Trump signs a new administrative order: the time limit for selling tiktok to byte jitter is changed to 90 days


U.S. President trump signed an executive order on the 14th, requiring byte jump to sell or divest its tiktok business in the United States within 90 days, Reuters, CNBC reported.
According to the report, trump said in an executive order that “there is reliable evidence to make me believe that byte skipping It is possible to take actions that may damage the national security of the United States. ”
In fact, this argument is not new: when trump first signed an executive order a week ago, he used a similar saying “it may harm national security” and gave a 45 day time limit at that time. As a result, CNBC said, “this administrative order is a ‘good thing’ for tiktok, at least compared to last week’s executive order.”.
CNBC also said the new administrative order bought time for byte hopping to finalize a possible deal. CNBC believes that under the latest administrative order, byte skipping expects to destroy all tiktok data from all U.S. users.
Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese foreign ministry, denounced the simple and crude approach of the US government as “a naked hegemonic act”. Wang Wenbin said at a regular press conference on the afternoon of July 7 that the United States would not hesitate to damage the rights and interests of the vast number of users and companies in the United States, put its own private interests above market principles and international rules, wantonly carried out political manipulation and political repression, and would eventually reap its own fruit. Wang Wenbin urged the US side to correct its mistakes, not politicize economic issues and stop suppressing relevant enterprises.
Byte beat has also issued a statement that it wants to seek legal means to resist the unreasonable practices of the U.S. government. Byte beat said in the statement that the latest executive order issued by the president of the United States did not follow due process of law, which was very shocking. The statement said the order set a dangerous precedent against freedom of expression and open markets. If the U.S. government can not give fair treatment, byte beat will appeal to the U.S. court.