Musk announced the latest “brain machine” neuralink: “brain computer connection” goes further


On August 28 local time, Musk’s brain computer interface company neuralink held a launch event to disclose the practical neuralink devices and automatic implant surgical devices.
(neuralink device for brain implantation, source: YouTube)
At the press conference, musk said the goal of neuralink is to create devices that can solve brain / spinal injury problems and be placed comfortably in the brain. At the conference, musk demonstrated the latest neuralink device, link V0.9, which supports 1024 channels per device and supports remote data transmission.
(neuralink device construction, source: YouTube)
At the press conference, musk also said that the matching automatic surgical equipment can limit the process of placing “neuralink” to outpatient surgery that can be completed within days.
(automated surgical robot, source: YouTube)
(embedded logic, source: YouTube)
In addition to the device, musk showed a number of pigs implanted with neuralink, and showed the state of reading brain activity, and pointed out that multiple neuralinks could be placed in one brain.