SKYWORTH released S81 Pro OLED self luminous TV: game player artifact


Sina digital news on the afternoon of July 22, Skyworth held a new product launch conference in the summer of 2020, and officially launched Skyworth S81 Pro OLED TV series, including two versions of 55 inch and 65 inch, with the price from 12999 yuan. At the same time, Skyworth also released two kinds of Mobile Smart screens of SWOT panel, which will be on sale on July 30 from 1499 yuan.
At the conference, Skyworth launched its C-bit product, S81 Pro 240Hz self luminous TV, which includes 55 inch and 65 inch versions. There are many bright spots in this TV series, which is more high-end than the previous S81
It is reported that s series is Skyworth flagship TV series, and S81 Pro is the latest product in this series. Compared with the previous S81, this release of S81 Pro is more high-end.
SKYWORTH S81 Pro 240Hz self luminous TV
As Skyworth’s first game equipment TV, Skyworth S81 Pro not only carries 4K 120Hz game display + hdmi2.1 transmission interface, but also supports VRR variable refresh rate and 1ms instantaneous response. The game mode of Skyworth S81 Pro can reduce the post-processing time of image quality, thus reducing the game delay. In addition, users can easily play hand games on the large screen through full scene projection, and enjoy the game experience without delay.
Among them, when Skyworth S81 Pro is connected to part of the game console in HDMI, you can choose whether to turn on the crystal motion OLED function. After turning on, the 120Hz screen can achieve a similar 240Hz effect by inserting black frames, but it can not be turned on at the same time with VRR variable refresh rate.
SKYWORTH S81 Pro 240Hz self luminous TV
In terms of display, Skyworth S81 Pro has also been upgraded, equipped with LGD’s new V20 generation 4K 120Hz OLED self luminous screen + 3D LUT movie original color technology. The theoretical brightness is as low as 0nit, which can show the real pure black. The ultimate visual angle of 178 degrees allows users to easily view the film in various directions, and the OLED has no blue light and more eye protection.
According to reports, Skyworth S81 Pro is equipped with Skyworth’s exclusive sobif no residual technology. Under normal use scenarios, the probability of residual image occurrence is almost zero.
Previously, Skyworth TV has mentioned in the promotion that the new product can let users get “do you want to go to the cinema? At the press conference, Skyworth further explained the sound configuration of Skyworth S81 pro, and said that its built-in dass Dolby panoramic sound system 2.1.2 and the CSO screen sound field with sound and picture moving along with the picture can realize the magic sound sky sound field, thus bringing about the stereo surround sound effect of sound.
In terms of intelligence, Skyworth S81 Pro has built-in trensai full-time AI intelligent life manager, which can realize three major functions: full-time AI voice assistant, full-time AI bright vision and full-time AI bright eyes. Its full scene camera application functions include family photo 3.0, 1080p HD video call, dual screen interaction, cloud video conference, family care, somatosensory games, etc. At the same time, Skyworth S81 Pro adapts to the mobile smart screen of SWOT panel.
SKYWORTH provides 5g + 8K solutions and actively promotes the rapid popularization of 8K content. SKYWORTH S81 pro, which is equipped with WiFi 6 module, has a theoretical speed of more than 5g, which is also the first domestic TV certified by WiFi 6.
The 4GB + 64GB storage of Skyworth S81 Pro means that users can download more applications through dangbei market and expand more game entertainment functions of Skyworth S81 pro.
SKYWORTH S81 Pro price
For the price part, the price of 55 inch Skyworth S81 Pro is 12999 yuan, and the price of 65 inch Skyworth S81 Pro is 19999 yuan. All of them are presented with SWOT panel mobile smart screen.
Mobile smart screen
SKYWORTH SWOT panel mobile smart screen
SKYWORTH’s swan panel mobile smart screen released this time has two versions of 8-inch and 10.1-inch, which are mainly used in collaboration with Skyworth TV. This product subverts the previous human-computer interaction mode between the user and the television. It can realize cross screen interaction, intelligent control of household appliances and other functions. It can also provide users with a more intuitive visual interface, which greatly improves the convenience of control.
In addition, Skyworth Swan panel mobile smart screen is sold in the form of a suit. The price of the 8-inch version of the standard set is 1499 yuan. Users can get a Skyworth mobile smart screen and a table top bracket. The 10.1-inch version of the mobile smart screen is priced at 2299 yuan, and a desk stand is also attached.