DJI om 4 experience: mobile phone PTZ with magnetic paste to quickly enter the shooting state


The camera stabilizer was first born in the early 1970s. It was originally called Brown stabilizer, then renamed stannikon. In the last five years, it has been gradually reduced. From a camera to a mobile phone, from a professional tool to a portable device.
Among them, we have to mention Dajiang. Although they are not the inventors of this kind of product, it is through the efforts of DJI that this kind of product has been continuously reduced and its price has been continuously reduced. Now, it has become a product that everyone can buy with only a few hundred yuan.
DJI OM4 mobile phone PTZ (hereinafter referred to as DJI OM4) is the latest product of Dajiang. Perhaps in order to make it more earth friendly, Osmo mobile is simplified to OM.
OM4 outer package
Before we saw this product, we thought, how can om series be optimized? After all, three generations of folding structures have made it small enough.
As a result, the product came, the mystery was uncovered, and the magnet was added.
The chuck has been replaced by magnetic suction, which has great suction
OM4 continues the foldable portable form of the previous generation, adding magnetic suction mobile phone clip and magnetic suction accessories. Instead of making the mobile phone pan tilt smaller or adding any new functions, OM4 makes the process of “clamping mobile phone” and “leveling” simpler.
The advantage of magnetic suction is that the phone can be removed at any time
All of you who have used the mobile phone pan Tai know that in the past, you have to install the mobile phone on the fixture when you take out the stabilizer, especially the distance between the left and right should be consistent to maintain balance. For novices, this is a relatively time-consuming process. OM4 is aimed at this process change: suction, deployment, boot, three steps to complete, up to 5 seconds into the shooting state.
Quickly enter the shooting state
In fact, this is the only hardware change of OM4 for the previous generation.
Take out the machine, you will see that the packaging is simplified. In the past, OM standard hard collection box has become a storage bag, which is attached with a positioning card, a metal clip that can be taken off, and a ring buckle. Finally, many people should be familiar with this thing. It is a common mobile phone accessory on a treasure, which is usually used to stick on the back of the mobile phone for easy holding or as a mobile phone Bracket.
Two kinds of magnetic packaging accessories
Although replaced by a magnet, but did not affect the size of the fuselage
Dajiang’s design inspiration comes from this common object. They have turned it into a part of their mobile phone cloud platform.
Stick it in the center of the phone with a location card, and then gently place it on the OM4. This is the most important change compared with the previous generation, and there is no need to adjust the balance.
With a calibration card, paste magnetic sheet
Of course, pasting this will affect the wireless charging of the mobile phone, so Dajiang has also made a metal magnetic suction clip, which is clamped on the mobile phone during the shooting. If there is a fatal phone call or wechat in the middle of shooting, do you want to return it? Take it off as soon as you break it, and then you start shooting again.
The convenience of the metal clip is less than that of the ring buckle, but it has no effect on the charging of the mobile phone.
If your mobile phone is equipped with a magnetic suction car holder or an iron ring buckle, it may also be directly absorbed on the OM4; however, the two accessories of Dajiang random have a gap, which can correct the orientation and also play a role in accurate positioning.
Host + tripod, the material is the same, the color is lighter
Although the former fixed device has been changed to magnetic suction, the volume of OM4 has not changed compared with the previous generation, whether it is the whole machine or the position of the fixture. Their material, various control buttons, interfaces and so on have not changed. It’s just a little lighter.
After the mobile phone is installed, we can use it to shoot products. Although it’s OK to use the camera function of your mobile phone, it’s very clear that if you don’t use the DJI MIMO software provided by Dajiang, 90% of the functions of your OM4 will not be developed.
The host also has an interface
After pairing with DJI MIMO, the software is combined with the original state to give full play to the core functions such as locking and focusing, gesture activation, etc. Without it, your phone is just a phone on a stabilizer.
Only when combined with it can mobile phone + stabilizer really become a whole.
The control mode and key layout are the same
This sense of unity is most obvious when you take out the tripod of OM4, clip the mobile phone to the pan tilt, and turn on the gesture function. DJI MIMO recognizes you and starts to take selfie video, and when the mobile phone is chased by OM4, you will be taken. Will understand that this product is not only to make the video taken in motion not shake so simple (besides, now the anti shake of mobile phone is well done). At least after the second generation of OM series, Dajiang has begun to consider how to turn tracking objects into the focus of PTZ products.
Zoom control part
All of this is actually one of the core technologies of Dajiang UAV. From this point of view, such products as mobile phone cloud platform are the bottom of the most core technology of Dajiang.
To sum up, OM4 is not an earth shaking update compared to the previous generation (some might call it “om3s”). The main change is to simplify the mobile phone pan tilt. In terms of price, the price is 899 yuan, which is 200 yuan more expensive than the previous generation.
For users who are not good at adjusting the balance position of mobile phones, especially Xiaobai, who is a new start, the magnetic suction method is relatively friendly, and can basically start shooting on the suction. But at the same time, if you are an old OM3 user, it is not necessary to upgrade.