Zhuanzhuan group released the performance of mobile phone C2B after the merger: a year-on-year increase of 171.69%, with a daily receipt of 9600 orders


On August 5, according to the latest data released by transfer group, after the business integration of the two platforms, the mobile phone C2B business increased by 171.69% compared with the same period last year, and increased by 61.1% compared with that when the merger was announced. On August 3, the mobile phone C2B business of the group received more than 9600 orders a day.
It is understood that the business data growth mainly comes from its online platform + service mode. In addition, in terms of recycling channels, Zhuanzhuan group has recently started to comprehensively undertake the mobile phone recycling service of Tencent micro recycling, broaden the customer acquisition channel of mobile phone C2B business, and transfer the mobile phone guaranteed sale business to replace the traditional recycling before, which has a promoting effect on the promotion of C2B business.