SpaceX starship prototype successfully tested: flying altitude 150 meters (video)


It was reported on the morning of August 5, Beijing time that SpaceX has been developing the next generation space vehicle “starship” at its base in Boca Chica, Texas. So far, the company has built several starship prototypes, including an early version called starhopper, which is basically just the base of the rocket. Today, SpaceX completed testing of its first full-scale prototype, which completed its first flight of about 150 meters.
This is the highest flight altitude of the prototype during the SpaceX test. This prototype was named SN5. In the previous version of the test, the prototype had several failures in the preparation process.
SN5 became the first large test aircraft to complete takeoff. Earlier this week, the prototype completed a successful static test, paving the way for today’s first short flight. The prototype will carry only one Raptors engine, while the final spacecraft will carry six engines to gain more thrust. In this test, SN5 took off successfully and landed successfully. Judging from external signs, everything was completed as planned.
In August 2019, starhopper completed a similar test. And SpaceX’s prototype development plan is more radical. They are trying to get the Starship into operation, with the goal of using the orbiter as early as next year for payload flight. The ultimate goal of SpaceX is to pair the starship with the Falcon heavy booster in the future, send large payload into earth orbit, the moon and finally land on Mars. (Yongyan)