The seventh national census adopts electronic registration, and Tencent cloud provides technical support


Recently, the State Council issued the “notice on carrying out the Seventh National Census”, pointing out that electronic census registration will be carried out at 0:00 on November 1, 2020, so as to explore the use of smart phones to collect data. According to the national government procurement network, Tencent cloud won the census project, and provided technical support in cooperation with enterprise wechat.
Before the census, 7 million national census takers will carry out task allocation and work coordination through enterprise wechat; and use enterprise wechat to find out the basic information of the census objects, and record the census objects’ desired census methods: fill in and fill out the information independently by using wechat, or register on-site by census takers.
Census objects who have the willingness to declare independently can obtain the special QR code with the household code provided by the census takers, scan the QR code and enter the “wechat census applet” to fill in the personal information such as name, ID card number, gender, age and so on. It can not only reduce the burden of census takers, but also meet the needs of census objects not to be disturbed too much.