Dangdang responded that Li Guoqing and Yu Yu’s son sued two people: Li Guoqing’s related litigation is true


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Sina science and technology news on the afternoon of August 10, dangdang.com told reporters on the 10th that China News Agency is a through train that Li Guoqing’s microblog related litigation was true. On the issue of equity distribution, Yu Yu and Li Guoqing once had a “marriage agreement”, and the equity ratio of their three parties was 56:24:20, which has been changed by industry and commerce according to the proportion. Dangdang believes that the law is fair, respects the facts, respects the autonomy of the parties, and also believes that the law respects honesty and credit. It will, as always, use legal weapons to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the company and all shareholders, and protect the normal operation of the company.