Gates talks about the hearing: technology giants should face rude and sharp questions


In an interview with armchair expert podcast over the weekend, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said last month’s congressional hearing against the big four technology giants was “justified” and that the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, was a genius.
“If you’re as successful as I am and those people, you should face these rude, unfair and sharp questions,” Gates told podcast host DAX Shepard. The government is right to attack you. This kind of attack comes with super success. It’s no problem. ”
What gates is talking about is the hearing held by the judicial committee of the house of Representatives on July 29. The CEOs of four major U.S. technology giants, including apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, answered a series of questions about their business practices at the hearing. This is part of an ongoing antitrust investigation.
In this podcast interview, Gates also talked about his foundation’s work on vaccines, his feelings about starting Microsoft, and his feelings as a celebrity. He said it would take a while for tech entrepreneurs to become stars in popular culture. “It’s crazy, because I’m a little addicted to technology and not very sociable, but it’s like a rocket. The outside world will care,” what he said about this thing, what he said about that thing, he said something interesting. “. It makes me feel like, wow, what’s going on? ”
As for the late rival Steve Jobs, Gates said he was not as “tough” as jobs was, but he admired Jobs’s achievements in turning apple from deficit to profit after returning to the company.
“Jobs was a genius about his job, especially after he returned to apple. No one else can achieve his success, and I can’t Gates acknowledged that he admired jobs’ charisma. “Jobs was a very inspiring magician,” he joked. But I’m also a little magician, so I won’t be fascinated by his spell. But I can see him cast the spell, and I’m very jealous of him. ”
Gates also talked about some of his shortcomings. “I’m not very sociable and can’t cook. I can’t speak other languages fluently, which makes me very embarrassed
The podcast co host, Monica Padman, asked gates about his favorite color, and Gates said blue. In addition, gates admitted that he liked diet coke as much as Shepard, used headspace for meditation, and was a big fan of Brad Pitt’s spy game.