According to the news, Microsoft has finalized the tiktok transaction amount or up to $30 billion within three weeks


On the evening of August 5, Beijing time, people familiar with the matter said today that Microsoft plans to complete the acquisition negotiations with tiktok within the next three weeks, that is, before September 15. The size of the deal could be as high as $30 billion.
If the deal is successful, Microsoft has promised the U.S. government to bring the tiktok code back to the United States within a year, the report said. The report also said that both sides (Microsoft and byte hopping) have not yet determined the price of tiktok, but it is likely to be between $10 billion and $30 billion.
According to the report, US Treasury Secretary Steve mnuchin was “deeply involved” in the process. U.S. President trump has previously said the U.S. Treasury should take a share of the deal. But it is not clear how this will work, or even whether it is legal.
Industry insiders say few U.S. companies have enough bandwidth to transfer large amounts of data to their systems within a year, not to mention the billions of dollars that tiktok will cost.
However, Microsoft evaluated both options. Microsoft may move tiktok’s software code, which will help consolidate its position as a major competitor to acquire the company, the report said.
Microsoft said on Sunday that it aims to complete the deal by September 15, including tiktok’s operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
As for the potential deal, analysts said it would bring a lot of risk to Microsoft and push it into the political social media business. But at the same time, the deal will help Microsoft become a bigger competitor in Internet advertising based on its $27 billion acquisition of LinkedIn.
Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft, said yesterday that Microsoft’s pursuit of tiktok was “exciting”. At the same time, Microsoft has the ability to deal with any regulatory issues that follow.
For “three weeks to reach a deal” rumor, byte beat, relevant people reply: this news is not true. (Youya)