Will the stars refund the parking fee?


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Wen | Muzi editor | Qin Yan
Source: understand notes (ID: Dongdong_ note)
During the epidemic period, carrying goods through live broadcasting has become an important way for many businesses to broaden their sales channels. In addition to those engaged in the “old line” traffic anchor, head of the network red, netizens have also been used to star live sales.
In particular, in recent years, some “farce” stars, variety show “sisters” and pop singers who make new songs have flocked to live, using their influence to seek gold and cash. However, as more and more stars and celebrities gathered for live broadcast, netizens also gradually found that the “rollover” events with their live broadcast of goods also happened from time to time.
With the recent “star promotion red and black list” published in the early years of the media again, the news of “car overturning” and “bill brushing” by organizations has become the talk material of many gourd eating people after their leisure time.
It is understood that in addition to Liu Tao and Zhang Yuqi who are supported by the platform, only a few stars can sell goods in the special live broadcast. And Xiao Shenyang, ye Yixi, Liu Xiaoqing and others are regarded as “black holes” in selling goods because of the poor sales volume of live broadcasting. Even Wu Xiaobo, a well-known financial writer, has made remarkable achievements in live sales.
So, so many “rollover” accidents, stars pit fees can be refunded? In the face of uncertain sales, MCN institutions frequently seek cooperation with more stars. What are they trying to do?
Enterprises expand channels, stars look for extra money
“Stars are looking for live broadcast opportunities, MCN is mining more stars.”
Li Mu is the planning director of a well-known MCN organization in Guangzhou. He told me that many film and television stars began to pile up to sell their products, and more MCN were looking for stars to cooperate with to carry out live broadcasting.
“The main reason is that enterprises hope to promote commodity sales through live broadcasting, expand their spending channels, and at least increase their influence.” Li Mu said that although offline sales have been blocked in the past few months, some enterprises with strong financial strength still have the ability to spend money on live broadcasting. The requirement is that stars must be big brands and influential.
Some enterprises are not satisfied with the influence of famous online celebrities under MCN. Seeing that all the stars are selling live, they look forward to cooperating with more famous and influential stars. The purpose is also very simple, do a short-term endorsement, publicity for their own goods, promote sales, return capital, and at worst make a yell.
“Compared with inviting online celebrities to sell live, these enterprises are more willing to spend 10 times or even dozens of times the pit fee to invite famous stars to cooperate.” Li Mu said that even some well-known enterprises directly call names. If they can contact influential stars like Liu Yidao (Liu Tao) or Zhao Wei, they will not hesitate to pay millions of pit fees.
“But the real big stars are directly co operating with ALI, tiktok and other industry giants, and brokers are not very willing to contact such enterprises.” At the same time, Li Mu also found that many film and television stars and singers who were affected by the epidemic and had no drama to shoot and no platform to go on were also looking for cooperation opportunities through their agents.
These agents have a positive attitude. They will take the initiative to “voice” and contact with MCN institutions. “The most affected are the second and third tier movie stars and singers. Now, some of them have a more positive attitude towards cooperation.”
Li Mu frankly said that live selling is different from acting and singing. Although many stars have certain influence, live broadcasting needs to have the ability to activate the audience atmosphere, explain the selling points of commodities and stimulate the impulse of consumption.
“Even if the star’s own agency team carefully planned, most stars are difficult to fully control a live broadcast.”
In his opinion, stars who want to cross-border live broadcasting and selling goods must cooperate with experienced planning teams or MCN agencies. Li Mu’s MCN organization is currently negotiating with several well-known Cantonese singers in Guangdong and Fujian for live broadcast cooperation. Some local singers and stars are also eager to bring goods with them.
However, can cooperation with third tier stars really attract enterprise cooperation and guarantee the performance of live broadcasting?
Li Mu said with a smile, “no matter how small the stars are, they have a certain influence. Besides, Cantonese singers have distinctive local characteristics, and naturally there will be enterprise cooperation.” However, the organization should choose the right products for the star fans. In his opinion, it is no problem for Guangdong local stars to sell cool tea and molasses.
But for the live broadcast of commodity sales, Li Mu frankly did not dare to expect too much. It’s just that they don’t care much about the stars and singers who cooperate with each other. Why is this?
“One hammer business” only pays attention to pit fees
“Stars have their own traffic, but (selling goods) transformation is really possible.”
There is also a well-known MCN organization in Hangzhou that is also negotiating with some second and third tier stars and singers for live broadcast cooperation. Market leader Guan Min (pseudonym) told understand notes that due to the hot topic of star live delivery recently (whether it overturned or not), the company is intensively negotiating with agents of many second-line movie stars, and one of them has reached a live broadcast cooperation.
For reasons of confidentiality, she said that she could not tell the identity of the film and television star for the time being, but it can be revealed that the other party’s works have won the Golden Rooster Award and the hundred flower awards in China, and the selection of the live show has basically been completed, mainly covering skin care products, cosmetics, fashion shoes and clothing and other well-known brands.
“Now there are only two food pits waiting for enterprise cooperation. Compared with the ordinary well-known webcast, the sales commission of star appearance is lower, only 5%. ” Guan Min revealed that compared with the low commission, the pit fee of star live broadcast is quite high, and the average pit fee charged for each product is about 200000 yuan (the first two kinds of pit fees are higher). One hour of live time, it is expected to arrange 15 products on the shelves.
“Because it’s second tier, so the cost of putting on the shelves will be much lower than that of famous stars such as Liu Tao and Zhao Wei.” Guan Min revealed that the cost of a few first-line stars and famous hosts for live broadcasting can be as high as 700000, 800000 or even one million yuan.

The 200 thousand pit fee is basically equivalent to a head anchor in the field of beauty. As for why high pit fees and low commission rates were adopted, Guan Min explained that “if the commission ratio is too high, enterprises will not be able to bear it.”
However, when communicating with a deep-rooted person in the live broadcasting circle, I got the view that the reason for the high pit fee and low commission is that the MCN organization has no confidence in the conversion rate of the contracted Star Live sales. After all, the phenomenon of “rollover” on live broadcast by stars is now everywhere.
“No matter how high the commission ratio is set, if the conversion rate of live broadcasting is poor, institutions and stars will not make money.” The person stressed that because MCN agencies and stars have an estimate of the “rollover” of live broadcasting, they will attract enterprises to cooperate through low commission ratio and make a lot of money with high pit fees.
Roughly calculated, a live broadcast only pit fee income can be as high as several million yuan or more. Even if the final live broadcast “overturns” and the sales volume is dismal, the pit fee of this second-line (star) is amazing, and the pit fee is not refundable.
Stable pit fees ensure the basic income of stars and MCN institutions. This “routine” has become a common phenomenon. “Some stars do a live broadcast, and if the sales are not good, they will do it again. Anyway, they will pay for the pit seats.” According to the industry insiders, such cooperation depends on the influence of stars, and the split between MCN and stars is usually four or five. And some famous artists with great influence will even account for 80% of the pit fee income.
In any case, both parties don’t care about the sales commission. It can be imagined that the sales volume of live sales with a large probability of “rollover” will be very limited.
However, the live “rollover” is not good-looking after all, will it have a negative impact on the star’s own appeal and word-of-mouth?
“The Internet has no memory, and the audience will forget it after a while.” On this topic, Guan Min said with a smile that the income of some stars affected by the epidemic has dropped sharply. In order to make quick money, such a small loss of face can be ignored. Some third – and fourth tier star artists have planned “one hammer deal” from the beginning. Even if the sales volume is poor, the enterprise can only complain online at most. After all, this is a “business” that you and I want.
Star show is no longer the best choice
“Compared with earning money, the exchange between star online celebrities (traffic) is also very important.”
When talking about the phenomenon of stars flocking to live broadcasting and selling goods, a famous planner engaged in live broadcast planning has different opinions. He told him that he understood the notes and preferred the interaction between the stars and the MCN online celebrities, which was more conducive to win-win for all parties involved.
“A lot of stars and online celebrities were affected during the epidemic period, so joining the live broadcast with goods can also be regarded as creating news points for the stars themselves.” Bao said that looking back on the status quo of Star Live Broadcasting, the first live shows of some celebrities and celebrities are often concerned and the traffic is the largest.
If we interact with the well-known online celebrities of MCN, we can not only create industry news, but also attract the original fans of stars and online celebrities, and even bring the mutual transformation of fans for both sides, so as to improve the influence of both sides outside their respective circles.
“If the head of the net red and star interaction do live, will also have the same income.” Bao told him that he understood the notes. Although under the aura of some top stars, he / she seems to be only a supporting role (only responsible for promoting and selling goods), but as long as he / she is good enough and professional, he / she can circle numerous fans of the head star in the live broadcast.
“Many star fans will become new followers of these online celebrities. Isn’t this a win-win situation?” Bao said with a smile that while the two sides win, the influence of the signing agencies and sponsors (commodity brands) will also increase, which forms a multi win situation.
No matter famous stars, online celebrities or MCN organizations can have new “stories” to tell in this way, which can also be regarded as taking what they need. “Now the main problem is that some star artists want to set up a special show, thinking that they have tens of millions of fans to support, but the actual sales ability of artists is not strong, so the sales volume is often poor.”
Bao said that some stars are “alone” used to the so-called “head of the net red”; some are afraid to cooperate with well-known online celebrities to carry goods live, so it is difficult to play their own characteristics. Finally, the choice of individual first-line and second-line star artists turned out to be a special show even though they knew that the live broadcast would “roll over”. It was more cost-effective to simply do a hammer business, but they did not intend to work for a long time
“But in the long run, enterprises and consumers are not fools, and the last thing to destroy is the emerging thing of live delivery.” Bao reluctantly said that in recent years, when communicating with enterprises, some enterprises only cooperated with the stars supported by the government. They only regarded the pit fee as the advertising fee, hoping to make the enterprise brand show its face in front of the public with the help of the flow effect of the stars. “Now the sales volume is not the key point for enterprises and businesses to consider, because most enterprises do not believe in the conversion rate.”
In fact, more and more third-party data show that the gap between star artists, cross-border KOLs and professional anchors is expanding.
According to the statistics and monitoring data of cicada mother, a research organization, the live sales of Chen he, a well-known artist, have fallen from the initial 67 million yuan to the lowest of 3.6 million yuan; Guan Xiaotong, who has 33.508 million fans, has only 1.814 million yuan in the latest trade volume; Luo Yonghao only ranks 47th in the “top 50 list of direct broadcast e-commerce anchors in June” released by wemedia, and the data shows that he brought goods in June The amount is 64.99 million yuan, which is more and more far away from the achievement of breaking 100 million yuan in the first three hours.
Whether it is the decline in the data of star artists and well-known writers, or the frequent “rollover” accidents in live sales, it shows that the flow does not represent the sales volume, and the influence of stars and celebrities is not the guarantee of sales. However, some “one hammer business” that knows that there are tigers in the mountains is biased towards Hushan line, which is full of MCN’s pockets and destroys the prospect of the industry.
In the future live delivery field, enterprises need sales volume and influence, stars need income and popularity, and online celebrities need popularity and sales commission. How to combine their respective advantages and resources, avoid shortsightedness and pursue sustainable development, is an important topic for the whole industry to carefully consider.

(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)