Zuohui: shell to reverse the negative reputation of the real estate industry and keep open to competition


Zuo Hui, chairman of shell’s house
Sina Technology Zhang Jun
“A lot of people are congratulating me, but I don’t seem to be excited about going public yet.” In the shell IPO media communication meeting, shell looking for housing chairman Zuo Hui joked to Sina Technology and other media.
On the evening of the 13th, shell house was officially listed on the New York Stock Exchange. But in his opinion, shell is not the node for the above cities to divide the development of enterprises. At present, the shell has only achieved the passing level, “completed 0 to 1, counted alive.” But there is still a lot to be done before the vision can be realized, he said.
From the perspective of consumers, Zuo Hui thinks that the NPs (net recommended value) of the whole real estate brokerage industry is still negative, and chain members are about 20% – 30%, while shell should raise the NPs of the industry to the level of chain family.
Just finished 0 to 1
From chain family to shell, Zuo Hui mentioned most of the key words is “do difficult and correct things”.
He believes that the experience of the whole real estate brokerage industry is very bad, and the efficiency of the industry is also very low. Although many related enterprises have achieved rapid growth, the industrial experience and efficiency have not been improved simultaneously. “We have been sticking to this road for more than ten years. At the beginning, it is difficult. After sticking to it, consumers will have good feedback.” Zuo Hui said.
However, he believes that shell has only achieved the passing level. From the shell mode run through, only completed 0 to 1, calculate alive.
In Zuohui’s view, there are three signs for the success of the shell model: first, the efficiency of the industry has been improved. Over 500 million years, Gmv is the middle line. The goal of shell is to have 10000 stores on the platform reach the middle line by 2020, and more than 90% of the stores will cross the food and clothing line in 2025. Second, the feedback from consumers. At present, the NPs value of the real estate brokerage industry is still negative, and the chain members are about 20% – 30%. The goal of shell is to raise the NPs of the industry to 20% – 30%. The third is to professionalize the service providers. At present, the average working time of brokers is only 6-7 The shell’s goal is to raise it to 30 months.
“If we don’t achieve these three goals, even if the business data of shells is good, I won’t think the goals of shells have been achieved.” Zuo Hui said.
First vertical and then horizontal
Shell’s main business includes second-hand house, new house and new business including decoration, finance and community service.
Peng Yongdong, CEO of shell house search, said that there is still a lot of room for growth in the second-hand and new house business of the first track of shell’s housing search, while there are also great service opportunities for the second track such as decoration, finance and community service.
Shell’s plan to find a house is to first do heavy work on a certain business, and then reconstruct it through the Internet and data, “planning in ten years.” Peng Yongdong said that the ideal state is that shell will eventually achieve 50% of the revenue of the first track and the second track.
Zuo Hui summed up this idea as first doing vertically, then doing horizontally. “Living is very large, with the scale of tens of trillion gtvs, and each category is very large and difficult. Shellfish will use new technology to do the industry again in every category. ”
Enabling with new technology will also face some concerns of brokers. Will technology replace some value of brokers?
Take VR as an example, some brokers have doubts about whether it will affect their own house after popularization. Peng Yongdong said frankly, it’s not VR that replaces agents, but agents who can use VR to replace those who can’t.
Zuo Hui also believes that the combination with technology is a new direction for many service industries. In his view, the value of service providers is irreplaceable, and it is also the core of the shell business model. Technology can empower the service providers, so as to enhance the experience of consumers.
Remain open to competition
Since the birth of shells, it has attracted wide attention in the industry.
The ACN network launched by shell housing should attract a large number of third-party brokerage brands to join. This is a huge threat to 58 cities that earn brokerage brand port fees.
Under the leadership of Yao Jinbo, 58 even set up an “anti shell alliance” with the shell.
In addition to 58 cities, there are also more and more Internet enterprises entering the Bureau’s online real estate trading platform, such as Jingdong, Ali, etc.
Referring to these competitors, Zuo Hui said frankly that shell is not an organization that pays special attention to competition and will believe what he believes.
“I rarely pay attention to and evaluate competitors.” But as more and more capital enters the real estate trading industry, there will be more resources coming in, such as talents. “There will also be more competitors coming in, but I’m very excited that it can make the organization and ability of shells better.”
Compared with competition, Zuohui pays more attention to the value that shells can bring. He believes that in the past 20 years, C-end has been suppressed, and in the future, C-end will rise and service providers will rise. As a commercial organization, shell can create certain value for the industry and society, which is the biggest incentive for shell owners. “With us and without us, it’s crucial whether it can bring changes to the industry and the living of consumers.” Zuo Hui stressed.