Nanjing issued the use standard of takeaway seal: once the seal is opened, it cannot be restored


Original title: Nanjing officially released the use standard of takeout seal: one size per meal, once opened, the seal cannot be restored
On July 25, Nanjing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued the local standard of “food and beverage takeout one-time sealing and using specifications” by the takeout platform.
The new local standards are the first to be issued in the whole province, and detailed regulations are made from four aspects of classification, material, information and use, which provides basic compliance for network catering service operators to choose seal.
It is a one-time sealed package to ensure the food safety in the delivery process and to prevent the outer package of food delivery from being opened or accidentally damaged during transportation. The seal is made of special materials. Once the seal is opened or the outer package is damaged, it can not be restored to the original state, which reduces the possibility of pollution in the distribution process.
IT’s home is informed that the signature can be loaded with two-dimensional code containing food safety traceability information, to achieve a meal of one yard, can also load the brand name of food operators and related information signs and food safety slogans, combined with the “Internet plus bright kitchen stove” social governance platform for intelligent supervision, information can be found, food can be traceable, visual processing, distribution control objectives.
According to the standard, how to standardize the use of “food and beverage delivery one-time seal”?