Tiktok responds to “big stomach King eat broadcast”: most of the publicity quantity can be directly Kwai.


Tiktok: the original voice: Kwai Yin, quick response platform to respond to “big stomach King eat broadcast”: most of the publicity quantity can be directly labeled.
A video platform can retrieve a large number of broadcast content
On August 12, the microblog topic “big stomach King eating and broadcasting was criticized for serious waste” caused heated discussion among netizens. It is understood that, as a popular form of live network broadcasting, anchor eaters often challenge the food intake of ordinary people to attract eyeballs and attract traffic. Among them, there are some bloggers who eat more than one person’s grain, and then secretly spit out the food.
“The platform firmly opposes food waste and actively advocates thrift.” The Kwai Chung news reporter said to the Red Star reporter on the evening of 12 tiktok, that the Internet will be severely punished for the waste of food on the Internet, or the behavior of eating, vomiting and propaganda. The platform will be dealt with severely, or the punishment of deleting works, shutting down live broadcasting and blocking accounts.
The “king of stomach” was set up to eat and sow trees. It is said that some people earn millions every year
Eat broadcast, that is, the anchor through the webcam, to show the process of eating to the netizens in a video or live way, and get a reward. It is understood that the word “eat broadcast” originated from South Korea’s online reality show “eat live”, and later spread to China. With the rise of short video live broadcasting platform, it gradually became popular in the domestic network in 2016.
By looking at the relevant videos, Red Star News reporters found that the content of early eating broadcast was mainly to show some special local food or introduce different food culture to netizens. However, in May 2016, the anchor “Mi Zijun” uploaded his own video “instant eating 10 barrels of Turkey noodles in 16 minutes and 20 seconds” on station B, which received 1.734 million hits. After the fire, the domestic content of eating and broadcasting began to focus on the “king of stomach” style of eating and broadcasting.
“Mi Zijun” video says that it takes 16 minutes and 20 seconds to eat 10 barrels of Turkey noodles
The industry insiders who once worked on a live broadcast platform told Red Star News reporters that they often put forward many extraordinary challenges, such as eating 36 zongzi in 15 minutes and eating 13 kg Ramen at a time, in order to establish a “king of stomach” for themselves, attract traffic and rapidly increase flour, “cooperate with food merchants to try food in the store, live online with goods, etc. are the main flow cashing of food anchors The way. But it must be about the popularity and high number of fans, in order to have business door-to-door cooperation. ”
According to the Beijing News, a foodie sower has earned 700000 yuan a month in her two years as a foodie sower. When she has the most promotion opportunities, she can earn more than 100000 yuan a month. According to the China consumer daily, an anchor with millions of fans can earn 300000 yuan from businesses by eating 50 portions of food during the live broadcast.
According to the economic observer, as the top anchor in the food and television industry, there is a rumor that the annual income of “Mi Zijun” has reached 7 million yuan in 2018. “Lang Wei Xian”, “Mercedes Benz brother”, “Duo Yi”, “ah you” and other anchors also rely on food and sowing to bring goods, with an annual income of more than one million.
Content “changes flavor”, abnormal eating and broadcasting makes people lose their lives
In the fierce competition, the “king of stomach” style eating and broadcasting show is becoming more and more intense, and the content of eating and broadcasting is beginning to change. In the related eating and broadcasting videos, the Red Star News reporter saw that not only did bloggers abuse themselves by eating all kinds of chili peppers, but also they put their feet in the cooked Ramen boat and ate noodles while soaking their feet; some bloggers chose to eat raw seafood for their eyeballs. There was a female anchor in live eating octopus live, but the tentacles of the octopus cling to the cheek and break face.
“Overturning” in live broadcast
In addition, criticisms about the “king of stomach” are not uncommon, such as fake eating and sowing, waste of vomit and unhealthy. According to relevant reports, in May this year, an up owner in station B mistakenly posted a video of his own eating without editing. The pancake he ate was spit out without chewing a few mouthfuls, and the content behind was also the same. In addition, when recording the video, some up owners forced themselves to eat a large amount of food, and then forced to vomit by going to the bathroom or broadcasting time to vomit the food they ate Drop it.
“It’s deception and waste.” Netizen Miss Liu told the Red Star News reporter that the above-mentioned bloggers’ practice made her feel angry and cold hearted, and thought that what these “overturned” bloggers presented was abnormal diet culture and unhealthy consumption concept, “although fake eating is disgusting, but they should not waste a lot of food.”
In fact, the “king of the stomach” style of eating and sowing not only conveys the abnormal diet culture and extravagant and wasteful values, but also hides huge safety problems. It is understood that long-term overeating and large intake of greasy food can easily lead to hyperlipidemia, coronary heart disease, cerebral infarction, liver disease, and even sudden death.
In June this year, Mr. Wang, a 30-year-old “king of stomach” in Shenyang, died of cerebral hemorrhage before the live broadcast because he had eaten high-energy and high-fat food such as elbow, braised meat and roast chicken for a long time in Shenyang. In the short half a year of recording the eating and broadcasting video, his weight suddenly increased by 80 Jin, from 200 Jin to 280 Jin. In addition, there are 23-year-old young bloggers who often eat and sow late at night and rest during the day, resulting in lack of exercise and suffering from “senile diseases” such as osteoporosis.
Live broadcast platform will prohibit waste of eating and broadcasting
On August 11, CCTV News reported that about one third of the world’s food is consumed and wasted every year, with a total amount of about 1.3 billion tons. At least 820 million of the world’s 7.633 billion people are facing hunger, equivalent to one in nine people in the world. He also said that at present, the phenomenon of table waste still occurs in China, especially the so-called “king of stomach” eating and broadcasting show, which has serious waste and other problems.
In the report, some experts pointed out that the eating and broadcasting show of “king of stomach” is a very bad sign. This kind of consumption orientation of we media is very worrying, which is totally contrary to the establishment of a sense of economy and reduction of food waste in the whole society.
This kind of view causes the hot discussion of netizens. Some netizens questioned the eating and broadcasting programs on the public platform and other programs suspected of wasting food, hoping that the relevant departments could manage and ban the broadcasting of such programs; some netizens said that the eating and broadcasting shows with correct orientation and content are the output performance of Chinese food culture, and can not be totally denied because of the behavior of individual anchor.

“For the waste of food, once found, the platform will be punished according to the degree of violation in the first time.” In August 12th, the relevant voice of the shaking platform told Red Star journalists that they had been concerned about online public opinion and had made a reminder of “tiktok” and “big stomach Wang” and other keywords in the client search setup, which called for “refuse to waste and eat properly”, calling on users to value the food.
Meanwhile, the responsible person of the Kwai Fu responded to the Red Star reporter that once the user found that he had overeating and drinking in his creative work, he would take the behavior of “eye-catching, eating, vomiting and promoting the quantity to eat” and so on. According to the seriousness of the situation, he would give punishment to delete the work, shut down the live broadcast and banned the account number. “The platform resolutely objected to the waste of food and drink, and advocated thrift and frugality. To eliminate waste. “