Are the Knights of the KMT hungry in comic stories: Excuse me again?


Administrative micro blog August 6th afternoon, Sina Technology News, hungry official micro this afternoon to “live one billion” official account of a group of comics to respond. This group of comics shows in turn: meituan takeout boy in yellow overalls is carrying the car to rescue passers-by; a meituan delivery brother delivering milk tea on the high-speed rail; and a one legged meituan takeout boy taking meals.
The above three scenarios are explained in turn by the official micro map
The first picture shows 12 hungry riders carrying cars to save people on July 20 this year;
Picture 2 shows a hungry little brother delivering milk tea on the high-speed rail in June this year;
Picture 3 shows the scene of hungry little brother Wang Jiansheng (disabled) working.
Hungry? The official micro also said in the picture that positive energy should be relayed instead of “borrowing”. Good deeds should be promoted, not carried. It’s not easy for every rider. It’s respect for the blue knight, but also for the Yellow knight.
As of press release, meituan has not responded to this.