DJI om 4 with magnetic suction is released at 899 yuan


On August 26, Dajiang innovation released a new mobile phone platform DJI om 4. It is reported that the DJI OM4 adopts a multi magnet design scheme, which can realize the unification of magnetic suction quick removal, extreme lightness and pan tilt performance. It aims to solve the problems of complicated clamping and leveling and long time-consuming of mobile phone pan tilt for consumers, and meet the demand of fast switching between mobile phone shooting and other use scenarios.
DJI om 4 is compatible with most smart phones and supports the camera shooting control of the original system of most mobile phones. At the same time, it adapts to the DJI MIMO app with app upgrade gesture control and intelligent follow 3.0 function. It can last for 15 hours and can charge the mobile phone.
In terms of price, the price of DJI om 4 is 899 yuan, including DJI om 4 and its series of components, which will be on sale worldwide from now on.