Twenty thousand Macao merchants pay tens of millions of digital coupons in Alipay.


Zhuhai residents will take the lead in resuming free travel to Macao from the 12th, according to the latest news released by the Macao SAR government. In August 11th, more than twenty thousand Macao businessmen took part in the “big bay district reward Festival” in Alipay, issuing more than 10 million yuan of digital coupons.
As of October 31st, the mainland and Macao Alipay users and Hongkong AlipayHK users can scan the code of consumption and lottery tickets in Macao’s activity shops. The consumer coupons cover many brands of Macao, such as Sasa, Wanning, Zhuo Yue, Colourmix, Lai Lai, extraordinary, 7-11, Venice, convenience pharmacies, etc.