Xiaobing’s 8th generation Annual Conference: upgrading the framework technology of the previous generation and launching the personal oriented virtual human product line for the first time


On August 20, Xiaobing company, rinna Co., Ltd. and Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute jointly held the 8th generation of Xiaobing annual conference in Beijing. Dr. Shen Xiangyang, chairman of Xiaobing company and former Microsoft global executive vice president, and Dr. Wang Yongdong, senior vice president of Microsoft and President of Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute, presided over the conference.
This conference upgraded the technologies of the previous generation of small ice frame, and brought some new technologies into the system. In addition, the press conference also disclosed some unique new technologies and their commercialization. For example, the active learning technology of text content makes the dialogue training of artificial intelligence subjects no longer need to adopt the way of “question and answer pair”; the hierarchical knowledge mapping technology enables the artificial intelligence subjects in the frame of Xiaobing to complete the dialogue through 42%, which is close to human expression.
Specifically, the online products of this conference include the first virtual human product line for individual users, some new platforms and new third-party virtual human products, and “x suite” series application software for individual users. In addition, Xiaobing also announced the launch of X studio artificial intelligence singer naturalization plan.
Earlier, in order to speed up the local innovation of Xiaobing product line and promote the improvement of the business environment, Xiaobing announced that it would split the business of ice cream into an independent company in July 13th this year. It appointed the executive vice president of Microsoft, Shen Xiangyang, as the chairman of the board, and Li Di, the vice president of the Microsoft Engineering Institute, as the chief executive, and Chen Zhan as the general manager of Japan branch. 。
Since the seventh generation of Xiaobing, Xiaobing has entered the stage of commercial water trial without formal sales team, and its revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan.