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By Rebecca
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Because of Tencent’s Oolong lawsuit, the sales of Laoganma have skyrocketed, which is understandable, but do you know that the sales of liziqi hot sauce, which has nothing to do with this lawsuit, has also skyrocketed.
In fact, the relationship between Lao Ganma and Li Ziqi did not start from Tencent’s “matchmaking”. Two inspirational women of different times met each other for a long time because of hot sauce.
In the bullet screen comments of make complaints about the sale of chili sauce, she always pulled out 9.8 yuan a bottle of old godmother for comparison. When food bloggers evaluate chili sauce, Laoganma and liziqi are two essential products.
A while ago, Professor Chu Yin of the school of international relations, who became popular because of the exotic flowers, said in a speech: in the heart of every overseas traveler, there is a Chinese woman, an old Ganma. And jokingly put forward a proposition: is it a kind of betrayal for returnees to replace old Ganma with Li Ziqi?
Do you remember when we were saving our clothes and food in foreign countries and relying on old Ganma? How long have you been back home, have you changed Li Ziqi?
This question is certainly boring, just as boring as Chu Yin, but it is enough to show that Li Ziqi and Tao Huabi, two women whose age difference is 43 years old and who have no intersection before, are more and more connected due to the product of chili sauce.
Under the catalysis of chili sauce, there is an interesting tension between these two well-known names: both of them are from humble origins, and their products are hot sauce through personal struggle; on the other hand, they are not only different in age and image, but also in different ways of becoming famous, and the audience groups are significantly different, and their chili sauce tastes are also different 。
However, they are bound to attract each other: if Li Ziqi doesn’t want to be a meteor, an entrepreneur like Tao Huabi must be her transformation goal. After all, the shelf life of chili sauce is much longer than that of wanghong. However, with the aging of old Ganma, Li Ziqi is obviously enough to be the teacher of Tao Huabi and her two sons.
For example, pinduoduo should buy interesting headlines. This time, we might as well have a whimsical idea: if Li Ziqi and Lao Ganma can jointly issue a joint brand, just like the tea and tea color in the next room, would it be good for both sides? In the Internet industry, peers are enemies. They attack each other too much. If two inspirational goddesses separated by several generations can meet each other, it will be too beautiful and harmonious to set an example for those aggressive roosters in the Internet circle. As Goethe said, “eternal women lead the rise of mankind.”
As early as seven years ago, Ma Huateng and Lao Ganma appeared in the same topic, because of a movie.
In 2013, Hong Kong director Chen Kexin’s “China partner” was released. After telling the story of Yu Min’s founding of New Oriental, a small episode was added at the end of the film.
First, I typed out a line: their story, maybe your story.
Then, several familiar names and photos appeared: Liu Chuanzhi, Ma Yun, Feng Lun, Zhang Chaoyang, Chen Yizhou, Wang Shi, Lao Ganma.
This makes the netizens who are deeply involved in Tencent’s game chop their hands to be indignant. How can the representative of Chinese entrepreneurs not have ma Huateng? Chen Kexin did not explain, but netizens enthusiastically answered questions: because Ma Huateng was born after 70, others were before 70.
I can only say thank you for not being born a year later.
Chen Kexin, on the other hand, explained why there was an old Ganma, although he didn’t know her at all. He said it was to make the ending of the film less plain.
When the film premiered in Tsinghua University, the old Ganma at the end of the film appeared, and the scene immediately burst into warm applause. It can be seen how high the sense of existence of Lao Ganma is in the hearts of the people. Huang Xiaoming, the leading actor, said in his own words: I still remember that at that time I loved to eat Laoganma dipped in steamed bread. I could eat three at a time.
In the final analysis, the image of Lao Ganma is a typical one in this story about the struggle of a generation of entrepreneurs in China’s reform and opening up. The legend of Tao Huabi’s struggle has inspired countless people and has been talked about with relish all year round.
Like the group of entrepreneurs who appear at the end of the film, Tao Huabi’s success is closely related to the era of opening up. In 1996, China had just cancelled food stamps for three years, and Tao Bihua, 49, set up a factory. Relying on the reputation and market accumulated in the previous two years, Laoganma was founded in two houses of yunguancun village committee in Guizhou Province, specializing in chili sauce. The initial staff was only 40.
That fashion was the beginning of China’s food industry. In that era of lack of IP concept and material shortage, Lao Ganma’s annual output value of tens of millions was completely accumulated by cost performance and word-of-mouth. Just as Chu Yin said in his speech, he thrives on food and clothing in foreign countries and relies on the old Ganma for a living. It has become the struggle symbol of a generation of overseas Chinese studying abroad.
Laoganma is a typical Chinese enterprise, and has a close relationship with the local government. From the location of Tao Huabi’s factory, we can see that once Lao Ganma was born, her fate was closely linked with the local government. Two years after its establishment, she contributed more than 3 million taxes.
The four license plates with serial numbers given to Tao Huabi by Guizhou government, namely, expensive aa8888, expensive aa6666, expensive ad9999 and expensive aw7777, highlight her importance to Guizhou. In an article, the company wrote:
With the help of Laoganma, one of China’s poorest provinces now enjoys the fastest economic growth rate in China.
Li Ziqi, who was born in 90 years, is similar to Lao Ganma in that both of them were born from humble origins and started from scratch. He became a “national card” from an unknown place of origin. He went out and sold at the same time.
Searching for Laoganma on youtube, you can see countless videos about foreigners eating Laoganma: “New Yorkers eat Laoganma for the first time”, “Laoganma is popular all over the United States”
In limited media interviews, Tao Huabi boasted that:
“I’m Chinese. I don’t make Chinese money. I’m going to sell old Ganma to foreign countries to earn foreign money.”

Some netizens said: Well, I just bought two bottles of Laoganma in the supermarket. Since Ms. Tao Huabi said that she didn’t make money from Chinese people, could she give me a refund? Wait online. It’s very urgent.
Last year, Li Ziqi also made headlines in numerous official media for his “cultural export”.
“Because of Li Ziqi’s lifestyle, countless foreigners fall in love with China.”
“There is no doubt that Li Ziqi belongs to the dissemination of foreign culture, at least a chapter in the dissemination and export of rich Chinese culture.”
But there are differences. Xinhua International’s reporters have visited overseas and found that Lao Ganma’s popularity abroad is still limited to overseas Chinese, mostly in Chinese gathering areas and Chinese supermarkets. In foreign local chain supermarkets, there are few old Ganma.
Screenshot of Li Ziqi’s microblog
Li Ziqi’s cultural export was in exchange for the real gold and silver of foreigners. YouTube’s 11.3 million fans, according to the third-party data agency noxingluencer estimates that it can bring her about 40 million ad shares a year.
Li Ziqi, who was born in rural Sichuan Province, realized the class transition in a short period of five years, relying on the alternative display of rural life in the online celebrity economy created by video and social media. Just like the old Ganma who inspired several generations of grassroots people, the story of starting from scratch is always exciting. Li Ziqi, the fairy tale of Cinderella becoming a princess, has inspired countless ordinary people of her age in this era.
However, although Li Ziqi and Lao Ganma are equally inspirational, their identities and success paths are quite different. Tao Huabi is an entrepreneur, whose core competitiveness is products, while Li Ziqi is wanghong. The core competitiveness is personal IP. Products such as chili sauce are just the extension of its influence.
On the Chinese New Year’s eve of 2018, Li Ziqi launched a flagship store in tmall, selling chili sauce, herbal tea, bird’s nest and other foods, with sales exceeding 10 million in three days. Among them, a single chili sauce sold 3.61 million.
A year later, the sales volume of Li Ziqi’s flagship store reached 71 million, not counting the products that had been off the shelves before.
However, in less than two years, Li Ziqi’s chili sauce encountered a word-of-mouth crisis.
Sweet, more suitable for the taste of southerners, expensive
What is most criticized is that Li Ziqi’s products are not made like the ones in her video, but are OEM made by other food factories.
Many netizens reveling in her idyllic life exclaimed that they had been cheated and thought that eating was a kind of high-cost chili sauce.
As the senior bar player, the alphabet list can’t help but make complaints about those friends who claim to be deceived: the things that are so tall on the world’s feelings of avoiding the world, you can’t really think that 30 pieces can be bought, and are you still talking about bottling? If you really think you can buy it, you can’t cure the disease for 30 yuan.
In two years, the products of Li Ziqi’s flagship store have expanded from five to dozens. Among them, snail powder with the highest sales volume is produced by Guangxi Zhongliu Food Technology Co., Ltd.
The worries of netizens should not be unreasonable. There are risks in quality control of OEM production, especially in food enterprises. A mouse caused Haidilao to encounter a public relations crisis. The franchise store smashed the reputation of Xiaolongkan hotpot by using gutter oil, and Burger King went to 315 party without putting a few pieces of cheese Li Ziqi can’t help noticing the lessons from the past.
In contrast, Lao Ganma started her career as a factory, and her reputation was sold by bottle. Tao Huabi has been on the Hurun rich list several times, and his current value has exceeded 7 billion. Behind this is a powerful basic dish which has accumulated many years of operation, taste and quality, and has an exclusive secret recipe, which is difficult to copy.
In terms of product manufacturing, Li Ziqi needs to learn from Lao Ganma and do it more solidly.
But on the other hand, Lao Ganma also needs to learn marketing from Li Ziqi.
The old Ganma, who had never disdained advertising, wanted to open up in recent years and had completed several marketing campaigns. It may also be because Tao Huabi himself retired to the second tier, and his eldest son, Li Guishan, and his second son, Li Miaohang, held 49% and 51% of the shares respectively.
In September 2018, Lao Ganma took part in the trend of national fashion, designed Laoganma’s sweater and went to New York Fashion week.
This kind of sweater is just a marketing gimmick. Instead of selling it to the public, it orders 99 bottles of chili sauce at Laoganma tmall’s flagship store, and then sends one, which is equivalent to 1288 yuan.
This marketing has brought 240% increase in marketing volume to Laoganma’s tmall store. To tell you the truth, based on today’s public data of Laoganma’s flagship store, the monthly turnover is less than 100000. Even if it doubles, it’s a drop in the bucket compared with the 4.5 billion annual sales of Lao Ganma (2016).
After that, we cooperated with “men’s wear” to launch the “double eleven” customized gift box; shooting magic advertisements failed to make Laoganma’s marketing success out of the circle, and set off a wide range of discussions. Youth is still on the way after all.
No more than Li Ziqi in the field of the Internet. If you say that YouTube represents overseas and microblog represents China, the total number of fans of these two websites is 38 million. If you publish a video, the total broadcast volume of the two platforms will easily exceed 100 million. Behind this is her widely distributed young audience, which gives her the basis for realization.
The struggle story of Lao Ganma and Li Ziqi is the epitome of two generations. They both benefited from their own times, but also limited by their own times.
Compared with Lao Ganma, Li Ziqi, 30, seems to have made a more smooth journey and is a promising young star. The commercial environment is changeable, but it is more likely to face the decline of video at any time. The transformation to other directions also requires her and her team to cultivate stronger management ability.
Wang Shi, Chen Yizhou and Feng Lun, the entrepreneurs who appeared together with Lao Ganma at the end of “China partner” have long disappeared from the public view for a long time. It seems that they have completed their respective missions. The star enterprises in those years have been swept away by the latter wave in several commercial waves.
After thousands of sails, the old Ganma is still fighting against the times and fighting for the attention of young people. She is just like Tao Huabi.

Li Ziqi and Tao Huabi, two inspirational women of different times, meet each other on a narrow road. Each of them has one style, one product and one taste. At best, they can only affect one group of people. But if they can join hands to form a “chili sauce CP”, then they can really break the dimensional wall and truly cross-border, far more than wearing a “national tide” hat to participate Fashion week, or find QQ car advertising useful. Young people like to eat melons and prefer CP Group. CP is powerful. Bojun Xiaoxiao can play more than Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo.
So, Lao Ganma and Li Ziqi, please give a joint payment, together, please!
(statement: This article only represents the author’s point of view, not Sina’s position.)