Ali health: 499 million new shares of HK $20.05 each


Sina science and technology news on August 5 morning news, Ali Health announced that it had entered into a placement agreement with Citigroup Global Finance Co., Ltd. and Credit Suisse (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and placed 499 million new shares at the price of HK $20.05 per share. The allotment shares accounted for about 3.71% of the issued share capital after the expansion. The total amount raised after the placement was about HK $10 billion.
Ali Health said that in view of the group’s plans to develop its business, it is expected that about 80% to 90% of the net proceeds will be used to further develop the group’s Omni channel business of medical and health products and medical and health services business, including but not limited to expanding the group’s pharmaceutical and medical service network, enriching member services and user-oriented content, and about 10% to 20% of the net proceeds It will be used to further develop the group’s digital infrastructure and innovation business, including, but not limited to, expanding the range of Internet and technology solutions provided to healthcare industry participants.
Ali Health said that after considering the market development and opportunities, the net proceeds will be used to promote the implementation of the above plan in due course, so as to maximize the growth opportunities of the group and the synergy benefits of the group in the industry in which it operates.
According to the announcement, Alibaba and Yunfeng fund hold 67.5% of the company’s shares. Immediately after the completion of the placement, Alibaba holds 56.99% of the shares, and Yunfeng fund holds 8.02%. They are acting in concert. Therefore, Ali holds 65.01%.