Zhang Yiming’s circle of friends responds to tiktok storm: received a lot of encouragement and suggestions! Very encouraging!


Cover news reporter Zhang Yuexi Lei Qiang
On the afternoon of August 4, Zhang Yiming, founder of byte skipping, sent an article in the circle of friends: I have received a lot of encouragement and suggestions. I am very encouraged! I’m very busy these two days. I can’t reply one by one. I’m too sleepy. I went to bed first. Suspected response to the recent tiktok storm.
At present, tiktok’s U.S. business faces the possibility of being forced to sell by CFIUS or banned in the United States due to an administrative order. Earlier, Zhang Yiming once sent a letter to all staff, saying that the company has encountered many challenges. The current geopolitical and public opinion environment is becoming more and more complex, and the company is facing greater external pressure in some markets. In the past few weeks, the teams involved in the response have been rotating day and night, working overtime, striving for the best results.
In his letter, he stressed that in view of the current environment, tiktok must face the Cfius decision and the executive order of the US president, but at the same time, it will not give up exploring any possibility, and will try to make preliminary discussion with a technology company on the cooperation scheme to form a scheme to ensure that tiktok can continue to serve American users.