What areas are you focusing on now? Ma Yun: education, entrepreneurship, female leaders (video)


News: Ma Yun: globalization is in a setback, but the momentum of globalization cannot be stopped
Original title: Relativity Vol.29 “special section of minister talk together”
During the epidemic, Mayun foundation and Alibaba Public Welfare Foundation donated materials to 150 countries and regions and who to respond to the “global” epidemic by means of “globalization”.
From matching various standards to customs clearance convenience, customs has set up green channels for materials, which also touched Ma Yun’s thinking about “globalization”. After 21 years of the “let the world have no difficult business”, is he still confident in “globalization” in the “anti globalization” today?
After the announcement of China economic “half year newspaper” in 2020, CCTV news relativity launched ten issues of “minister talk together: in the second half of the year, do this!”! 》The new media interview, based on a special interview with ten ministers, will talk about the representatives of relevant fields. On August 10, Ma Yun was invited to talk about the customs and the next “customs clearance” of “globalization”.
Next “off”?
——”The bigger the challenge, the more different thinking is needed.”
Reporter: what areas do you pay more attention to now?
Ma Yun: education, entrepreneurship, female leaders.
Reporter: it’s not a technology.
Ma Yun: I didn’t really love technology before. I think that human beings are progressing, technology is just a means. But technology is facing enormous opportunities and challenges today. How can we have a new production relationship today? It is very important for China to develop domestic demand from investment infrastructure and export, develop consumption and adapt to production relations.
Say back to customs. Before, the import and export of containers, now is a variety of large and small packages. What kind of technology and production relationship do you use to deal with it? How to count? How to tax? It is both a challenge and an opportunity to meet the needs of the people and to facilitate it.
Reporter: Director Ni had previously been interviewed in the “minister’s answer board” link of CCTV news relativity, and chose “anti import” and “stable foreign trade” as the biggest challenge in the second half of the year. How do I look at the director’s choice?
Ma Yun: I think it is very important to prevent the epidemic. But the other challenge is, when tens of millions of people worldwide have been diagnosed, how can China communicate with the world? It is not possible to turn customs into “iron gate” when all people are shut outside. Globalization also requires communication, which is also a huge challenge.
Sometimes it seems that we are still simple to do business, without having to think about so many things. But the state is different, the responsibilities are different, and the problems are different. In fact, the challenge is very big. But the bigger the challenge, the more different thinking is needed.
Reporter: what is your biggest challenge in the second half of the year?
Ma Yun: I am retired now. I have no big challenge, and no one in my post challenges a lot. I hope to make some efforts for communication, for the development of technology and for the growth of young people.
Reporter: what is the customs in your eyes for the future?
Ma Yun: before, we talked about “Guan”, which refers to “gate”, and it refers to supervision. In the future, customs should move from “supervision” to “service”. Regulation is for development. No development, what is regulation doing?
Under different standards, political challenges and political pressures, how to promote a new type of relationship and promote common thinking on development and cooperation between all countries will become a great challenge for customs.
View link: Interview with the General Administration of Customs on August 12 of CCTV news Relativity: chenwenling, chief economist of China International Economic Exchange Center: I think customs is the central nerve of the domestic and international circulation. Facing the future, customs should not only move from “supervision” to “service”, but also lead to promote the next generation of trade mode.
Reporter: “Guan” is actually a connection, connecting the world. Twenty one years ago, in 1999, you proposed “let the world have no difficult business. Now the world has changed a lot. What is the world in your heart?
Ma Yun: from the long history, all human development will always rise and fall; there are climax and low tide.
“Let the world have no difficult business” is our premise for 21 years. Over the past 21 years, there have been many changes, but this mission will not change. Alibaba has been making business easier and easier through the Internet by all small and medium-sized enterprises and all countries in the world since its first day of establishment.
We should regard this epidemic as a growth, the growth of human society, the growth of “globalization”, the growth between countries, and as an opportunity to change ourselves.