Tiktok may reach a deal with Microsoft in the next 48 hours, with a scale of $20 billion to $30 billion


According to reports, many people familiar with the matter said today that the resignation of Kevin Mayer, CEO of tiktok, may mean that Microsoft will successfully acquire tiktok in the next 48 hours. It is understood that the size of the deal may be between $20 billion and $30 billion.
There are also reports that Mayer chose to resign after being excluded from trade talks between tiktok and Microsoft and Oracle. Earlier today, byte beat confirmed Mayer’s resignation and said: respect his decision and thank him for his efforts for tiktok.
On August 24, local time, tiktok formally filed a lawsuit against the first administrative order issued by the trump government on August 6, which is being conducted in California federal court. Tiktok believes that the U.S. government has not given the company a fair opportunity to defend itself, and President Trump’s executive order does not apply to tiktok, which is an illegal act.
It is reported that byte jump is negotiating with potential purchasers such as Microsoft and Oracle, and the lawsuit against the administrative order of August 6 will not affect the relevant negotiations.