get the answer they wanted. They gradually lost patience and asked the most acute question.
“Are Chinese companies stealing American technology? ”
As far as I know, No.
“And you, Zuckerberg?”
The congressman asked Zuckerberg.
Zuckerberg stuttered, blinked twice, and said decisively.
“Mr. Councillor, I think the evidence of China stealing technology from American technology companies is solid.”
His sense of interest made the councillors satisfied, for the first time, thanks.
Zuckerberg, born in 1980s, is gifted from childhood.
If you take a role comparison, it is Zhu Chaoyang in the recent online drama “hidden corner”.
Zhu Chaoyang was able to skip the grade to answer senior grade papers. There were five-year college entrance examination and three-year simulation on the bookshelf.
Zuckerberg also showed amazing talent in programming.
He had a computer at the age of 10, and began to learn programming at the age of 11. His tutor was teaching him programming when his tutor was still teaching Chinese mathematics.
By high school, Zuckerberg developed zucknet, allowing him to communicate remotely with his father at home.
Later, he also wrote a music software for machine learning based on users’ music habits, which can be called the North American network cloud suppression.
Before he went to college, he received a $950000 offer from Microsoft.
He chose Harvard for further study.
You have to admit, it’s a real backwater.
It’s wise to choose Harvard, where he built the most proud work of his life, Facebook.
Facebook originated from a game called facemash.
This website simply put two pictures of students together, which were evaluated and scored by young people. Enthusiastic students once shocked the Harvard official website. His course selection software also attracted students. After all, everyone wanted to be closer to the goddess.
Zuckerberg was inspired by the idea of “connections”. Two years later, he launched the social empire of Facebook. So far, Facebook has 2 billion users a month. In July, he won the fifth place of Forbes’ top 100 brand value.
Facebook is like Zhu Chaoyang’s diary to him.
Zhu Chaoyang’s diary records his mental journey. Facebook is the history of Zuckerberg’s success, the complete record of a gifted teenager becoming an idealistic businessman.
If you succeed, you should be intoxicated? It’s vulgar.
After a successful career, Xiaozha is more like a man of science and technology who is not familiar with the world. He is wearing simple clothes and driving a 20000 dollar Honda. He has invested most of his wealth in charity and won the world’s reputation.
He satisfied people’s all plain fantasy about intellectuals, and intellectuals could build a benevolent business empire from scratch.
This commercial empire is thriving. Not only is the monarch wise, but also the queen is a virtuous queen.
They met. When Zuckerberg was at Harvard, his best friend was afraid that he would be expelled. So they prepared a “farewell line” for him. Cinderella, Chinese girl and Xueba Priscilla Chen happened to be present. They met in the dormitory building. They were very happy and fell in love at first sight.
The next day, Zuckerberg told Chen,
“Date me, because I’m about to be fired. ”
The Chinese American queen, who was ugly and full of personal charm, taught Zuckerberg to announce her wedding the day after she went public on Facebook.
In a sense, it’s like Zhu Chaoyang is destined to meet Pu Pu and start a new life journey.
Everything is beautiful.
Pupu loves singing and has a dream of treating his brother. He is full of motivation and perseverance.
Xiao Chen is a standard child from a poor family. He runs the house early, learns to wash dishes by stepping on a stool, and is admitted to Harvard University with perseverance. Chen is mysterious, intelligent and sexy to Zuckerberg.
Four days before the wedding, even know Wang came to “kindly remind” to draw up a pre marriage agreement, otherwise she would make a net income of 10 billion yuan after divorce.
Zuckerberg laughs and shakes his head. You always think that what she wants from me, you don’t understand.
When he was young, Zuckerberg was a strong man who could understand Wang.
Xiao Chen, a low-key and simple man, didn’t take his job on Facebook, but became a natural teacher.
The longer we get together, the more fascinated Zuckerberg becomes addicted to the country behind her.
He thought that there should be a stroke of this country in his works.
He started eating Chinese food, learning Chinese, and even named his daughter Chen Mingyu. A year later, he can communicate with people in Chinese.
In his interview, he even said that if the market of 1.3 billion people is excluded, what kind of connection is it?
His attitude in exchange for good results, 10 years, he finally set foot on this magical land.
Everything is getting better.
He not only visited Baidu, Sina, mobile, Ali and other four enterprises, with the National Father Ma teacher.
In 14 years, he was selected as a member of the Advisory Committee of Tsinghua University of economics and management. For 15 years, he held the leadership’s hand and said a half of welcome.
He fell in love with China.
On the first day of the new year’s day, he and his wife made dumplings, dressed in red, and visited everyone in Chinese.

He loves to eat Beijing roast duck. He visits his hometown of Tianjin, where he is an atheist. Like an ordinary Chinese, he worships and makes a wish in front of the big wild goose pagoda.
He is a Chinese son-in-law who wants to express himself.
Just like Zhu Chaoyang, who broke the rhythm of life, he got the happiness of a new life for the first time. This huge country began to embrace him. With the more times he traveled to China, the more he loved here.
At last, his relationship with China reached its peak.
At the worst of the haze, he posted photos of him running in Tiananmen Square on his diary Facebook. Everyone praised his love for China, and his relationship with China reached a climax in the flowers. His breath was full of happiness.
He found the utopia, his Utopia.
Here’s the plot. It’s Zuckerberg you know.
Zhu Chaoyang is also in everyone’s eyes.
But there’s always Zuckerberg outside Facebook, and the opposite of diaries.
Zhu Chaoyang exposed his horse’s feet, let people find that he is not a good man’s process, is like this.
At that time, his sister’s unfortunate death made him face his father’s seemingly amiable trial, but in fact, he knew that there was a recording pen in his bag. He even pretended to be innocent and calmly expressed his love for his father.
Zuckerberg, on the other hand, had a scandal about data leakage in 18 years.
Facebook users with 51 million users have been misused. Zuckerberg attended a hearing in the U.S. Congress and was questioned by 100 senators for 10 hours with a long gun and a short gun.
At that time, people’s love for Facebook fell to a freezing point, and its market value collapsed overnight.
They wanted to find out who he was with, and they even asked:
“Your dream can only be realized in America, not in other countries?”
He was motionless, accepting questions with extreme calm, drinking slowly, with a programmed smile on his face.
“China also has many powerful giants.”
He was so calm that he didn’t seem to be a normal person. He was like a robot. He executed different procedures according to different times and showed his face. All this stems from the fact that he had a card called China.
To this end, he gave a full play.
The picture of Zuckerberg, who loves running, was taken by the world-famous photographer, ommaney, who is good at shooting refugees and making epic sense.
As many as ten runners, strong and strong, will push the ordinary reporter close to the camera;
His Chinese public relations team has invested 25 million yuan a year.
Later, he was rumored to have interfered in the election and sold his privacy data. Even a picture of dumplings might be on show.
The shining Zuckerberg, the idealist businessman, was full of discord.
From the Taylor brothers to the best friend Eduardo to the noble Sean, he has been accused of betrayal, his personality and loyalty have been questioned.
His Facebook may be as full of lies as Zhu’s diary.
It’s hard to believe whether his love for China is as sincere as he said, or whether he has honed his acting skills for nearly a decade for China’s sake.
Utopia is right in front of him, and there is an opportunity to turn the tables. He will enter the Chinese market immediately. At that time, some accusations will not matter at all.
He has no fear.
He tried to wait until 2019, and he found that Facebook had never been able to enter the Chinese market.
So the avalanche began.
Many people think that Zuckerberg is a double faced and skin painting monster.
This statement is not accurate.
To be exact, Zuckerberg is never any role, he is just a concrete embodiment of capital itself.
The fate of capital is to increase the value of capital, in order to snowball wildly in virgin land.
Yan Liang thinks that he and Zhu Chaoyang are real iron. The biggest enemy is Zhang Dongsheng, but he is wrong. Zhu Chaoyang was originally Zhang Dongsheng when he was young.
The sun rises in the East.
Zuckerberg can love China for need, and Zuckerberg can hate China for need.
Everything depends on the needs of capital.
In addition, unreserved trust and good will is a kind of original sin.
Zhu Chaoyang just wants his father’s love, Zhang Dongsheng just wants to live a good life, just for this goal, they are never afraid to use any dark means.
There is no room for moral respite in the ultimate result orientation.
We always tell the story of an ugly duckling, but how can a duck turn into a swan, unless it is a swan. The boy who slaughters a dragon turns into a dragon. Is he really so magnanimous before he holds the sword?
Many people kill dragons for the purpose of becoming a dragon.
All Zuckerberg has done is defend his Facebook Empire at all costs.
Even his company has a motto, don’t be too proud to copy!
Don’t be too proud to plagiarize.
That’s not surprising, because Facebook itself started by plagiarism.
Facebook is rumored to have an early bird warning system, which identifies threats from small start-ups and strangles rivals in the direction of plagiarism and acquisition.
Just two years after its establishment, instagram attracted a large number of young people to download it. The average use market was only five minutes less than that of Facebook. Zuckerberg immediately threw a billion dollars into this small company with only 13 employees, killing the possibility in the cradle.
Timehop launched the concept of “that year and today”. After the mobile terminal gained 6 million live days, Facebook quickly launched the function of on this day, so that users can watch that year’s today at any time.
Craigslist is an advertising distribution platform for second-hand goods in the United States. Since Facebook launched the corresponding marketplace application, it robbed Craigslist’s market. When the latter launched its own application, it was like copying Facebook.

Before tiktok, the strongest opponent was snapchat
He tried to buy as like as two peas, and I had introduced the same Poke.
I didn’t expect that 12 days later, poke was defeated.
Then he bowed his head. Is it time for 3 billion yuan? I didn’t expect that the two post-90s founders were as firm as iron.
Angry to launch a slightly different function of slingshot, rooms, riff three major generals, but respectively dismal exit.
In the end, Zuckerberg realized that he was still too proud.
Then instagram shortcuts was launched, which copied snapchat stories, and then copied this function into its own product matrix.
The wolves grabbed snapchat and dragged it into the mire.
There’s nothing his Facebook can’t solve.
Only today, China in 2020.
Zuckerberg took out his sword and looked around. He saw the blank Eastern battlefield. After so many years, he bowed his head. He did everything, but how could it be like this.
For so many years, he has not entered China. Instead, technology companies from the East are gradually occupying the time of young people in the United States and are seizing the market for his favorite work, Facebook.
Behind the mask, he is a grumpy man.
His Facebook is bloated and old, uncompetitive in a new country, and the skills he relies on no longer work. He tries to copy, but he can’t.
He is passing the user’s favor, and YouGov only has a good impression on him of 27%. He is losing young people and has not got the Utopia in his dream.
Zhu Chaoyang and Zhang Dongsheng don’t understand why they don’t have a chance.
Zuckerberg is also thinking that in such a big market, Google can do it, Microsoft can do it, but he can’t own it.
If you can’t love, you hate.
Zhu Chaoyang and Zhang Dongsheng finally choose to destroy their favorite.
Zuckerberg, too, looked to the Eastern market and made the final choice.
First, he walked into the White House, did the most shameless thing of Silicon Valley elite, and lobbied everywhere.
In particular, he delivered speeches on software criticism in Chinese universities for more than 10 and a half hours from the perspective of social criticism.
At the end of the month, he finally got the chance to have dinner with senior officials in the White House. What he talked about was unknown.
Then he became a gun in all kinds of political activities.
But the top management still needs the last vote.
At the most critical moment, at the high-profile hearing, he was the only one among the four giants to perform well, be gentle, courteous and thrifty. He said that China was stealing.
China, theft, America, technology.
He stood firm in the line.
Many people say that he has changed. He is a slag man. The Chinese son-in-law stabbed his father-in-law. He is really not a human being.
But I’m just capital. Capital is just for profit.
What do you have to do with me if you hate me?
In 2020, Facebook’s ins launched reels, focusing on short videos.
From interface to push, it is very similar to Chinese applications.
Maybe it’s Zuckerberg’s reward after his vote, maybe it’s that everything is back on his track to success. He is still a smooth and successful Zuckerberg.
His housekeeping skills worked again, stocks soared, and I wish him a jump into the 100 billion club.
He is more and more like Zhu Chaoyang.
Just as decent.
The plot is like the end of the secret corner
After experiencing a series of great twists and turns, Zhu Chaoyang sat at home and said calmly to her silent mother.
“Mom, I got the first place again.”
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