Tiktok announced that 19 of the first batch of winners of the creator foundation have been awarded


David Dobrik
Tiktok announced the first video creators to receive its “creators fund,” a $200 million foundation that rewards popular content creators.
A total of 19 creators won awards, including David Dobrik, Brittany Tomlinson, Cheyenne Jaz wise, justice Alexander, Michael Le, Marissa Ren, etc. While many of the winners come from entertainment backgrounds, such as Dobrik and Smith, who are YouTube creators, there are some who come from non media backgrounds.
Dr. fayers( Dr.Fayez )(@ lifeofdocator) is an emergency doctor. He started using tiktok in 2019. His main purpose is to help the public understand medical misconceptions and doctors’ daily life. Matt gresia (@ mattgresia) is an entrepreneur who uses tiktok to teach business skills to 130000 fans.
Tiktok announced the $200 million award in July last year, and a spokesman for the company said the project was designed to support creators eager to use the app to make a living. It is not clear how often and how much to reward. But a tiktok spokesman said it was an ongoing project.
To be eligible for the award, the creator must be “18 years old and meet the minimum requirement of 10000 fans”. The cumulative number of video viewing in the past 30 days has reached at least 10000 times, and the original content that does not violate the community’s guidelines should be published. ”
In terms of “at least 12 months of viewing” and “earning at least 1000” creators’ time through YouTube ads, it takes at least 4 hours to attract creators.
“It takes time and energy to create compelling and meaningful content, and our creators are as keen on sharing stories and connecting audiences as we are about serving them and the wider audience.” Said Vanessa Pappas, tiktok’s US general manager.
The company’s goal is to increase the size of the fund from $200 million to $1 billion over the next three years. The fund is currently only available to creators in the United States, but it hopes to create more funds for the world in the future. It is understood that the application channel will be opened later this month.