Gates talks about the new epidemic: most virus tests in the United States are “garbage”


On the afternoon of August 10, Beijing time, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said in an interview a few days ago that most virus tests in the United States are “garbage”. Over the past 20 years, Bill Gates has gradually played down the identity that once made him famous and rich: CEO, chief software architect and chairman of Microsoft. Instead, he devoted all his talent and enthusiasm to the bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Instead of attending financial report conference calls and antitrust hearings, Bill Gates focused on eliminating diseases and reducing carbon dioxide emissions.
Like all of us, Gates’ 2020 will be different. Gates has already reminded us of our lack of preparedness for a global pandemic. During the outbreak, his foundation invested heavily in vaccine development, treatment and testing, making gates one of the most reliable public figures. But at the same time, he is also the main target of false news of the epidemic, because there are always critics who say gates intends to inject microchips into vaccinators through vaccines.