South Korean app developers ask to investigate Apple Google’s mandatory use of specific payment systems


Several South Korean app developers said today that they hoped the Korean Communications Commission (KCC) would investigate the purchase behavior of apple and Google App Stores because their “in app purchase” rules are illegal.
The Korea startup forum, which represents the app developers, filed a petition with the Korean Communications Commission on Wednesday to investigate whether Apple and Google violated laws related to in app purchases.
Choi sung Jin, President of the alliance, said: “the 30% commission itself is too high. But what’s more, they force developers to use specific payment systems. ”
Apple has been forcing developers to use their specific in app purchases since 2011, according to the Korean start-up alliance. About 30% of the user’s purchase commission is extracted from the system.
Google, on the other hand, has set up an in app purchase module and Commission for each application on its platform. Of course, this approach only applies to Korean game applications.
Choi sung Jin said this was particularly unfair to small companies, who were said to be able to negotiate commission rates. He also said Apple and Google could also decide to raise fees without consulting.
According to a report by the Ministry of science and ICT last year, apple and Google have 87.8% of the Korean application market.
Apple and Google have yet to comment.
In fact, the current dispute between apple and Google and epic, the developer of Fortress night, also involves in app purchases. But Apple had previously defended its app store policy at an antitrust hearing.