Lei Jun: listing, buying a house and entering the Fortune 500 are three memorable highlights of Xiaomi


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At 19:30 on August 11, 2020, Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary, Lei Jun’s public speech arrived as scheduled. In his nearly 3-hour speech, Lei Jun reviewed Xiaomi’s past hot-blooded 10 years with 20 stories, and also looked forward to the new 10 years
-The fire of innovation will light up every crazy idea, and Xiaomi will become a holy land for engineers.
-Smart life will completely affect each of us, and Xiaomi will become the leader of the future lifestyle.
-Intelligent manufacturing will further boost the rise of Chinese brands, and Xiaomi will become a new force that can not be ignored in China’s manufacturing industry.
-Xiaomi will become a long winding river, flowing through the beautiful life of everyone in the world, and running to the Starry Sea that everyone yearns for.
Xiaomi will continue to strive for a better life for everyone in the world.
The theme of this speech for Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary is to persevere and pay tribute to everyone who has not been afraid of the test and chose to “move forward”. Xiaomi 10 years, thank you.
The following is the full text of Lei Jun’s public speech, to share with you.

Good evening, everyone. Welcome to my speech.
In 2020, an extraordinary year, the world is facing great challenges. This global change has a profound impact on everyone’s life. Everyone is asking, “what should I do in the face of such a situation?” A lot of people are very anxious, actually I am also very anxious.
But anxiety doesn’t work! There are many things in this world that we can’t change, but what we can change is our own mentality. We are determined to change our mentality in order to face this complicated world positively.
I chose the easiest way to change, walk!
I set a goal: to walk 10 kilometers a day for a month. For me, this goal is still very exaggerated, and I’m afraid I can’t do it.
But it doesn’t matter, go straight to the sun, you will feel the inner peace and warm power again. With each step forward, love and courage will increase.
Walking, last month, I really walked 318.11 kilometers.
On average, I walked for an hour and 50 minutes every day. On average, I walked 10.5 kilometers per day.
An incredible goal was achieved.
This year is Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary. We planned to hold a grand celebration, but affected by the epidemic situation, we can only cancel it.
Life still needs some sense of ceremony, and life needs to face it positively.
I decided to give a speech to commemorate this important day. At the same time, also calculate to all concerned millet friends to do a complete “summary report”.
The beginning of dreams
Ten years ago, I founded Xiaomi with a group of friends.
1.1 our dream
At that time, the domestic mobile phone market included international giants such as Nokia, Motorola and Samsung, and the domestic mobile phone “China cool union”, which was a large company such as ZTE and Huawei, as well as numerous counterfeit mobile phones. China’s market is mainly dominated by international giants. The products are exorbitantly expensive, and domestic mobile phones are very common.
As a mobile phone enthusiast, at the same time, as an entrepreneur, I am a little unconvinced. Although I have never made a mobile phone, we have such a dream:
“To be the best mobile phone in the world, only sell for half the price, so that everyone can afford it.”.
It is not easy for a layman who has never made a mobile phone, a small Zhongguancun company starting from scratch, to be the best mobile phone in the world.
How to achieve this seemingly unreliable goal?
I have a “big brain hole” idea: these giants are hardware companies, what if we use the Internet model to make mobile phones?
If we integrate software, hardware and the Internet, we can find another way to “reduce the dimension”.
I did find a “shortcut”: at that time, the best hardware was Motorola, the best software was Microsoft, and the most powerful Internet was Google. If I could put the elites of these three companies together, I would have a chance to become “Triathlon”!
1.2 find someone
The first person I was looking for was Lin bin, who was vice president of Google China Research Institute at that time.
At that time, he was thinking about starting an online music company. I said, don’t do it. Do something big with me. I drew this picture on a napkin (“Triathlon”), and he quickly agreed. In this way, he became Xiaomi’s No. 2 employee.
It’s just an accident that such a smooth digression happened. Then I went to ten Google engineers in a row, and none of them was done. It was hopeless until the 11th. He is Hong Feng, a very good Google engineer.
As soon as he came up, Hong Feng asked me three questions.
The first question is, “have you ever made a cell phone?”
The second question is, “do you know Wang Jianzhou, the boss of China Mobile?”
“I don’t know.”
The third question is, “do you know Gou Tai Ming?”
“Guo Taiming? I know him. He doesn’t know me. ”
I don’t think it’s going to work out of these three problems, but out of politeness, I still insist on “awkward chat” for a long time. Finally, he made a conclusion: “this sounds unreliable… But try it.”
In an instant, I took a long sigh of relief, and finally finished! It’s like winning the lottery. This is the second Google student I’ve managed.
A layman to do mobile phones, how can we believe you? When I was interviewing a great man, he was also interviewing me.
In Xiaomi’s first year, I spent 80% of my time recruiting people.
I remember the most impressive person. I talked with him more than ten times in two months, and even talked for ten hours on several occasions.
Many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs have asked me how to find people. I’ve always heard people complain that they can’t find anyone. This is a very common problem.
It’s not easy to find someone. If you can’t find someone, there’s only one reason, that’s not enough time!
My suggestion is:
Looking for someone is not “looking for someone three times”, looking for someone should be “looking for someone for 30 times”!
As long as you have enough determination and enough time, you can form a good team.
ride the wind and waves
2.1 the story of MIUI

On April 6, about a dozen of us had a bowl of millet porridge and started to make a revolution.
Don’t understand hardware, it doesn’t matter, start with the software, do the operating system first!
If you don’t have your own mobile phone for research and development, it doesn’t matter. Just do it on other people’s mobile phones first.
The operating system is very complex. It doesn’t matter. First find an open source system and work on the basis of the open source system.
At that time, when Android was just starting, we became the first batch of Android manufacturers in China. But the operating system is an operating system after all, and the amount of work is quite huge, which can not be done by a small team of about ten people.
It doesn’t matter. It’s enough for us to do the most commonly used functions first. It’s phone calls, text messages, contacts, and desktop. These were the four most important features of the smartphone at that time. An extremely complex system engineering is highly simplified by us.
In this way, in just two months, the first version of MIUI is really ready.
We set up a forum to recruit volunteers to “brush up”. What makes us moved is that 100 users are willing to take great risks to brush up on MIUI, which is known as “100 dream sponsors”
In order to thank these 100 brave people, we have made the startup interface with their names.
On August 16, 2010, the first version of MIUI was officially released.
At the beginning, there were only 100 people. The number of users was surprisingly small, but the reputation was excellent.
We didn’t do any promotion. It doubled in the second week, 200 people, doubled in the third week, 400 people, doubled again in the fourth week, 800 people.
MIUI really caught fire a month after it was released. On September 20, on XDA, a famous international technology forum, a great God warmly recommended MIUI.
He said, “this is the work of a professional team, amazing… Has anyone heard of this ROM? I’ve never seen such a crazy ROM in my life It runs fast and smoothly, and the interface is completely redesigned. It’s amazing. ”
When you see this evaluation, you will know what level the first version of MIUI has achieved.
A small team of Zhongguancun, using the Internet, made a mobile phone operating system in two months, which was highly praised. This fully shows: the methodology of the Internet is very powerful!
Since then, MIUI has become popular among fans all over the world. Later, netizens in various countries spontaneously set up local rice noodle communities, made local language packs, and adapted to various models, forming a powerful global mass movement, which sowed the seeds of millet internationalization. This is the source of rice noodle culture.
We use “focus, extreme, word-of-mouth, fast” Internet seven word formula to do MIUI.
In less than a year, the number of MIUI users exceeded 300000.
2.2 The Story of making mobile phones
-How to fix the sharp screen?
We worked hard to get the best hardware team we could find at that time, mainly from Motorola. We started to make mobile phones in high spirits.
As a result, as soon as I went out, I suddenly found that I couldn’t make sure of the supply chain.
We want to make the best mobile phone, of course, we need to use the best supply chain. For example, the screen, we want to use sharp, but people ignore us.
Now I know that a top-level supply chain can’t be established by a start-up company with money.
In order to deal with this screen, I mobilized all relations to contact sharp and went around a huge circle. Through the Japanese branch of Jinshan, I found Mitsui trading company, and then asked the senior management of Mitsui company to come forward to fight for the opportunity to communicate with sharp headquarters. The time is set for March 26.
There was a big event in the middle: on March 11, 2011, the earthquake in Japan, the nuclear power plant leakage, and the world was alarmed.
how? Go or not? Sharp headquarters in Osaka, although the impact of nuclear radiation is not big, after all, nuclear radiation, we are still very panic.
It was a rare opportunity to meet the top management of sharp. We decided to fly to Osaka, and finally our three founders went together.
When we got on the plane, we found that there were only three of us in the cabin. When we got to sharp, the whole building was empty, only a group of our visitors. In this way, our sincerity moved sharp!
We were so nervous that we didn’t take pictures from the beginning to the end. I found only one picture, a picture of Liu De downstairs in sharp.
-This is how 1999 yuan comes from
We all know that the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phone is priced at 1999 yuan.
What you don’t know is that our original plan was 1499 yuan. 1999 yuan already “boiling”, if 1499 yuan, won’t “burst”?
Our planned cost is 1500 yuan, and the price is 1499 yuan. We also boldly predict that it can sell 300000 sets.
However, in August, the team told me a startling news: the cost of the mobile phone was about 2000 yuan, more than 500 yuan.
The main reason is that we are looking for high-quality suppliers. It’s good to cooperate with us. The price can’t be discussed at all.
If we continue to price 1499 yuan, we will lose 200 million yuan. What shall I do?
I went to discuss with the shareholders, and they advised me that this is the ticket for a layman to come in and play. But this ticket is too expensive. I haven’t slept for several nights.
Can you raise the price to 1999 yuan? Everyone has no idea. The average price of domestic mobile phones is only 700 yuan. As soon as we come up, we sell them for 1999 yuan. Will the car overturn? No matter what, we can only give it a try!
The press conference is scheduled for August 16, 2011. The day before the press conference, we were still worried about whether it would be messed up? Will it not sell?
On the same day, I arrived at the scene, and I didn’t expect that the inside three floors and the outer three floors were full of people, and I couldn’t squeeze in at all. Rice noodles are so warm.
Finally, I called four colleagues to help me squeeze in. Five minutes later, I just sat down. Ali ran to me and said, “there are too many people. If you squeeze again, you’re afraid of something wrong. Shall we start right away? “This is Xiaomi’s first press conference and the only one in Xiaomi’s history that started five minutes in advance.

When I started talking on the stage, I was still a little bit drumming. Finally, I was so nervous that I announced the price of 1999 yuan.
After half a minute’s cheering and screaming, my hanging heart was finally put down, and it seems to be!
Recently, we found a video recorded by a colleague using his mobile phone at the scene, which is a little fuzzy. You can have a look.
After the release of mobile phones, netizens ordered 300000 sets for the first time.
We are both excited and upset when we receive this order. We don’t have enough capital and production capacity.
We were a small company at that time. We had no accounting period. We needed to make payment in advance to produce. If we want to produce 300000 sets at a time, that’s an astronomical figure.
In this way, Xiaomi mobile phone is too popular, and we can’t supply it. Soon it was labeled as “hunger marketing”. It was really unjust.
The first generation of mobile phones sold more than 7 million units, which is absolutely a miracle.
-The first generation of red rice is not really the first generation red rice
At this time, the government departments in charge gave us a new topic: Xiaomi mobile phone is so popular, can it drive the domestic industrial chain?
We are just a small company just founded. Can we bear the heavy pressure? I don’t want so much. Let’s talk about it. In early 2012, we formulated the “red rice plan”.
“Red rice plan” is to optimize the domestic industrial chain and make national mobile phones.
At that time, the domestic industry chain was not mature. I was very dissatisfied with the first generation of products we made. I decided to knock it down and start again.
At this time, the research and development cost of 40 million yuan is floating.
The first generation of Hongmi mobile phone you see is actually the second generation developed by us, code named H2.
On July 31, 2013, Hongmi mobile phone was officially released.
At that time, we borrowed a meeting room of Kingsoft software, without any decoration, just a background board.
This is the most humble press conference in Xiaomi’s history. Hongmi mobile phone energy is huge, once released, it triggered an earthquake in the industry. Did not expect, the next day even Kingsoft software stock price rose.
The heat of the first generation of red rice was far beyond our imagination. We sold 44.6 million sets. These 40 million smart phones, in 2013, strongly promoted the development of the domestic industry chain.
Behind the huge success of Xiaomi’s mobile phone business, there are numerous difficult choices:
Do you want to risk nuclear radiation to Japan to get sharp?
Do you want to change the pricing from 1499 to 1999?
Do you want to kill the first generation of red rice that has been developed and start over again?
Behind every choice, there are huge risks.
No success is without risk. Face the risk and do it!
2.3 learning millet for all
Millet fire, there is an interesting phenomenon in society, many people try to learn millet.
At that time, there were many Internet mobile phone brands.
In the past, we didn’t know how they learned until Wang Xiaoyan, the founder of “little pepper”, joined Xiaomi. In an internal seminar, he talked about how he learned at the beginning. A pile of paradoxical imitations of gourd pictures made us all laugh. Even though it was just like learning the shape, it was very useful at that time.
2.4 the story of ecological chain
Wang Xiaoyan is “self-taught”, and many entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs come to Xiaomi to learn in person.
We are also very willing to make our experience public, hoping to promote changes in more industries. In 2014, we launched the eco chain program to incubate more start-ups.
In just six years, we have incubated more than 100 ecological chain enterprises and made thousands of high-quality products.
How do we do it? Let me give you an example
At that time, many Chinese tourists went to Japan to rush for rice cookers, which became a social phenomenon. I think it’s incredible that China is the factory of the world. It can’t make a rice cooker well.
So we decided to incubate a start-up company focusing on high-end rice cookers. After a year and a half of research and development, our rice cooker was successfully released, which caused a great sensation.
A Japanese TV station specially bought a few sets and did a blind test on the street with Japanese high-end rice cookers. The result was a little inconceivable: 6:4, we won! The price of our products is only one fifth of that in Japan. Later, our rice cookers were sold to Japan and were very popular.
the path winds along mountain ridges
3.1 about Dong Mingzhu
It was a sunny day.
In retrospect, we did a lot of stupid things, such as gambling with Dong Mingzhu.
On December 12, 2013, I was selected as CCTV’s economic man of the year, which was the highest honor that Chinese entrepreneurs could obtain at that time. Along with me was Dong Mingzhu of Gree.
In the backstage of the award ceremony, the director arranged for me and sister Dong to play together, and urged us to make the atmosphere more lively. The director also specially said that at the award ceremony the previous year, Ma Yun made a bet with Wang Jianlin, which had a great influence.
I immediately understood his idea: Gree stands for Chinese traditional manufacturing industry with a history of 30 years, and Xiaomi stands for the new economy. It is a small company only established for more than three years. Put together, it has a special topic.
I told elder sister Dong, why don’t we make a bet on Xiaomi’s revenue exceeding Gree’s in five years? I think it’s just a joke to liven up the atmosphere. Gree is a giant with a revenue of more than 120 billion, while the revenue of Xiaomi is only 20 billion, which is only a fraction of that of others. Elder sister Dong agreed without thinking about it.
If you want to gamble, you’ll have to bet one billion dollars! At that moment, I was a little confused: the script is not like this! A dollar bet is a way to liven up the atmosphere. It’s an exaggeration to bet a billion dollars.
Sure enough, it immediately became a social topic, and immediately some netizens gave me popular science: “you are gambling with huge amount of money, suspected of violating the law.”. I know it’s a joke, and everyone thinks it’s a joke. But elder sister Dong took it seriously and cared about us from time to time on various occasions.
I can’t bear the fact that she cares so much about us. What do you think I should do?
After that, as long as sister Dong and I appeared together, friends from the media would stare at the film from various angles.
Of course, you can’t even imagine this painting style.

The whole society is so serious that we have to be serious.
Over the past five years, millet has grown from more than 20 billion yuan to 174.9 billion yuan, an increase of eight times. This is already a miracle, and I am very satisfied. Let’s take a look at Gree, which has increased by 60% from 120 billion to 1980 billion. As a traditional manufacturing enterprise, its performance is also very outstanding.
Take the final result, we still lost!
What’s more dramatic is that the year after the end of the bet, Xiaomi won.
However, every time I think of gambling, I regret it. Why do we provoke elder sister Dong and bring so many troubles? It was only recently that I thought clearly: at that time, our confidence was really expanding. Soon, Xiaomi encountered a lot of growing pains.
After this bet, I have a deeper understanding of manufacturing and Gree. Gree is indeed a model of China’s manufacturing industry, worthy of our serious study!
3.2 low
At the end of 2015, super high-speed growth in the early stage covered up a lot of problems, and all of a sudden all of them broke out.
In the mobile phone industry, no company has ever been able to reverse the decline in sales. At this time, Xiaomi is in the critical moment of life and death.
The situation was so severe that I had to take over the cell phone division myself.
At that time, it was miserable. I often go to work at 9 a.m., and I’m still in a meeting at 1:00 a.m. One day, when I was working, I counted them. One day, I had 23 meetings, which was unbelievable.
3.3 mix story
On the 25th of 2016, all people were shocked when mix was released for the first time.
Millet mix is also collected in the three major design museums in the world.
“Millet mix points out the development direction of smart phones in the future,” said the director of Finland’s National Design Museum.
In the era of comprehensive screen, Xiaomi opened the curtain. The release of mix became the first clarion call for the reversal of millet situation.
Mix originated from the chatting among several engineers of Xiaomi in early 2014, “what is the future mobile phone like? ”
After repeated discussions, we reached a consistent conclusion: the front of the mobile phone is full of screens. The idea was groundbreaking at the time. After consulting with me, I agree to set up a project directly: This is a great idea. Don’t consider mass production, time and investment, until it is done.
The success of mix comes from the strong engineer culture in Xiaomi. Engineers are the most important asset of Xiaomi. In order to make the torch of innovation and exploration more and more bright, we set up the millet Technology Award. This is Xiaomi’s highest internal award, for the breakthrough contribution of the technical team, the prize is worth one million dollars in stock.
Here, I’d like to make a recruitment advertisement for Xiaomi’s R & D team: as long as you love technology, as long as you have excellent technology, you are welcome to come to Xiaomi to realize your dream.
3.4 about quality
Cost performance is our most powerful weapon, but also our most vulnerable weakness.
Chinese people have a deep-rooted concept that “cheap is not good”, which makes us very easy to be misunderstood, and competitors are also very easy to discredit us. How can Xiaomi remain invincible in the long journey ahead? We must produce good products of world quality!
Quality improvement is a long, arduous and boring process. I won’t talk about the details.
No pains, no gains. Xiaomi won the first prize of “quality technology award of China Quality Association” in 2018, and I also won the honor of “China quality man of the year” in 2019.
Xiaomi, who tried to make up lessons, started a magical reversal from Q2 in 2017 and resumed its rapid growth.
International situation
411 million inventory
Xiaomi started internationalization very early. Let me tell you the story of our internationalization.
In the third quarter of 2014, Xiaomi mobile phone reached the top in China, ranking the third in the world only by the shipment volume of the Chinese market. At that time, investors were very optimistic about millet, but raised a very sharp question: can millet model be replicated in the world? In June 2014, we entered the Indian market and quickly became the most dazzling star.
It wasn’t long, and we soon got into trouble. In July 2014, we released Xiaomi 4, which was sold very well in China and has been in short supply. Do you remember “Austenitic 304” and “the art journey of a steel plate”?
The newly formed Indian team was very optimistic and convinced me to approve 500000 units. In January 2015, the flagship phone was launched in India. But no one thought that it could not be sold.
After the event, we repeated: we just entered, and the brand and channel were not ready, so we directly ordered 500000 flagship aircraft, which was too frightening.
As much as 1 billion inventory, this is a disaster for the start-up business in India!
As soon as I heard the news, I was a bit stunned! Back home? But that is the 3G version of Xiaomi 4. The domestic market is already dominated by 4G mobile phones. What should we do?
We quickly set up a “fire brigade” to go to the global 3G market to digest. At the beginning, there were only three people in the team, from Southeast Asia to South America, from Europe to the Middle East, running in 50 or 60 countries around the world.
At that time, Xiaomi’s popularity overseas was not as high as it is now. After countless closed doors, our colleagues finally opened a way.
Three types of partners have chosen us: traders selling oil and natural gas want to switch to mobile phone industry; those who sell laptops now want to sell mobile phones; and a number of second-line agents want to bet on us. It is this group of partners who have entered the global mobile phone market with us.
In short, after more than a year’s hard work, this deadly inventory of 1 billion yuan has been basically digested, although it has suffered heavy losses.
A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise. The fire fighting operation brought an unexpected return: the channels developed have become the vanguard of international business, greatly speeding up the progress of our internationalization.
4.2 R U OK
On the way to internationalization, there are ups and downs, as well as joy. For example, Ru OK.
In 2015, we held a press conference in India, which brought a lot of rice noodles, which was very lively.

My colleagues arranged for me to come out to say hello. When I was excited, I blurted out, “r u OK?”
The atmosphere of the scene exploded in a moment.
Unexpectedly, this video was sent back to China, and immediately went on a hot search.
There is a up master in B station who also made a ghost animal video, which made me a famous singer of B station.
Our marketing colleagues were a little nervous at the beginning, but I don’t think it’s anything. Just be happy.
This incident has brought me a lot of troubles. As an outstanding alumni of Wuhan University, I will explain everywhere that Wuhan University is still a regular university. It is my own English that I did not learn well, not that Wuhan University did not teach well.
Now, Xiaomi has entered more than 90 countries and regions in the world, and mobile phone business ranks in the top 5 of 50 countries and regions. In the past two years, we have mainly focused on European market. This year, we have just received good news: we have ranked third in Europe, even Spain has reached the top, and France has ranked second!
After experiencing this series of ups and downs, we will understand:
Success is often not planned. Crisis is an opportunity you can’t think of.
Highlight time
5.1 three memorable highlights
1. Listing
At the beginning of the decade, there are three unforgettable highlights.
The first is, of course, going public.
In the whole listing process, the most unforgettable thing is 5%.
On the eve of Xiaomi’s IPO, on April 25, 2018, I held a press conference in Wuhan University and announced a resolution of the board of directors: the comprehensive net interest rate of Xiaomi hardware will never exceed 5%. If there is any excess, the excess part will be returned to the user.
A company is about to go public soon. If you don’t do a good road show to “draw big cakes”, it will block its own profit space. Is there something wrong with it?
Xiaomi has become a public company after listing. Capital will force Xiaomi to create “excess” profits. I am confident that I can withstand such pressure, but I am particularly worried: if one day I don’t become CEO, can Xiaomi’s management continue to make good products that are “touching people’s hearts and offering reasonable prices”?
After thinking about it, there is only one way: it is to solidify this mission in the form of legal documents and permanently limit the net interest rate of hardware. I talk about this idea with the team, and the brothers who work together support it.
However, when I mentioned it to shareholders, I was worried about all kinds of concerns, especially the impact on the stock price. Some people say, “are you crazy and want to go public?”. Some people said, “you didn’t say that at the beginning. If you knew that, I would not have voted.”. Others said, “it’s too late. Don’t bother.”.
We had a lot of emergency phone meetings, and there were times when we couldn’t talk. I said to them, “good companies make profits, great companies win hearts! If you agree, you will have a company destined to be great! ”
In this way, the shareholders agreed.
When we announced the decision, my circle of friends was “5%” swiped.
We have received a lot of praise, a lot of ridicule and doubt, but these are no longer important.
2. Buying a house in Beipiao
The second unforgettable thing was to move. We moved to our own science and technology park.
Last July, Xiaomi science and technology park officially opened. We had our own home for the first time. We were very excited.
In our eyes, this park is very beautiful and beautiful. We affectionately call it “Sanlitun of Qinghe River”.
I sent a special micro blog.
The content is like this: “Beipiao, struggling for more than nine years, finally bought a house! Eight buildings, 340000 square meters, with a cost of 5.2 billion yuan. “.
The microblog soon became popular, with 33 million readers. It seems that every Beipiao has a dream of buying a house!
What I didn’t expect was that the real estate agent was even more excited than me, and was also forwarding it everywhere, saying that this was the “most inspirational story of Beipiao”.
3. Selected into the top 500
Then we were selected into the world’s top 500.
You can see, this is the change of millet revenue in the past 10 years, what a beautiful and uplifting curve.
It is because of this report card that we were selected into the world’s top 500 and ranked 468.
I didn’t feel anything before, but I was really selected and still a little excited.
When I was writing a letter to the whole staff, some colleagues suggested that we should not be modest and pretend not to care.
I said, “let’s not pretend this time. I started to start a business as soon as I graduated from university. I especially envied Lin bin for having the opportunity to work in the top 500. Now they are finally able to work in the top 500 in the world. We have to have a good bang. ”
Just yesterday, Xiaomi was once again selected into the world’s top 500.
All of these thanks to this great era, as well as all the continuous struggle of Xiaomi students.
In the past, Xiaomi has been used to compare with apple, Huawei and Samsung, which is one of the top 500 companies.
But Xiaomi is only a 10-year-old boy. If you look at it from the perspective of development, you will find that Xiaomi still has many outstanding points, such as: BCG 2020 global innovation top 50, five Chinese companies selected. Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong and Xiaomi were selected.
Derwent’s list of the world’s top 100 innovators in 2020. Only three Chinese companies were selected: Huawei, Xiaomi and Tencent.
Brandz 2020 global top 100 brand list. This time, 17 Chinese brands were selected, including Xiaomi, which ranked 81st.
These three global authoritative lists fully illustrate the remarkable achievements Xiaomi has made in terms of innovation and brand.
Of course, today’s millet, may be from your expectations, there is still some distance, but the future growth rate is bound to exceed everyone’s imagination.
What has Xiaomi changed in the past ten years?
Xiaomi’s decade is the decade of mobile Internet. It is our greatest honor to be with this great era.
When we look back on the past decade, what makes us really proud?
First of all, together with all our peers, we popularized smart phones and promoted the development of mobile Internet.

Cheng Wei, the founder of Didi, once said: entrepreneurs of China’s mobile Internet may want to thank Xiaomi, because Xiaomi has greatly promoted the popularization of mobile Internet. For having heard it many times, the new generation of Internet head Kwai’s enterprises, which are familiar with you today, are all benefited from the development of mobile Internet.
Second, together with like-minded entrepreneurs, we have changed many industries and made many entrepreneurs.
In early 2015, Xiaomi ecological chain invested in Changjing. A young man who just came out of a big company to start a business. No one thought that stone technology had become the leader of the sweeping robot industry in only five years. In February this year, it successfully listed on the science and technology innovation board with a market value of 400. Xiaomi’s ecological model has led to changes in more than 100 industries and created a large number of entrepreneurs like Changjing.
In addition, millet has even changed some people’s lives.
Ellyana, who lives in Batam, Indonesia, is a mother of three children. After the death of her husband a few years ago, there was no financial resources in the family and life was in trouble.
Millet set up a production line in Indonesia three years ago. She found a job in Xiaomi’s Indonesian factory, and her life changed a lot. With this job, she can support her family, learn a lot of knowledge, make a lot of friends, and greatly improve her status in the village.
90% of the employees in Indonesia’s millet production line are women. Our business has helped them change their lives.
5.3 millet pass
The above is my first question for you, “where does millet come from?”.
Of course, there are so many wonderful stories in this decade that one speech can’t be finished.
Fan Haitao, a famous biographer, wrote the first official biography of Xiaomi. Since the end of the year before last, she has done a lot of interviews with Xiaomi team, and interviewed more than 100 people, which lasted for a year and a half.
The title of this book is “go all the way”.
Thanks to Mr. Fan Haitao and also to CITIC publishing house for its great work. After the speech, the book will be launched in the whole network immediately. If you want to know more about Xiaomi’s story, I recommend you to buy a book with 360000 words, which is very detailed.
Ten year old Xiaomi is growing up step by step.
This year’s R & D budget is as high as 10 billion yuan.
It is precisely because of the never-ending spirit of innovation, as high as 10 billion R & D investment, millet will always have more cool products.
So, what is Xiaomi’s decade in the eyes of Xiaomi people?
General manager Lei expressed three wishes:
“The first wish is that Xiaomi will become one of the most famous brands in the world. No matter where we go, we all know how to pronounce Xiaomi.
The second wish is that no one will say that ray is always a model worker, because this stage belongs to Xiaomi’s young people.
And the third thing is, there’s a whole bunch of great startups that have been born and even grown up. When they were successful, they said they were inspired by Xiaomi’s entrepreneurial story. I believe Xiaomi will reach a height that we have never dreamed of
In addition, we have carefully prepared several representative works for the 10th anniversary to you.
New product launch
1 millet 10 supreme Commemorative Edition ¥ 5299
Many first-time technologies and innovative characteristics are integrated into one, with mirror, transparent and glass classic material elements as the carrier, Millet’s outstanding technical attainments are presented through the industry’s top technology.
2 redmi K30 supreme Commemorative Edition ¥ 1999
Continuing the redmi K series flagship lineage, Tianji 1000 + flagship chip integrates 5g connection and powerful performance into one core; with 120Hz ultra-high refresh rate and stereo dual speakers, it reshapes the flagship standard with hard core strength.
3 millet transparent TV
Xiaomi TV master series ¥ 49999
Xiaomi transparent TV is the world’s first mass production transparent OLED TV. It is Xiaomi’s exploration of the ultimate form of TV in the future to realize mass production of products that only existed in science fiction movies before.
4 No.9 go kart Pro
Lamborghini customized version ¥ 9999
Xiaomi’s mission is always to be the coolest company in rice noodles’ heart. The customized version of Pro Lamborghini car of No.9 kart is another chaoku toy to present rice noodles after Xiaomi popularized the balance car exclusive for geeks.
There are also several new products
Who is Xiaomi?
Why does Xiaomi struggle?
Three iron rules of Xiaomi
Today’s speech is coming to an end.
Today, we are not only releasing products, but also announcing Millet’s declaration for the next decade.
“Where does Xiaomi come from and where will it go?” the answer is actually in the works I just released.
You can count the number of black technologies, 120 x zoom, DxO No.1 in the world, 120W second charging, 50W wireless charging, etc. It is because of a series of black technology, millet has the courage and strength to compete in the high-end mobile phone market.
Based on technology, we will never stop climbing the peak of technology.
This is Xiaomi’s attitude towards hard core technology in the next decade.
Rice noodles are concerned about the surging chip, please rest assured that we are still developing.
With a flagship mobile phone of “no slot and no regret”, the 2 K30 premium edition returns to 1999 yuan to pay homage to “born for fever” and pay homage to our ten years together with rice noodles.
Cost performance as the key link, cost performance is our greatest sincerity to make friends with users, cost performance is our core strategy.
Whether it is mass products or high-end products, we will always adhere to the cost performance ratio, so that all users can buy with their eyes closed.
3 millet transparent TV is the world’s first mass-produced transparent TV. Making impossible possible, is this product cool enough?
Insisting on making the coolest products is Xiaomi’s eternal pursuit. To be the coolest company in the hearts of users is Xiaomi’s vision.
We are a group of engineers. Making the coolest products is our love for the world and our duty.

These three “super big cups” represent Xiaomi’s unchanging three iron laws: “technology-based, cost-effective as the key, making the coolest products”. We will always adhere to these three laws.
Future oriented development strategy
Today we have talked about a lot about the achievements of the past ten years, and we are really very proud.
But we are also very clear that today we are facing a very complex international environment and an extremely competitive environment. What should we do next?
If you want to stick to today’s achievements and live on the past achievements, there is no doubt that you can’t keep them.
There is no doubt that this road will not work if we want to continue to ignore it, fight hard, and grow in an extensive way. This is the complex situation we are facing today.
Today, we have three strategies:
1. Start a new business
Today’s situation, we still need to take out the enthusiasm of starting a new business and go all out to do it!
Boldly use entrepreneurial talents, boldly use entrepreneurial incentives, and boldly grasp new strategic opportunities
I won’t go into the details.
Actions speak louder than words. In the future, we will show you.
2 Internet plus manufacturing
We believe in the Internet, we believe in the methodology of the Internet, and we will continue to empower the manufacturing industry with the Internet.
On the basis of continuing sincere cooperation with OEM, we will deeply participate in the manufacturing industry. We have developed a large number of high-end equipment, and have designed and completed a fully automated high-end mobile phone production line.
Xiaomi industry fund has invested in more than 70 semiconductor and intelligent manufacturing companies.
This is what Xiaomi wants to do in the future.
Three lines of steady development
We’ll look at everything in the length of ten years. Do long-term valuable things, and time to be friends. At the same time, strategically, we should be stable and firm, and we should not rashly advance.
I Believe:
In the next decade, the fire of innovation will light up every crazy idea, and Xiaomi will become a holy land for engineers.
In the next decade, smart life will completely affect each of us, and Xiaomi will become the leader of the future lifestyle.
In the next decade, intelligent manufacturing will further boost the rise of Chinese brands, and Xiaomi will become a new force that can not be ignored in China’s manufacturing industry.
In the next ten years, Xiaomi will become a long and winding river, flowing through the beautiful life of everyone in the world and heading for the star sea that everyone yearns for.
In the future journey, believe in yourself, go ahead!
Thank you!