Interview with Shen Xiangyang: in the future, the interaction between human and AI will reach trillions, and the number of subjects will exceed that of human beings


Shen Xiangyang, chairman of Xiaobing company and former global executive vice president of Microsoft
Last month, Microsoft officials announced that Xiaobing would be separated from Microsoft into an independent company, and Shen Xiangyang was appointed chairman of the new company. Xiao Bing seems to have changed overnight from Princess Qianjin of the commercial empire to a “married little daughter-in-law” who needs to worry about her life. Maybe it’s time for Microsoft to let go of its arms and let the old girl in Windows grow up.
On August 20, the eighth generation of Xiaobing was officially launched, which is also Xiaobing’s first appearance since independence from Microsoft. Xiaobing team officially announced the first virtual human product line for individual users, and also released a number of new products such as “x suite” series application software for individual users. At present, Xiaobing virtual human product line has supported Huawei, Xiaomi and Weibo platforms.
After the meeting, Sina digital interviewed Shen Xiangyang, chairman of Xiaobing company and former Microsoft global executive vice president, Li Di, CEO of Xiaobing company, and Wang Yongdong, President of Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering Institute.
Shen Xiangyang used to be the highest level Chinese executive in Microsoft. He was fully responsible for Microsoft’s global AI strategy and AI product business group, including Bing and Cortana product divisions.
Shen Xiangyang said, “the biggest interaction in the future is not the human-computer interaction now, but the interaction between human and artificial intelligence. This will be the biggest opportunity for AI in the future. ”
Small ice accounts for 60% of global interaction
After the commercialization of the past generation of products, the accumulated revenue of Xiaobing has exceeded 100 million yuan, which can be described as a small success, but this is only the beginning of the commercialization process of Xiaobing in the future. Talking about the industry advantages of Xiaobing, Shen Xiangyang revealed that although Apple’s Siri product was the earliest and Amazon had the largest number of Alexa devices, Xiaobing had the largest interaction volume, accounting for 60% of the global interaction volume. “At present, our human-computer interaction and human-computer interaction can reach 100 billion level every day, and the interaction between human and AI is expected to reach trillion level in the future.
”Shen Xiangyang said that in the future, new interactions will be everywhere; competition will be launched between “complete frameworks”; new businesses will be based on “population”, which includes AI. From the perspective of commercialization, Li Di emphasizes that “no matter what kind of artificial intelligence, it is ultimately necessary to interact with people, so to C is the future.”
The completion of small ice frame development is an important node
Frame completion is a very important historical node for Xiaobing, because Xiaobing is no longer just “alone”. Its more sub body will be more targeted to meet the needs of subdivided fields. Xiaobing is no longer a pure third-party perspective to develop business model, can be a platform based solution to create business value for customers and users.
Taking singer software platform as an example, Xiaobing does not use the way of creating a virtual singer to develop market value. Instead, it uses Xiaobing’s framework platform to create exclusive virtual singers for other potential customers or users. The market and commercial value created belongs to customers and users, which is the significance of Xiaobing framing. Therefore, the completion of small ice frame development is a very important node in the whole development process of small ice.
“In terms of technology, without modesty, Xiaobing is definitely the most advanced, including natural language, speech recognition, computer vision, machine learning and so on.” Shen Xiangyang described the technical advantages of Xiaobing. He said that after Xiaobing became a small company on its own, the good thing is that it has not lost its talents, and the team of Xiaobing is still there. There are many first-class engineers and scientists in the whole team.
TOC is the future of artificial intelligence
Shen Xiangyang believes that after the development of artificial intelligence industry in the past, the vast majority of interactive traffic falls on Xiaobing platform. It just proves Xiaobing’s judgment on the industry trend. This also makes Xiaobing firmly believe in two points
First, I believe that Xiaobing predicts the future, and Xiaobing will stick to this development idea.
Secondly, compared with other teams at home and abroad, Xiaobing team has its own uniqueness in technology innovation and product innovation.
There may be many changes in artificial intelligence in the future, but the commercial battlefield will still appear in the field of to-c. this is the field where artificial intelligence can produce far-reaching significance, especially when it is related to interaction. In the future, no matter what kind of artificial intelligence, it will eventually interact with people. Even in the cold automation workshop, it still can not completely leave the existence of human beings and interaction, so it is still a scene that will be associated with C terminal.
Shen Xiangyang believes that in the future, the overall market capacity of artificial intelligence will be large enough in terms of interactive agents, and the market will be TOC in nature. In other words, all those related to AI interaction will interact directly with people, and TOC is the future of AI.
Xiaobing has its own localization attribute
In the past, Xiaobing was very restrained in commercialization. After the separation, it hoped to strengthen the mode innovation and localized independent operation of Xiaobing’s business. “We also want to try the way of increasing users by sweeping the streets.”. Shen Xiangyang said.
First of all, Xiaobing was hatched from Microsoft (Asia) Internet Engineering Institute at the beginning of its birth. It is originally in China, so the small ice project itself has the characteristics of localization.
Secondly, so far, all of the users are naturally growing users, and further accelerate their local innovation from natural user growth and data accumulation.
In addition, in many markets around the world, Microsoft is facing customers to do applications. In recent years, Microsoft has also realized that products and services should conform to the local market situation and culture, so as to be loved by users and make products more successful. Although Xiaobing is now an independent company, it is still nurtured by Microsoft, including the communication at the technical level, as well as the influence of business and market.

In fact, Xiaobing team has been relatively complete when it operates within Microsoft. From products, technology to operation, and then to the market and Commerce behind, the whole chain is complete. But Xiaobing has no independent sales system and no fixed business model. After independence, if Xiaobing does a lot of commercial activities, she will be much lighter and more agile than before. Frankly speaking, after Xiaobing’s independence, there is little difference from the past. Even many enterprise systems, including the promotion system for employees, are exactly the same. This may be the corporate culture of other multinational enterprises. But when we change our perspective and look at Xiaobing from the perspective of a Chinese start-up company, we may find that Xiaobing naturally has the gene of a multinational enterprise. Because Xiaobing has made great achievements not only in the Chinese market, but also in the Japanese market.
The focus of commercialization is still product innovation
In the past, Xiaobing’s commercial water test has always been cautious, because in a sense, artificial intelligence is still in the early stage. If we go to the vertical field immediately, it is likely to limit the future development. In fact, this is not what artificial intelligence needs to do today, so it needs a more long-term perspective. Shen Xiangyang said.
In the current business environment, the advantage of Xiaobing is to be able to do in-depth, and then rewrite its original rules. So far, Xiaobing’s income mainly comes from the fields of Finance and automobile. Automobile intelligent assistant module is a very important development field. In the past, the intelligent assistant module is more like a voice command. Because of its humanized and intelligent experience, Xiaobing is completely changing the original product form. Although other peers also have intelligent voice interaction, due to the lack of natural language processing or content links, the experience is slightly poor. In contrast, the frame of little ice is very complete. In addition, the content industry has always been an important area for Xiaobing to play its advantages.
At present, it is still in a very early stage to popularize artificial intelligence interaction to C-end. Xiaobing thinks that if paying users are converted too early, the cycle of cultivating users’ application habits will be greatly prolonged, which will affect the construction of infrastructure. Although facing the pressure of commercialization and company development, Xiaobing’s focus is still on product innovation and the core force of building a framework. Therefore, Xiaobing regards the amount of profit as the second important direction of the company so far, and the first is still innovation, laying a good foundation and building core competitiveness.
There is no “gossip story” behind Xiaobing’s independence
When it comes to Xiaobing’s independence from Microsoft, Wang Yongdong, senior vice president of Microsoft (president of Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering Institute), admits that his mood is complicated. Xiaobing graduated from Microsoft and was nurtured by Microsoft. Now that Xiaobing has gone to the world independently, she really has a feeling of marrying her daughter. Although Wang Yongdong likes Xiaobing very much, he also understands that if Xiaobing wants to continue to develop, he also needs to have “his own life” and needs a broader world.
Shen Xiangyang was once the global executive vice president of Microsoft and served as the chairman of Xiaobing company after Xiaobing became independent. For Xiaobing’s independence and his personal changes, the outside world has always held multiple conjectures. In fact, there is no “gossip story” or “dog blood plot” in the whole operation of Xiaobing independence. In Shen Xiangyang’s own words, it is just such an opportunity for him to leave Microsoft to join Xiaobing team.
He did leave Microsoft in November last year. Because of the large department in charge and the long handover time, he did not officially leave until March this year, while Xiaobing was independent and set up the company in July. If there is something that led Shen Xiangyang to leave Microsoft and now takes charge of Xiaobing, there is no other explanation other than “encountering a good opportunity”. After all, Xiaobing is one of Microsoft’s best artificial intelligence product lines, and has gained considerable recognition in the Chinese and Japanese markets.
In fact, the development of Xiaobing can be seen as a microcosm of artificial intelligence in the future, and artificial intelligence has only one thing, that is
It’s interaction. Shen Xiangyang predicts that “in the future, the number of artificial intelligence agents will far exceed the number of human beings, and Xiaobing has the opportunity to create the future.