US media: the US Council plans to ban the use of government equipment to download tiktok


Original title: US media: the US Council plans to ban the use of government equipment to download tiktok
The U.S. House of Representatives voted on Monday to ban federal employees from downloading video sharing app tiktok on government equipped devices, as part of a $741 billion defense policy bill, the US political news network reported Tuesday.
With 336 votes in favor and 71 votes against, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bill proposed by Colorado Republican Ken Barker, which is part of the amendment to the Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The ban will be extended to federal lawmakers and congressional staff.
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US lawmakers and government officials are pushing for more comprehensive action on the app amid concerns about tiktok’s “impact” on US national security, the report said. In a speech before Monday’s vote, Rep. buck talked about tiktok as a “serious national security threat” to the United States and claimed that tiktok’s data collected from American consumers, if shared with the Chinese government, could be used to “launch cyber attacks” against the United States.
There are more and more calls to crack down on the mobile phone application in the United States. On Wednesday, the U.S. Senate Homeland Security and government affairs committee will review legislation proposed by senators Josh holly and Rick Scott, consistent with the Defense Authorization Act Amendment proposed by buck, which bans the use of tiktok on federal equipment. With the ban passed in the house of Representatives and will be voted by a committee in the Senate, the ban could soon become law in the United States.
At the same time, senior trump administration officials said they were considering a broader ban on tiktok and other Chinese related apps, and could take action soon. U.S. Secretary of state pompeio first disclosed these discussions in an interview with Fox News, saying that “of course we are considering this matter.”. White House chief of staff mark meadows recently said the U.S. government is considering action against the app, which is expected to take action “in weeks, not months.”.
On July 13, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying presided over a regular press conference. Asked by a reporter, Navarro, director of the office of national trade and manufacturing policy of the White House, said in an interview on the 12th that the American people must understand that all data are directly accessed to Chinese servers, the Chinese army and the Communist Party of China through mobile applications that are popular with children, such as tiktok. The trump administration is expected to take tough measures against these applications The US will ban tiktok and wechat applications. What is the spokesman’s comment on this?
Hua Chunying asked, I don’t know whether Navarro is making these remarks as a White House official or as “Ron Walla”? He claimed that all data can be directly entered into the Chinese army and the Communist Party of China through social software. I don’t know where the evidence is? Can you show us the evidence? If he can’t, it’s Navarro himself has added another one to his shameful list of lies!