Uncover the digital investment scam of “warm man” in online love


Source: Beijing Youth Daily
Reporter Dong Zhenjie intern Xu Yinhao
He disguised himself as a “warm man” and “successful man”, lying down on the social software to tease the inexperienced women, and then set up a “investment” scam after gaining the favor of the other party. As long as someone falls into the trap, the final outcome is to be mercilessly pulled black. A few days ago, the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily uncovered a fraud of recommending digital currency investment through the narration and personal experience of the victims.
Online love “reliable man”
I cheated her out of her savings in half a month
Xiao Lin, 23, who just graduated from University, came to Beijing to work alone in April this year. After several months of hard work and frugality, she has saved 20000 yuan. Due to his busy work, Xiao Lin seldom goes out shopping, but he often confides in some dating software.
On August 3, Xiaolin got to know a man named “fortune life” through a dating software called soul. As the two people had a good impression on each other, the man proposed to add Xiaolin’s wechat friends, and Xiaolin agreed to his request.
Kobayashi told the Beiqing daily that the man called himself Luo Shilong, 35 years old. He was engaged in import and export trade in Beijing and had a company of his own. However, Kobayashi admitted that she and Luo Shilong did not meet offline in the process of communication, and they have been communicating through wechat. “He talked to me about my parents, about my work, about my daily diet, which made me feel that he was a person who took me seriously.” Xiao Lin said that Luo Shilong gave her the feeling that she was very diligent, down-to-earth and responsible, which gradually deepened her good impression on Luo Shilong.
“He said that he worked hard every day to catch up with his parents’ old age. He also said that he would bring my brother to Beijing to help him accumulate social experience.” In Xiaolin’s eyes, Luo Shilong is a filial son, consistent with his three outlooks, and has a certain economic foundation. “He sent me the address of his home, which is in a community near Chengshou temple in Beijing. He said he bought the house himself.”
After talking about the ideal of life, on the evening of August 6, Luo Shilong suddenly asked Xiaolin, “do you have a digital currency exchange?” Concurrent with a two-dimensional code picture of “Gemini exchange”, I hope Kobayashi can download this app, saying that he can make money under his guidance.
From the wechat chat records provided by Xiaolin, Luo Shilong asked Xiaolin to transfer 500 yuan to the “Gemini exchange” by using mobile banking. “He said that he was a short-term earner and wanted to take me to make money. I refused the first time, but he invited me again. I didn’t withstand the temptation, so I began to promise to” invest “with him.” Xiaolin said that she had recharged four times, “on the evening of August 8, she put in 800 yuan for the first time, made a profit of 216 yuan, and withdrawn 1000 yuan on the same day. On the evening of August 9, 2000 yuan was invested, 475 yuan was gained and 2400 yuan was withdrawn… ”
Kobayashi later told reporters that after this, Luo Shilong began to tell her about the “50000 yuan plan”, but Kobayashi did not have so much money in hand, and had not agreed. On the evening of August 13, Xiao Lin “invested” 10000 yuan. “He said that today’s market is good, he wants to bring me more profits and continue to encourage me to” invest. ” In this way, Kobayashi began to increase the amount of investment.
On the evening of August 15, Xiaolin didn’t want to invest any more and wanted to withdraw the money that had been recharged before. However, Luo Shilong said the activity would last three days and could not be operated for less than 50000 yuan. On hearing this, Xiao Lin was flustered. She said that she didn’t realize that this was a good trap. She ran to gather up the idea of 50000 yuan to withdraw cash. She raised money from all over the place and finally got enough money to fill it in. However, after that, Xiao Lin obviously felt that Luo Shilong was like a changed person. “He not only started to speak dirty words, but also scolded me on wechat and asked me to send naked photos. I had a hunch that I had been cheated. ”
On the morning of August 17, Kobayashi sent a message to Luo Shilong and found that he had been blackmailed. He had no choice but to call the police. That night, Xiaolin, who came out of the Baizhifang police station, issued a circle of friends with only a number of “0”. She had no money to eat. “I will return the house, and then find a job to provide food and housing, and carry it for two months.” Kobayashi is in a very sad mood. The double blow of economy and emotion makes her almost collapse.
Secret interview
One man talks more than one woman
After gaining trust, they talked about “money”
On August 21, after receiving the information from Xiaolin, the reporter of Beiqing daily added Luo Shilong’s wechat through the wechat provided by Xiaolin, and conducted a secret interview investigation as a 23-year-old female college student.
Luo Shilong, who claims to be 26 years old this year (when chatting with Xiaolin, he claims to be 35 years old) and currently runs an import and export trading company with a friend. During the chat, he repeatedly asked reporters where they like to eat, work and live. Even asked in detail whether to live in their own home, or rent a house, a person to rent the whole or with others and other issues. It makes people feel intimate and down-to-earth. After two or three hours of conversation, he proposed to develop a love relationship with reporters. After the reporter pretended to agree, he advised reporters to buy digital currency with him on the pretext of making money, saying that “it is supported by national policies, and banks will be replaced by digital currency in the future”.
Subsequently, the reporter inquired the company name provided by Luo Shilong and found that it was located near Chengshou temple, but the industrial and commercial registration information was not related to Luo Shilong. In this regard, Luo Shilong explained that the company was opened with a friend and he was only a partner. Moreover, through the wechat transfer to Luo Shilong, the reporter found that Luo Shilong’s wechat did not have real name authentication.
On August 22, Xiao Lin’s friend Liu Yang (pseudonym) claimed to be a female college student. He also added Luo Shilong’s wechat in the form of a netizen. In the process of chatting, Luo Shilong’s identity changed to a college student. According to the chat records provided by Liu Yang, after a “happy” conversation, Luo Shilong recommended digital currency to Liu Yang. “He said that he was a student of Southwest University of Finance and economics, and he bought digital currency under the guidance of the school’s mathematics teacher.”

After Liu Yang refused to accept the college students’ lack of money, Luo Shilong emphasized the benefits to Liu Yang, and said that “this is what I planned in advance, and I can make sure that I won’t lose”. Liu Yang asked Liu Yang to find a way to raise money to buy it. “It will definitely bring you the pleasure of making money.”.
Although after several days of lobbying, the reporter and Liu Yang did not agree to make any investment, but Luo Shilong, a “warm man”, did not give up. He continued to play the “emotional card” every day, and from time to time described the benefits of penetration investment.
Police have stepped in
The man claimed that the company found no such person
So, who is this so-called Luo Shilong? Does his so-called company exist?
On August 17, accompanied by his friends, Xiao Lin came to Baizhifang police station in Xicheng District of Beijing to report to the police. Later, Xiaolin found that his soul account had been hacked by Luo Shilong, and Luo Shilong’s name was changed from “fortune life” to “last bus”. Kobayashi left a message to Saul and asked Saul to provide Luo Shilong’s registered identity information. Subsequently, soul replied through a message saying that it would cooperate with the police to provide the information needed by the police, and would take measures such as sealing and processing according to the evidence.
According to the tips on the police receipt, Xiao Lin learned through the case inquiry system that the police have accepted the case and are still under investigation.
For the information about the man claiming to be Luo and working in a company in Beijing, the reporter of Beiqing daily contacted the person in charge of the company. However, the other party said that there was no Luo in the company at all.
There is a professional team behind the scam
Since the emergence of the concept of bitcoin in 2008, this virtual currency has spread in many countries, and the scams related to it have sprung up in endlessly. Some insidious scammers still resort to people’s unfamiliarity with this concept and use friend making software to cheat strangers.
Before the media has exposed the marriage “killing pig plate” pile up coin circle, resulting in many women being cheated. But behind this kind of scam, is the team operation generally. They understand the financial industry and the money circle, and can grasp women’s psychology. Generally, a whole set of operation system starting from emotion to ending with cheating money is adopted.
The common situation is to love for the reason, the first very “warm man”, will also pack their own circle of friends. Many girls think of each other as a successful person. Next, they will arrange a private meeting to let the cheated women gradually trust each other. After that, they began to arrange various kinds of “brainwashing” to let the cheated women believe that the so-called “successful people” can make money through “money speculation” and attract women to invest. At the beginning, the cheated women will taste some of the sweetness of “return on investment”, and then gradually increase the price. After the last large amount of capital is invested, they will be completely “trapped”.
According to industry insiders, most of the packaging teams are not in China and generally choose to be near the border (Southeast Asia). If the other party advocates that they are in Malaysia, Singapore and other places, it is necessary to be cautious when making investment at this time.