Wang Haifeng, CTO of Baidu: two trends in language and knowledge layout


On August 25, at the baidu brain language and knowledge technology summit, baidu CTO Wang Haifeng said that in the layout and development of Baidu language and knowledge technology, we have always been paying attention to grasp two trends, namely, technology development trend and industrial development trend, and strive to lead the trend.
Language and knowledge technology are the core of the cognitive ability of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing technology, which takes language and knowledge as the research object, enables machines to master knowledge and understand language like human beings, which is very important for the development of artificial intelligence. In the past ten years, Baidu has made great achievements in brain language and knowledge technology. It has won more than 20 awards including the national science and technology progress award, won more than 30 international competitions, published more than 300 academic papers and applied for more than 2000 patents.
At present, Baidu has built a complete layout of language and knowledge technology, including knowledge map, language understanding and generation technology, and the application systems supported by the above technologies, including intelligent search, machine translation, dialogue system, intelligent writing, deep question and answer, etc.
Among them, knowledge map is the basis of machine cognitive world. The breakthrough of machine cognitive ability relies more and more on the use of knowledge and large-scale knowledge map. Baidu has built the world’s largest multi-source heterogeneous knowledge map, with more than 5 billion entities and 550 billion facts. It is constantly evolving and updating, and has been applied to all walks of life, with more than 40 billion calls per day.