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By Jiang Xiaoting
Source: Alphabet (ID: wujicaijing)
The Alibaba P sequence, which has been used for many years, has been officially withdrawn from the Internet since August 25. This (August 26) afternoon, according to 36 krypton, Alibaba cancelled the “P” sequence rank in the internal system yesterday, showing that employees can no longer see each other’s ranks in e-mail, nailing, intranet and other systems, but can only see their group departments. The core reason is to promote the flattening of work and work and encourage equal internal communication.
The letter list (ID: wujicaijing) consulted Ali employees and learned that the p-sequence has not been cancelled. Although there is no employee rank below the vice president (P10) of the business unit in Ali, the p-sequence still exists in the company’s internal system, and promotion will still be considered based on the p-sequence. In other words, the ALIP sequence will disappear from the external public view, but it will still exist within the company.
The public is no stranger to the ALIP sequence. As one of the two professional sequences of Ali, P stands for professional sequence, covering most employees such as programmers, product managers, public relations, etc. it is a middle-level group in the Internet world. It seems that it is a blue collar team of technical school. However, under the baptism of the Internet wave for more than 20 years, Ali P series employees have already surpassed the white-collar class and become the new middle class in the city.
In 2004, Professor Xiao Zhuoji of Peking University asserted that science and technology practitioners would become the main force of the middle class. “They put their research results into the enterprise in the form of technology shares, and if the enterprise goes public, they can get a lot of dividends.”
Xiao Zhuoji’s words were verified the next year – Baidu was listed in the United States in 2005, and there were 50 millionaires and 240 millionaires overnight. After that, with the continuous listing of Internet companies, the new Internet middle class gradually expanded.
Ali is naturally one of the most productive producers of the new Internet middle class. In 2014, more than 10000 millionaires rushed out of Alibaba’s IPO, and the house prices around Ali rose by 2000 a quarter. In July this year, ant group announced its listing, valued at $200 billion, and created thousands of multimillionaires. It seems that Hangzhou’s housing prices will continue to rise.
The new middle class of the Internet coincides with the code farmer, that is, the programmer group in a certain range, but it can not be equated. To some extent, the new Internet middle class can be regarded as a subset of code farmers. The former mostly works in big Internet companies with strong technical ability and gains the first pot of gold through stock options. For this group, the relatively broad and vague term “manong” is obviously not accurate enough.
People soon found a more intuitive, more vivid, more accurate name – Ali px.
The reason why Ali cancelled the P sequence is to eliminate the imbalance of rank ranking and the idea of official standard.
In today’s Ali, P-Series employees are the majority of the group. The hierarchical sequence of Internet companies is a pyramid structure. By the end of 2019, Ali has 120000 employees, with P7, P8 and P9 sandwiched in the middle layer, with nearly 60000 employees, accounting for half of the total number of employees of the company.
Compared with the continuous appreciation of p9-9, the salary of the project leader is not far away from that of the small head.
The external portrait of Ali gaop is roughly like this: male, 30-40 years old, with annual salary of at least one million, increasingly sparse hair, check shirt that has not changed for ten thousand years, is not sociable and skilled. However, it is hard to avoid impetuous behavior of publishing millions of annual salary on Zhihu and Weibo.
In recent years, Ali P7 / P8 has repeatedly broken the circle, breaking out of the Internet and breaking into the social news page: P8 Li, who had been employed for less than three months, wanted to take care of job seekers with a monthly salary of 16K and promised to apply for the principal position of Ali for the other party; and according to later reports, he nailed P9 to his subordinates to take the exam for inheriting officials. Also last September, P8 married in micro-blog because more requests caused netizens to make complaints about it.
Response of the person in charge of the P8 recruitment incident
The same Internet programmers, why Tencent, Baidu and other giant employees in the same period rarely caused turbulent public opinion, but Ali P often attracted public attention?
On the one hand, Ali is large and representative. Just listing, Ali has carried out three times – a B2B listing, a NASDAQ listing in 2014, and this year’s listing in Hong Kong, followed by the listing of ants. Although Tencent and Alibaba Shuangfeng are at the same time confronting each other, Tencent is obviously a little less coquettish in terms of listing times.
In addition, when it comes to the external construction of the company’s image, Ali’s public relations team is recognized as “tiantuan” in the industry, and other Internet companies can only lament that it is not so.
On the other hand, due to the high-profile maintenance of values and corporate culture, Ali “naturally” has more news than other Internet companies. The news of other companies, at most, focuses on business and personnel, while Ali focuses on business + personnel + values. It can be said that the values of this part, support Ali’s exposure rate of half.
In 2011, Ma Yun “cut off one of his own hands” and chopped Wei Zhe Li Xuhui with tears due to the fraud incident in China.
In the Mid Autumn Festival of 2016, Ali programmers used technical means to buy 124 boxes of moon cakes. As a result, all 5 people involved in the incident were dismissed within 2 hours. It’s not only a matter of doubt from the outside, but also a lot of internal disputes. At that time, Ali responded that there was no tolerance for value issues, but he also conducted in-depth internal reflection. The result of the reflection was that the punishment for dismissal was “too much”, so the moon cake incident became a watershed for Ali’s efforts to maintain values. After that, Ali did not expel similar incidents. Four of the five technicians who had been convicted of mooncake before were reemployed and returned Got a promotion. Zhang Yong, Tong Wenhong, and Jiang Fang, when facing the value debate in June this year, identified the nailing executive representative examination as a local value issue and no longer used the unified standard values management.

The defense of values helps to establish a positive image of the company, but it is also a double-edged sword: the outside world will use more stringent standards than Ma Yun to examine Ali. If anything happens to a company with more than 100000 people, anything may be magnified. In this way, the company’s image will be negatively affected.
This was the case with Zhihu’s collective attack on Ali HR earlier. Now Ali PX has become a frequent visitor of social news. The logic is the same. Ali PX on news and forums represents the public’s imagination of a new urban class. Some of this imagination tends to be positive, such as wealth, but some are obviously distorted, misread and even demonized. Some criminals even use the banner of Ali PX when cheating, because in the eyes of the urban public, Ali PX has become a new symbol of wealth and status.
Put aside the prejudice on the Internet, what is the real high p?
In most cases, Ali high-p employees are synonymous with technical professionals. To be a P8 Java technology expert, you should not only have excellent programming ability and system design ability, but also have technical vision and business insight, and be able to lead teams across industries at critical moments. In terms of educational requirements, the average master’s degree per capita is 985.
Joining Ali is not easy. According to HR, who is responsible for the recruitment of a large Internet factory, the recruitment of Internet companies is always on the cutting edge. Even if Baidu is always expelled from bat by public opinion, the minimum standard for talent recruitment is benshi985. Ali’s recruitment did not specify the education requirements, but according to an Ali job seeker, an ordinary degree requires at least five years of work experience to meet the social recruitment standards, and the rank is the most basic P5 and p6.
But from low P to P, to meet the KPI assessment, one of the major requirements is “skin and solid”. Big entertainment P7 Wu Xin explained that “Ali’s work intensity is big, the pressure is big, the habit is good.”. Li Le, a former P7 employee, has been to a start-up company and stayed in several Internet companies. According to him, he has never seen a company that is more difficult than Ali. “996 is normal. I’ve seen a colleague temporarily called to work overtime on the first day of new year’s day. Among the people who worked overtime, there was a pregnant woman.” after five years in Ali, he was once depressed because of work pressure.
High pressure is accompanied by high salary. At P7 level, high income becomes the label. The basic salary is only pocket money. With the market value of Ali’s huge ship going up, it is very common to convert it into annual income of one million. “Four years in Ali, together with investment and financial management, can achieve financial freedom even if it is conservative.”
As far as we know, a P8 netizen who is certified as a senior technical expert of Alibaba said, “P8 mostly has single family villas or row houses. It’s very difficult to rise again. If you stay in the P8 class for a few years, you can approach freedom. If you are lucky, you can retire. ”
But the feeling of wealth is different for everyone. Some people commented on Hupu. Compared with other industries, P8 is only a grass-roots manager in Ali. The stock income can only be obtained after four years. During this period, like ordinary wage earners, their life depends on their basic wage. In Hangzhou, the income of about 45k a month is from the old to the young. They need to pay the mortgage, support their families and raise their children. “The living conditions of the new P8 are similar to those of the indigenous people with a monthly salary of 20000 yuan.”
Just as Ma Yun shared the happiness standard at Ali’s internal conference in 2016: the happiest person in China has 23000 yuan a month, has a house, a car and a family. With most of Ali’s high-p salary, happiness is not a luxury.
But it’s not easy to get this happiness. The survival of the fittest in the workplace is the norm. Ali has a saying that “one year is fragrant, three years is mellow, and five years is old”. However, “three years of mellow” is already very difficult, and “five years old” needs fate.
A post-90s P6 told the alphabet: from P6 to P8, at least three years, more will never rise, “many people can’t endure to leave.”
“The promotion of p8 is not only a performance KPI, but also the ability of multi department linkage and coordination. P8 requires top-notch performance, leadership and EQ. moreover, P8 is generated in proportion, with an approximate data of 30:1. In addition, many p8s are recruited from outside, and competition for promotion is very fierce. ”
Potential rules may also be involved in the promotion process. “To P8, it mainly depends on the relationship. Ali’s performance is not entirely based on objective scoring. The subjective choice of the supervisor is a big factor. If the performance is worse, the boss can get a high score. If you want to be promoted by ability, you must be top-notch technicians. ” Li Le said.
Even if it rises to high P, it may not be able to stay for 4 years to get the qualification of stock realization. Li Le joined Ali in 2010. After five years of promotion from P5 to P7, he didn’t see the possibility of promotion in two years. He was once diagnosed with moderate depression. Later, because of the dispute over performance scoring, he had to choose to leave.
For most Ali people, the end of the workplace is P7. At this stage, we should try our best in our work, and we will also take the responsibility of family economy in our life. Not long ago, someone shared the story of Ali P7 on Weibo. The hero spent $7 million to buy a school district house in Hangzhou. A family of five people crowded into a 60 square flat house in Hangzhou. In order to repay the mortgage, they worked overtime until 11 o’clock every day.
Wu Xin also left at P7. He is 40 years old. He joined P7 two years ago. “It’s hard to get promoted to P8. There is no hope. ” He said. At the beginning of this year, after hesitating for more than half a year, Wu Xin chose to resign to start a business.
Where to go in the future – the question lies in the minds of all farmers over 35 years old, and Ali Gao P has no other way out.
It is the norm for Internet companies to spit out the old and adopt the new. In 2015, more than 50% of the post-80s of Alibaba Group entered the management. In his speech at the 2015 internal meeting of the group, Zhang Yong clearly pointed out that in order to realize the 102 year plan, more opportunities should be given to young people, and “rejuvenation runs through the whole daily work.”
For many old employees, this means that dedication will come to an end. According to Ali’s KPI assessment, in each fiscal year, 30% of employees are promoted, 60% remain unchanged and 10% are eliminated.
Based on the base of 120000 employees, 10% is 12000, and the total number is not large. Ma Yun said that Ali delivered 1000 talents every year to the society, which was ridiculed as a disguised layoff. Ma Yun responded that staying in Ali for 10 years is a treasure.

If a young man enters Ali after his master’s degree, he will be about 35 years old 10 years later, which is just the most serious age anxiety of Internet workers.
Although P8 looks very bright to the outside world, in Li Le’s eyes, Ali P8 is not high in the market. As for the directors of other large and medium-sized companies, they can’t be promoted to P9 in Ali. Because the salary is too high, there is no small company to take over. It’s meaningless to jump to other companies. Big Internet companies have an attitude towards age. “There are only two ways out: either retire or start a business and keep fighting.”
Statistics show that the general age of p8 is 33 years old, while that of p9 is 40 years old. This means that, even if you’re talented, you need to be more determined and resilient to move from P8 to P9.
Down the camera, more Ali people’s career is fixed in P7.
In July this year, Li Le’s former colleague in Ali had just completed the resignation procedures. He is 40 years old and has been in Ali for 10 years. From P5 to P7, he finally chose to retire because “he is old, it’s hard not to go and stay”.
(Li Le, Wu Xin, pseudonym)
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)