Watermelon video and ITV jointly launched the annual science fiction blockbuster “snow country train”


At 20:00 on August 27, the first season of science fiction blockbuster “snow country train” was exclusively broadcast in watermelon video. Produced by independent television (ITV), the show is another collaboration between watermelon video and overseas quality content platforms after Netflix and BBC studios. At that time, watermelon video VIP members can preemptively watch the full season content.
“Snow train” is adapted from the film and cartoon of the same name, and is supervised by the film director Feng Junhao. The series continues the film setting to tell the story of the only human beings living on the Yongdong train after the earth is frozen. The series retains the high-energy scenes in the film, and shows the struggle in the “train society” with violence aesthetics.
Watermelon video related person in charge said that the copyright cooperation with ITV will further enrich the platform content ecology and meet the needs of Chinese users for overseas high-quality and legitimate films and TV.