Tencent joins Linux foundation’s latest public health program as a founding member


On July 23, Tencent announced that as a founding member, Tencent participated in launching the latest public health plan LFPH (Linux foundation public health) launched by the Linux foundation. The public health program will help public health departments around the world to fight covid-19 and possible future epidemics through the accumulation of open source shared technologies.
It is reported that the new LFPH plan is initiated by the Linux foundation in conjunction with Tencent, IBM, Cisco and other seven major members. Tencent is the only founding member enterprise in China. At this stage, novel coronavirus pneumonia is closely related to LFPH’s plan to track open source technologies for related technologies, and will be extended to fight all aspects of the epidemic related technologies. At present, covid shield and covid green, which play an important role in fighting the epidemic in Canada and Ireland respectively, have been open-source through the LFPH program.