Facebook’s policy in India is in doubt: it failed to deal with inflammatory comments


According to reports, India’s Congress Party quoted a recent report saying that in order to protect the company’s “business interests”, employees in charge of Indian Affairs of Facebook and WhatsApp refused to ban a member of prime minister modi’s party, who recently made some inflammatory remarks on the Facebook platform. Instead, the Congress Party said, Facebook deleted the comments below the inflammatory comments.
Facebook’s policy in this regard has been to ban speech and content that incite violent hatred and enforce it globally. “While much remains to be done, we are making progress in policy implementation and conducting regular audits to ensure fairness and accuracy,” Facebook said
The government did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
Facebook’s WhatsApp sees India as its largest market with 400 million users. WhatsApp is waiting for approval from Indian regulators to launch its payment platform.
WhatsApp has invested $5.7 billion in the digital division of Reliance Industries India, aiming to serve tens of millions of small stores across India.
In addition, the spokesman urged Facebook and WhatsApp to conduct an internal investigation into their Indian management team. “It’s a matter of Facebook’s global credibility,” he said