Betta responds to waste of some food anchors: strengthen content audit and eliminate food waste


Original title: Betta responds to waste of some food broadcasters: strengthen content audit to eliminate food waste
The surging news reporter should unveil the book
The waste phenomenon behind eating and sowing has aroused concern.
August 12, CCTV news in a “how to stop food waste? 》The news program criticized the serious waste phenomenon of some Internet King eating and broadcasting, which caused extensive discussion.
Delicacy and other broadcasting stations are now available in B stations, Kwai Fu and tiger teeth.
The anchors seem to gobble up and even eat several servings of food. Some of them cover up the phenomenon of fake eating by editing and sticking points. Some even use emetic methods to achieve the illusion of eating more food. Behind these extreme phenomena are misleading consumption habits, extravagance and waste, endangering health, and creating abnormal diet culture.
On August 12, the betta responded that it would actively respond to the relevant call of the Central Committee, strengthen the review of the content of the food live broadcast, put an end to the waste of food, and create a clean atmosphere for live broadcast.
At present, the game is mainly live broadcast, covering sports, variety shows, entertainment, food and other live content. The predecessor of Betta was live broadcast, which was officially renamed as Betta on January 1, 2014, and was listed on NASDAQ in July 2019. On the evening of August 10, Betta announced that the company’s board of directors had received a preliminary non binding proposal issued by Tencent to merge tiger teeth and Betta.
“Eating broadcast” is a kind of “gourmet reality show” which has been on the Internet in South Korea since the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. Specifically, it is to sit in front of the webcam at home and broadcast the process of eating to netizens, and get “reward” depending on the popularity of “eating style”.
On a live broadcast platform
The anchor of a live broadcast platform is having a fast food challenge
According to CCTV reports, some experts pointed out: “this is a very bad sign. This kind of we media oriented public opinion leads to such waste of consumption. This consumption orientation is very worrying. It is totally contrary to the whole society in terms of establishing the whole society’s awareness of saving and reducing food costs.”
The anchor told the truth behind the broadcast.
The surging news reporter noticed that there were some “honest” food anchors on station B. through the video, they revealed the “big stomach king” behind. “Did I really succeed in the challenge? In fact, I didn’t. I just relied on some editing skills, that is to say, I was fake eating. In fact, only one out of ten thousand people can have a stomach king. As long as you can edit, everyone is a king of stomachs. ” Said a food anchor.
According to the report on food waste in Chinese cities in 2018, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and Lhasa, the per capita food waste is about 93 grams per person per meal, with a waste rate of 12%. There are significant differences in the amount of food waste per capita due to different factors such as city, restaurant type and dining purpose.