Do you know that professional star hunting can make money?


Original title: professional star hunting can make money, do you know?
There are many ways for professional fans to earn money, such as acting for auction, selling tickets, doing peripheral work and marketing numbers.
[, Beijing] reported on August 2
It depends on whether you are a professional fan or not.
The word “fan” first appeared in the public view after the emergence of Taiwan idol group little tiger team in the 1980s. Since then, the young men and girls who pursue the stars have a unified title. With the development of the Internet age, the entertainment industry has become increasingly mature. Star chasing has also evolved from a simple fan group into a rice circle culture.
Every action of fans in supporting their own love beans is linked to economic investment. Take the popular talent show idol trainee in 2018 as an example. According to the star capital theory, the top 20 fans raised more than 13 million funds, and nearly 50 fan organizations participated, reaching 20 million by the final.
Source: screenshot of official website
Today’s fans are not as simple as putting up a few posters in their bedrooms. A planned and organized industrial chain is bound to have a chance to make money. A group of professional fans came into being when most fans spent money on the list. They have explored a unique way to earn money in the industry chain of fan economy.
Professional fans become cattle
“The industrialization of professional fans will be around 2016.” Meng Jia, who has been a star operator for ten years, has revealed to lieyun that he has really felt the existence of professional fans since 2016.
The reason is closely related to the mass production of stars. More and more people are attracted by the great benefits and attention of the star profession. At the same time, the economic effect of cultivating a traffic star also makes the brokerage companies start to build stars in mass production.
There are stars, there are fans. The more stars, the fewer fans. Meng Jia said that most professional fans can be divided into two types: one is to make money by chasing stars directly; the other is that after years of living in the rice circle, they like more and more stars and slowly start to earn money. “The former is the majority.”
It’s much easier to make money when it’s clear that professional fans are not fans.
“Acting for auction, selling tickets, doing peripheral business, marketing number…” There are many ways for professional fans to make money.
Among them, the most common form is acting. Because stars have many stations (official website, support club, fans forum), the main function of the station is to release pictures of their own love beans. When fans can’t show up at the airport to pick up their love beans, they will take the initiative to contact professional fans to shoot on behalf of them. The price of the acting shooting is directly proportional to the star’s coffee position. 100 photos for a unit, fans will buy three to nine units each time.
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Take the top flow star as an example, the price of a unit ranges from 150 to 200 yuan. Meng Jiaxiang revealed: “maybe 100 photos may sound a lot, but actually it’s just standing at the airport and taking photos of stars. Even pressing the shutter for 100 photos is just a matter of minutes.” When many stars gather in the same city such as the Magnolia awards ceremony, seven or eight stars can be photographed at the airport every day. Every time you pick up a few stars and more than a dozen acting demand, you can earn thousands of yuan at a time. Moreover, some professional fans will sell the same photo to different stations after simple processing such as size change or filter, so as to save time and receive more orders at the same time.
Where does the star’s itinerary come from?
The premise of selling photos after shooting stars at the airport is to have a clear understanding of the star’s itinerary, which is also a manifestation of the phenomenon of professional fans becoming yellow cattle.
Wang Qi, who used to be Chen Kun’s station sister, told lieyun that brokerage companies and professional fans are inseparable. Brokerage companies generally settle salaries for professional fans, while professional fans of traffic stars are generally settled in the form of “base salary + commission”, which is related to the number of activities and the number of stars.
With the basic salary plus commission, we can get about 10000 yuan per month. “If it is a professional talent of non flow stars, the brokerage company will not issue Commission generally”
After getting close to the brokerage company, you will be familiar with the star’s itinerary. After obtaining the itinerary, selling news is also a considerable income. Wang Qi disclosed to lieyun that some bad professional fans even sell the star’s personal information such as ID card, passport number, mobile phone number and wechat, with prices ranging from 10 to 100 yuan according to the importance. Or take advantage of the relationship with the brokerage company to get the artist’s signature photo and get the rice circle for sale.
Take advantage of their influence in the pink circle and the relationship with the brokerage company to sell fans the chance to take photos with idols in the backstage of concerts or activities. The price of group photos of Popular Idols can even be tens of thousands. From this point of view, this is one of the most profitable ways. According to the time difference between obtaining information with resource advantages and official releasing information, tickets are taken from ticket companies, and then sold to fans who can’t buy tickets to earn the difference. “It’s a few hundred at least and thousands more. It’s very easy to meet Jay Chou’s top ten thousand.”
“It’s nothing new. It’s been around for years.” Fans scalping tickets has more advantages than professional scalpers. Not only do fans know more about stars, but more importantly, professional fans know how to use the power of the network platform to publicize in the communication groups and channels where fans gather, so that the probability of transaction is greater.
Wang Qi told lieyun that professional fans have been around for a long time and have a wide range of resources. Most real fans will support professional fans. So when professional fans sell tickets, there will be a lot of real fans to pay, rather than looking for real scalpers. It is precisely because of this support that the phenomenon of professional fans becoming yellow cattle is intensified.
Source: screenshot of official website
Job fans are mainly college students who have more time and are interested in stars and can make money. This kind of work is very popular in Colleges and universities. Most professional fans who enter the pit usually start as volunteers or staff members of concerts. Fans’ and fans’ clubs need to pay a certain annual fee, ranging from 10 yuan to 100 yuan. If there are other activities organized, there will also be an activity fee.

It is estimated that a “fan group” of about 300 people will spend at least 560000 yuan a year, and most of these expenses have no legal evidence. It can only rely on the self-discipline of the organizers. The gray income in the procurement link is very considerable.
Take the most basic service of fans’ support association as an example. The cost price is basically about 20 yuan, and the membership price is generally 50 yuan or 60 yuan. The price of non members is higher. If you sell 100 pieces, it will cost 4000 yuan. In addition, the profits on fluorescent bars, banners, light signs and display boards are also very considerable. In the industry of professional fans, there are also different levels of income.
On the whole, professional fans earn both. Sales of pictures, peripherals, itineraries, tickets, etc. to fans, and economic companies pay them monthly wages.
Why become a professional fan?
“Sometimes I don’t know if I’m chasing the star or the station sister?” Han Shu, a fan of tfboys, told lieyun that some professional fans have a high status in the circle.
According to Wang Qi, whether it’s professional fans recruited by brokerage companies or voluntary professional fans. In the process from Xiaobai to Laolao, there is a set of relatively clear steps.
“The first step is to open a new microblog trumpet”, pay attention to the star’s super words, create, forward, comment and praise the idol’s microblog to be served, and then apply to join the fan group. It is better to directly apply to enter the official fan group, and ensure the continuous activity in the group, and mix a familiar face.
“Before you become a professional fan, you have to burn money. The more investment in the early stage, the more likely it will be supported by other fans. ” When buying magazines and endorsing products, they should also pay their own expenses to squat on the star’s itinerary and take photos in the early stage, and publish them to the microblog trumpet and fan groups to attract the attention of other stations. Only by accumulating the good feeling of other fans in the early stage can we create conditions for making money in the later stage.
During this period, we also need to volunteer for stars. When the number of fans reaches hundreds, we will hold lottery activities on our microblog from time to time. On the surface, we should help our family to increase interaction with other fans, but in fact, in order to gain attention and increase fans quickly, the general prizes can be idol magazines and albums that are difficult to grab.
“Most fans over five figures are big fans.” At this time in the circle of fame and status are relatively high, you can slowly cash in to earn money. But it’s a difficult process, and the professional fans that brokerage firms cultivate themselves grow faster. Through the internal information of the agency’s business, such as endorsement opportunities or film and television resources under negotiation. As well as some clips in the background of the event, it can also quickly get the attention of a large number of fans.
As for why brokerage companies cultivate professional fans, it is more simple. What professional fans do is what they need to do to promote public relations. Some of the remarks that are inconvenient to be expressed through official channels are basically publicized by using the accounts of professional fans.
In addition to the official fans, a professional fan does not only pay attention to one star. The fans who spread the net not only focus on the famous stars, but also the interns.
Many professional fans will start to pay attention to and get involved in the operation from interns. When the artists become popular, they will sell their own big fan accounts or their own station sub accounts, and then use the money to operate new accounts or stations. Most of them take over professional fans who want to make money. The price depends on the popularity of artists and the length of account operation. “One of Wu Yifan’s 100, 000 fans station sold at a six figure price.”
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