“King of the stomach” is going to be cold because of wasting food or being banned?


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Original title: due to the waste of food “king of stomach” or banned by the whole network, how to avoid one size fits all for hundreds of millions of food and seed industry every year?
Big stomach King eating sowing to be banned by the whole network?
Today, the “king of stomach” eating and broadcasting has been criticized by CCTV, saying that it misleads consumption and wastes a lot. A screenshot about banning “eating and broadcasting show with the theme of eating more” has been widely discussed by netizens.
For a while, the two voices of “good seal” and “lost happiness” filled the major social networking sites.
On the one hand, after several years of development, big stomach King eating broadcast has a stable audience, and many audiences are happy to get decompression experience and enjoy psychological comfort from various king of stomach videos. With Kwai Dong and live broadcast, the big tiktok eating and broadcasting system has been rapidly rising in recent two years. There are many platforms in B station, jitter, fast hand, little red book and so on, and a complete commercial link has been formed.
But on the other hand, a lot of morbid eating and broadcasting behaviors are also born with the development of this field. Eating too much to induce vomiting, fake eating tricks, novelty food, eye-catching and other problems occur frequently.
As early as March last year, the people’s network once criticized the big stomach King Mi Zijun, Duoyi, Hongjie and other eating and broadcasting “in order to attract more hits and earn more rewards”, which attracted many big stomach kings to change their names for the time being. And this time, CCTV’s roll call has put a question mark on the future and development of this field.
Now, some big stomach kings are following the wind vane and have begun to delete videos that are suspected of wasting food. For example, @ Xiaoma eating grass, a gourmet blogger known as the most local in the whole network, has deleted many former videos.
Tiktok also responded promptly, and there was a sharp reminder of the waste of Kwai and fast hand search, such as “eating sowing” and “big stomach king”.
Will the king of stomach be banned? What kind of impact will the one size fits all management model bring to the catering and broadcasting industry?
Documentary, plot, evaluation and teaching
A variety of “big stomach” experts
After CCTV criticized the mess of eating and broadcasting food waste, the major video platforms showed a full desire for survival. Tiktok, watermelon video search, eating and broadcasting, big stomach Wang and other related words, all appeared “cherish food, refuse to waste, reasonable diet, healthy life” prompt. Quick search keywords can also be seen in the words “Kwai grain, reasonable diet”.
Entertainment capital contacted several video platforms with creative ports for the first time, but so far, the platform side has indicated that it is inconvenient to respond or there is no clear control action.
But there is no doubt that no matter in any video platform, the audience and viewing flow of food videos are one of the head areas. The delicacy delicacy Kwai Tai Kwai tiktok released 600 million videos from January 1, 2019 to September 20th, and the duration of the play was over 80 billion hours. The 2019 food report released by the jitter released the most popular knowledge category.
In many food KOL, the king of stomach is obviously the most eye-catching one. The industry is no stranger to the audience. In 2016, mizujun uploaded a video of eating 10 barrels of Turkey noodles in 16 minutes and 20 seconds and became popular. With this “special function”, she successively showed her skills in various video platforms and variety shows, becoming the first online celebrity relying on the title of “king of stomach” in a wide range of circles, and also made this profession popular.
There are many KOL with more than one million fans on various video platforms. In the era of diversified we media, the videos released by Dawei king are no longer just simple and crude eating, but are presented in different forms according to the needs of the public. After observing the “big stomach king” of various platforms by entertainment capital, this kind of KOL can be roughly divided into four categories.
One is to record to eat broadcast, is also the most common way to present. The creator will take the lead in recording the process of purchasing food materials or going to a certain restaurant before officially eating. Through the source, efficacy and price of popular science food, as well as the decoration style of the restaurant, famous food, dining atmosphere, etc., we can create a food vlog. Mi Zijun, Wang Duoyi and other authors are of this style.
This kind of form is usually literature and art, cure, can relatively dilute the exaggeration atmosphere of “Hu eat Hai drink”, and the flavor of life is more rich. The popularity of food, restaurants and even the cultural color of a certain region will promote the economic development of the region to a certain extent.
Second, the plot is broadcast to eat, which is about to collide with people around us, or borrow hot news to combine with food. For example, KOL langweixian, the famous King of stomachs, once released a video. He borrowed Lin youyou’s hot topic of eating ice cream in just thirty. In the video, he bought a super large barrel of ice cream, and stressed that “green tea” should not be “green tea”, and he was mad at the “green tea lady” opposite him.
This kind of video is more dramatic, which makes the grandiose sense of the king of stomach incisively and vividly, and strengthens the audience’s cool feeling. But generally speaking, this kind of work pays more attention to the visual effect, and the popularity of food is relatively weak.
The third is the direction of evaluation. Such as king of the stomach caviar, king of the stomach deer and other authors. They will evaluate the current popular food products, such as tea color, Naixue, McDonald’s new products and so on. They usually order more than a dozen flavors and taste them one by one. This kind of authors usually face the new consumption economy, and help users select appropriate food products as “drug testers”, which means more popular science.
Fourth, the direction of teaching. As a cook, the author prepares a large number of ingredients and extra large cooking utensils to open the gourmet course. For example, Japan’s big stomach king muxiayouxiang is good at making extra large ramen, sushi and other food. The chef, Ma La de Zi, is good at cooking local delicacies, cola and chicken wings. Usually cook a large number of ingredients, a dish full of about 10 dishes, magnifying the temptation of delicious food.
But is the video a waste of food? In fact, it is not. For example, in some short videos of about one minute, the whole enjoyment process will not be presented. For videos that are not intended to satisfy the audience’s desire to vent, clips can be used to show the food from being to not.

For videos with large amount of food materials but not taking empty food as the result, post-processing can be carried out. Carefree media, the operating company of maladezi, told entertainment capital that although only two or three people in the video enjoy the fruits of delicious food, the rest of the food will be eaten by the staff after the video is shot.
Although food experts have different ways to avoid waste of food, the chaos behind the industry can not be ignored.
Complex eating and eating: vomiting, fake food, local flavor VS high quality eating, sowing, living, eating and broadcasting economy.
On the one hand, the king of stomach can satisfy the mental appetite and curiosity psychology of netizens, and is loved by some netizens. On the other hand, its anti physical operation such as “eating 100 semi cooked cheese”, “challenging 250 Yuanxiao”, “eating 100 roasted sausage” has also aroused netizens’ suspicion and dissatisfaction, thus recording many chaos in the eating and broadcasting industry in the live broadcast.
For example, food and sowing fraud. On the surface, the more delicious you eat, the more you spit.
Mini has attracted the attention of nearly 3 million fans on the network platform with the personage of big stomach king. It is the first impression of netizens that “people are thin, beautiful and can eat”. However, mini quickly overturned in the process of eating and broadcasting, and some netizens picked out mini to eat 100 pieces of sausage in the live broadcast, but actually did not finish eating it. Instead, the sausage was hidden in the corner invisible to the camera. According to the video screenshots picked up by netizens, when the sausages on the plate are about to reach the bottom, a lot of them are piled under the plate. In other words, the secret of big stomach kings to keep their stomachs big is to eat fake food.
Picture from Douban group
After eating and spitting out, and then upload through the editing technique, is also the common means of big stomach king. Sun Gouzi and Liu Laohu, the two masters of eating and broadcasting, also turned over the car in this respect. They once uploaded the unedited video of eating and broadcasting to the platform. Netizens found that, in the process of eating and broadcasting, although the protagonist ate part of the food, he would spit out the food in time to create the illusion of eating.
There is a lot of video evidence of food and TV fraud. Some bloggers even have been photographed by passers-by, with a broadcast volume of more than 2 million.
Similar to fake eating, emesis is not a secret for the industry or even the fans.
In the group of big stomach king, many people are able to have a slim and good figure in the style of eating down a shop, and no evidence of overturning can be found in the live broadcast process. Therefore, some netizens speculate that some big stomach kings have the secret of “vomiting”, and the Related words in microblog search for “vomit” key words are all kinds of vomit news.
However, live car rollover is a very common thing. In the first 2018, netizen @ Eric katman uploaded a video of “eating the broadcaster’s live car overturning” on his microblog in 2018. After Qingzi, who was not full of food, left the studio midway, there was a sound of vomiting in the video, which was suspected to induce vomiting.
In addition to eating and cooking, eating and vomiting, there is also a kind of earthy stomach king in eating and sowing. They can win by hunting and eating. If they are able to increase their appetite, they can easily suppress the appetite of netizens by eating Mini. If the popular “oil bread” is actually made of pork with large squares, large chunks of pork can be stacked together, which is full of greasy feeling, which is easy to cause nausea. In addition, there are swallowing “giant seafood” and “sausage”.
However, not all of the eating and sowing courses are the king of stomach route, and some eating and sowing have gone out of their own style, such as Xu Da Sao, the up master. Xu Da Sao has more than 4 million fans in station B. he mainly takes the route of home cooking and broadcasting, focusing on food production and sharing. The video conveys a sense of everyday life of ordinary people, not relying on “eating more” to attract attention. From all major platforms, we can also see ASMR, which mainly focuses on eating voice, recording children’s eating and home cooking practices, as well as multiple types of eating and broadcasting, such as punch in food shops.
From the perspective of commercial value, eating and broadcasting industry is also constantly expanding its own business links.
Due to the epidemic situation, live + has become a hot topic this year, and live delivery with goods has become a hot topic. With the help of this wave of east wind, the big stomach kings of wanghong began to carry goods. At the beginning of this year, mizijun and Suning cooperated in a food type of bringing goods. In addition to the live delivery of goods, the food broadcasters have also made attempts in short video advertising, brand cooperation and promotion, as well as the restaurant punch in and try out. For example, Xu Da Sao had a video implanted with fanda’s advertisement, and Lang Weixian had gone to Chen he’s hot pot store to punch in for guidance.
The existence of some big stomach king is indeed a pathological phenomenon in the eating and broadcasting industry. However, there are still new ways to convey delicious food and huge commercial value in the eating and broadcasting industry. According to the research and development report of China’s leisure food e-commerce industry in 2019, the sales volume of China’s leisure food e-commerce market in 2018 was 62.13 billion yuan, with a growth rate of 23.4%, while food products were worth exploring The growth of online retail sales of goods reached 33.8%, and there is not a small space for growth. The economic plate of eating, sowing and gourmet food is still very large.
Therefore, rectifying the chaos of the delicious broadcasting industry and combining the high-quality eating and sowing owners, live e-commerce and online red effect may open up more commercial value of the food and broadcast industry.
Should the king of stomach be banned for wasting food
After CCTV roll call, in order to survive, the platform will inevitably strengthen management in this field. Good, the introduction of appropriate standards to try to control the occurrence of food waste. If it is bad, it may be a one size fits all approach, and all videos of people enjoying delicious food that do not match with those who enjoy them will be classified as food waste and will not be allowed to be released.
Put aside the waste of food for the time being, eating and broadcasting videos such as king of stomach have certain social entertainment value and public demand. According to the “report on the trend of Taobao’s food live broadcast in 2019”, food live broadcasting has become a new outlet for Taobao food brokers. In 2018 alone, more than 1.6 billion people were “sitting” on Taobao’s food live broadcast, and the food sold in the live broadcasting room increased by more than 400% year-on-year.

First, under the influence of new marketing methods such as short videos and online celebrities bringing goods, gourmet has become a novelty seeking product. After a series of topics such as taste, efficacy and price, its attraction has been infinitely enlarged. Secondly, contemporary people are easy to face great pressure in their life and work, and “food”, as human nature, naturally has the effect of relieving pressure. In particular, the eating and sowing of Dawei king not only satisfies the curiosity seeking mentality of the public, but also achieves the venting effect through sensory stimulation.
In fact, the development and promotion of any industry are both advantages and disadvantages. As far as food is concerned, it is shameful to waste food in traditional Chinese education. But in many industries, food has to act as props only. For example, many actors have said that in order to achieve a more realistic effect, the food on the table is real. However, due to the hot weather and the unlimited extension of filming time, the food in the mouth is rotten.
The same is true for the short video industry. In order to promote the video effect and economic chain, some disadvantages cannot be avoided. What the platform needs to do is to control the extreme behavior of vomiting, or throwing away food in large quantities after taking pictures. If the standard of “waste” is greatly raised for convenience or risk aversion, a large number of gourmet talents will be banned, or the style of works will be greatly adjusted, then a series of commercial cooperation and industrial development will be greatly affected.
In short, the morbid king of stomach eating and sowing needs to be controlled, but simple and crude one size fits all should not be the way to deal with the problem.
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)