Wu Liang, former 360 technical director, joined byte jump and was the head of “strange Dance Troupe”


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By stone Jin
Source: financial graffiti (ID: caijingtuya)
According to the company’s intelligence expert “financial graffiti”, Wu Liang (moon shadow), former 360 senior technical director, web front-end chief architect and technical committee member, has recently added byte skipping. It is worth mentioning that Wu Liang’s more well-known title is the head of the dance troupe, the largest front-end team of 360.
In view of Wu Liang’s early participation in byte skipping, his specific responsibilities have not yet been determined. From the perspective of reporting relationship, Wu Liang’s direct reporting object is Liao Baohua, the technical director of building large and medium-sized platforms including information flow, search, game and payment, and Hong Dingkun, senior vice president of byte skipping, is the reporting object of level + 2.
A person who once worked with Wu Liang at 360 said his departure was a little sudden. On July 5, Wu Liang also participated in the 9th anniversary of the establishment of the dance troupe.
Here we may as well give a brief introduction to 360’s dance company, which enjoys a high reputation and reputation in the front-end technology circle.
According to the public information, this front-end team established by 360 application development department was established on July 5, 2011, so it is named 75team or qidance company. Its main responsibilities have been derived from the front-end work of supporting 360 core business and some innovation incubation business at the beginning of its establishment to 360’s largest front-end technology team.
In addition to the web front end, there are also a small number of product managers, designers, Android and IOS engineers and other positions in the dance company.
In addition, the odd dance troupe has also undertaken the important task of exporting to the external brands, and has made the talent training project such as the official account of the odd dance weekly, the odd Dance Academy and the 360 supernova program.
According to the official website of qidance troupe, its representatives and open-source products include the cross platform canvas drawing framework spritejs, the editor “instant view”, which can quickly build large enterprise visualization screen Node.js Thinkjs is an MVC framework, firekylin, an open source blog based on thinkjs, Zhongcheng translation, a technical translation community, and Shengxiang, an online production audio ppt tool.
In addition to the dance troupe, Wu Liang also served as the head of the 360 test team qtest.
It is not difficult to find that Wu Liang’s two teams in charge of 360 can be regarded as the company’s middle office departments, supporting the R & D of some core products, and designing and developing the R & D efficiency and process tools, platforms and basic services of Zhongtai.
From the work content displayed on the flying book platform, Wu Liang’s main responsibility in byte skipping in the future will also be Zhongtai R & D.
Before joining 360 in 2012, Wu Liang worked in Microsoft Asia Research Institute, Kingdee, Baidu and Shanda successively. During his tenure in Baidu, he mainly served as the head of the front-end team of Baidu YOUAH (the C2C e-commerce platform launched by Baidu was closed in 2011), and later joined Shanda Innovation Institute in 2011 to engage in technology development and team management.
Before Wu Liang joined, Zhang Wenmao was in charge of the front-end technical team of byte skipping. When he joined byte skipping in 2014, he was the sixth front-end of the company, and worked with Zhang Nan (male), the person in charge of the current flying book, to gradually increase the top-notch dau from 10 million to 70 million.
At present, Zhang Wenmao is mainly responsible for the front-end team management of many core products, such as today’s headlines, watermelon videos, tomato novels, and innovation business lines such as education and games.