Apple took the lead in entering the “2 Trillion Dollar Club” and the contradiction between “Apple tax” escalated


Author: Qian Tongxin
On Wednesday, apple became the first U.S. company with a market capitalization of $2 trillion. From $1 trillion to $2 trillion, apple took just two years.
Apple started operating in the garage of co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976. Today, its revenue exceeds the GDP of countries such as Portugal and Peru.
So far this year, the shares of the world’s most valuable listed company are up about 60%. In the past year, Apple’s shares have risen more than 120%, and Apple’s price earnings ratio has reached 33 times.
At present, the market value of Microsoft and Amazon is very close to $2 trillion, and the market value of Google’s parent company alphabet is slightly higher than $1 trillion.
Successful transition from hardware to software
Although the market value of $2 trillion is largely symbolic, it highlights the transformation of Apple CEO Tim Cook from hardware to software. Cook is finally in his ninth year as CEO of apple, with a net worth of more than $1 billion.
Apple plans to split its shares at a four to one ratio at the opening of trading on August 31, in an effort to make it easier for individual investors to buy its shares.
At the end of last month, apple reported revenue of $59.7 billion in the third quarter, with double-digit growth in its services business. “The market does see Apple as a software company.” Logan purk, an analyst at investment bank Edward James, said: “Apple’s services business has grown well, which has brought the company’s P / E ratio to more than 30 times and earned apple a global reputation for its subscription business.”
At present, Microsoft’s P / E ratio is 36 times, while Amazon’s is more than 123 times. According to pulker, this means that apple is starting to really catch up with the big software giants and let investors look at it like software companies.
As Apple’s hardware growth, including the iPhone, began to slow down, apple, for the first time since 2015, began to refocus investors’ attention on its service businesses, including apple mall, iTunes, apple music, apple care warranty for hardware, and revenue paid by apple. A year later, Apple announced its results for the first time.
In 2017, cook set a business growth goal: to double service revenue in 2016 by 2020, which means Apple’s service business will reach about $46 billion this year. In the quarter to the end of June, apple reported services revenue of $13.16 billion, or about 22% of the company’s total sales.
In the past two years, Apple has launched new subscription services to enhance its service business, such as apple news + bundled with digital magazines and Apple TV + competing with Netflix and Disney. Last year, Apple also worked with investment bank Goldman Sachs to launch the apple card, which is integrated into the iPhone software.
“Apple has become the first U.S. company with a market value of $2 trillion in the context of the new outbreak,” canalys analyst Jia Mo told CFI. Based on its IOS, MacOS, ipados and watchos services, the base number of devices is rising, which brings a broad prospect of continuously creating stable profits from high profit businesses such as the Internet. ”
Cook proved himself
Apple’s market value has not been easy to climb. After the iPhone x brought the average price of the iPhone series to a high point, it suffered a growth bottleneck in the iPhone XS and XR series. Apple then shifted the focus of the iPhone series from high retail prices and high hardware profits to more user-friendly prices, thereby gaining more user base.
According to the smartphone Shipping Statistics released by canalys in the second quarter of 2020, Apple’s iPhone 11 and the new iPhone se, two lower priced products, have led to a 25% increase in global shipments of Apple’s mobile phone business and a 35% jump in China.
“As the core of Apple’s hardware business, iPhone has achieved rapid growth, which has further activated the development of other apple ecological products, such as apple watch and airpods.” “At the same time, the higher installed capacity of Apple’s terminal equipment has become the cornerstone for the further rapid development of High-Profit Internet service business,” Jia Mo told the first finance and economics reporter
Cook has also used the past nine years to prove his unique advantages. Mr. cook, who replaced Mr. jobs in August 2011, has more than doubled Apple’s revenue and profits.
As the smartphone market tends to be saturated, how to provide more services for Apple’s nearly 1.5 billion devices is an issue facing cook. Earlier this year, Apple announced the transaction volume of Apple mall in 2019, with consumers and advertisers spending more than $500 billion on Apple apps.
Peng Luping, vice president of mobile business of canalys, a research institution, told reporters of China first finance and Economics: “this means that the average expenditure of each apple device in 2019 will reach $400, and the service market scale is extremely considerable.”
However, as one of the largest mobile application platforms, apple mall is increasingly criticized by developers. Developers say apple abused its dominant position by taking a 30% commission on digital goods sales.
Industry insiders accuse apple of maintaining the rationality of its own profits on the basis of huge development costs of the ecosystem, but in fact, the whole industry is contributing to Apple’s huge profits. Epic Games, the developer of Fortress night, recently filed a lawsuit against apple and Google.
This fall, Apple will also release its first iPhone smartphone to support 5g network, and investors believe that Apple stock will usher in a new round of “speculation cycle”.