A team of 50 people is checking 24 hours. Why is the piracy of “800” still rampant?


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By Zhao Tiancheng
Source / NetView interconnection (ID: wxs360)
As of August 26, the box office of “eight hundred” has been close to 1.3 billion in six days since its release on August 26, which has set a number of box office records since the cinema resumed its work.
But what followed was that the pirated resources of “eight hundred” were also very popular, with various gun versions, preemptive versions and high-definition versions spreading everywhere on social networks.
“Eight hundred” has become a banner of the domestic film market, showing the carnival and tears of the fans, but also illuminating the loopholes and hidden diseases of the market.
From the “gun version” to the “high definition version”, it is just the distance from the point of view to the release
As a matter of fact, as early as the “eight hundred” has been pirated. “Eight hundred” is 147 minutes, but the shooting version of “eight hundred” is only 1 hour and 02 minutes long, and the picture quality is poor, and the audio-visual experience is very poor.
The so-called “gun version” is a movie that pirates hire someone to take a camera or mobile phone to the cinema to shoot secretly. Because it is a steal shot, the effect is generally poor, and the picture is not very clear. During the shooting process, there are often varying degrees of shaking, and the sound is recorded by the microphone of the camera, and sometimes even mixed with the shadow and sound of the audience walking around.
It is obvious that the pirated resources of “eight hundred” were recorded in cinemas with low-end photographic equipment or mobile phones.
However, two days after the official launch, on August 23, HD version resources of “800” appeared on the Internet, and some people even sold them on social networks for 3 yuan each.
Now, search on Baidu at random, you can find “eight hundred” gun version resources, and can directly watch online.
“Eight hundred” HD version resources are not fuzzy, it is close to HD. But the sound and subtitles can still be seen, not the leakage of film source, but the effect of recording screen. But as a video recording product, such a gun version is no different from the normal online HD viewing.
From the attitude of some users on the network to piracy, many people choose not to watch the gun version because of the poor quality of the picture, but there are many netizens who choose the HD version.
What should be prevented has been prevented. Why can’t it be prevented?
“Eight hundred” in the prevention of piracy, can not be lax.
First of all, because small cinemas are the hardest hit areas for box office theft, piracy and gun editions, a new distribution plan has been implemented for “800”.
At first, it was limited to theaters with an annual box office of more than 10 million yuan. Later, it was extended to some cinemas with a box office of more than 2 million yuan. However, each cinema can only show one or two shows. At the time of official release, there are also certain release thresholds for cinemas with annual box office receipts of less than 2 million yuan or cinemas punished for withholding box office in the previous year.
But even so, it seems that it is still of no help. Piracy is still fast and fierce, even more rampant than before.
Not only that, “eight hundred” has been listed in the “fourth batch of key works copyright protection early warning list in 2020” by the State Copyright Administration, which will be severely cracked down by state departments and criminal means.
On August 22, Wei Chen’s studio also appealed to fans on Weibo not to steal videos.
On August 23, Wang Zhonglei, vice chairman of Fang Huayi Brothers, the producer of “eight hundred”, revealed at the forum of Beijing International Film Festival that “eight hundred” has just been released for three days, and there has been piracy on the Internet. In these three days, we basically have a team of 50 people working together with Youku and Youtube, and dozens of people have been checking piracy 24 hours a day. ”
From setting the distribution threshold, to the National Copyright Administration’s crackdown, and then to the anti piracy team of the production company, we have thought about all the possible measures, but the piracy situation of 800 has not been obviously curbed.
Why are gun versions banned repeatedly?
With the rapid development of the Internet in China, the fight between film and television content piracy and anti piracy has been continuing. Up to now, the leakage of the film source has become less and less, but the gun version resources are still repeatedly prohibited.
Gun edition resources are rampant, sometimes not from pirated images of pirates, but from ordinary audience’s “screen piracy”.
There is a note on the back of each ticket: photography, video recording and recording are not allowed without permission. That is to say, in cinemas, screen shooting is forbidden, but for many viewers, it is still a blind spot, which is not paid attention to. Many viewers even publish the content of screen shooting in the public space of the Internet.
In order to prevent theft, some cinemas even ask the audience to deposit large bags of items when checking in. However, the pixels of mobile phones are becoming more and more clear, and mobile phones are personal items and cannot be stored, which makes it more and more difficult to prevent mobile phone theft.
For “screen shooting”, Article 48 of the copyright law defines it as “infringement”. In Article 31 of Chapter 3 of the film industry promotion law of the people’s Republic of China, it is defined that “cinema staff shall have the right to stop and delete the act; if they refuse to obey, they shall have the right to ask them to leave.”
But the fact is, for bootlegging, small cinemas are basically indifferent. Some chain cinemas are in a better condition. The cinemas are equipped with monitoring equipment, and each scene will be inspected by specialists. Generally, when professional cameras steal records, there will be red dots in front of the machines or tripods will be supported. In this case, they will be stopped in time. But for the audience to take pictures with their mobile phones, few people will come forward to stop them.
In 2019, Pingyao International Film Festival also specially issued the statement on eliminating screen photography and piracy, calling for “shooting, screen shooting and pirating in the process of film screening are infringement of film copyright, and we will resolutely put an end to the above behaviors.”
The industry about “screen” related topics, every once in a while, but the chaos is still the same, the situation has not been changed.
This is not difficult to understand the crazy spread of gun version resources, when mobile phone piracy is common, piracy will naturally follow.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)