Eat and spit! Who gives these “eating and broadcasting” the right to abuse


Beijing daily client commentator Guan Mo
Eat 100 fried chicken at a time, eat 10 pizzas in one breath, and ruin a hot pot restaurant by one person With the rise of the live broadcasting industry, a large number of network “eat broadcast” came into being. All kinds of astonishing operations satisfy the curiosity seeking psychology of netizens, but they secretly encourage waste.
In order to strengthen the visual impact, many “big stomach kings” either eat the sea plug or gobble up their own health, and even some people die. What’s more, some of the anchor’s food and food settings are fake, and the pictures of overeating and drinking come from post production. Not long ago, there was a “eat broadcast” upload their latest video when the wrong version, was caught by netizens “eating while vomiting” process. It’s heartbreaking that good food is wasted for no reason.
There are many people who eat and vomit while eating and sowing
The body is their own, resources are social, and “eating and sowing” and “killing” are personal freedom, but we can’t let food waste go. At present, there are at least 820 million people in the world who are short of food, and about one in nine people is hungry. Today’s Chinese people are no longer worried about eating, but in retrospect, it is not a long time for us to say goodbye to the memory of hunger. Many “post-80s” still have a tight childhood. Let’s ask, how can we have any reason to be extravagant and wasteful, or even to watch the waste? Those who “eat sow” can not eat hard to eat, while eating vomiting, the challenge is the public order and good customs. Such a group of clowns, there are fans chasing, advertisers holding, is really incredible.
“Waste is a crime”. No matter when, we should not lose the tradition of cherishing grain and being diligent and thrifty. When eating is OK, the problem is how to eat it. On the Internet, some people cook home-made dishes and popularize life tricks; some introduce rich food materials and advocate health preservation; some people travel all over the country to taste local customs from the delicious food This kind of food, with taste and culture, is worth promoting. For those “ugly eating” big stomach king, it is not only the need to resist vulgar content, but also the need to safeguard social civilization.